My GP referred me to Dr. Adunka after hearing that I had several incidences involving severe light headedness with nausea lasting 4-5 hours; I also had chronic tinnitus and poor hearing in one ear. Though Dr. Adunka felt I likely had Meniere's Disease (never heard of it), he put me through numerous tests to rule out other things and determine the diagnosis. He and his assistant quickly respond to my questions by text and email. Dr. Adunka is knowledgeable, personable, supportive & never rushes
He is a very understanding doctor. I feel like he covers all aspects of what might be wrong with the patient. That's what he did with me and he is very knowledgeable on many different types of medical conditions. He has helped me many times in the emergency department at UNC. He is an excellent doctor. I just hope he knows how much I appricate him!!!!!
Doctor Carr looked after me during my recent visit to WakeMed - I was hospitalized for 9 days with diverticulitis. She was very attentive, knowledgeable and clearly explained the steps needed for a quicker recovery.
My experience with Dr. Burke was very pleasant. He was very nice and he seemed very interested in my health concern. Although he is a ER doctor, every time he came in my room I felt as if I was his only patient.
Dr. Buckmire sat down and looked me in my eyes when we talked and he explained what was going on with me and the surgical procedure. He never rushed out of the room. His bedside manner is impeccable. He is professional at all times. He doesn't stand, he sits and listens. He genuinely cares. Also, he has a good handshake, firm grip and looks you in the eyes, to me that is a trait of a man who can be trusted.
The doctor was a bit self absorbed and really didn't seem to be listening to my concerns. He was the doctor that really didn't care about me or the baby and was focused on moving on to the next buck, uh um I mean patient , as quickly as possible
I would not recommend Dr. Corley (or UNC's dermatology practice) if you have a rare skin condition or autoimmune skin condition. She was unable to diagnose my autoimmune skin disease, despite a skin biopsy strongly suggesting what that condition was, and failed to provide appropriate treatment. Even after I had correctly deduced what the skin condition was on my own, she rebuffed my insistence about what it was, and I suffered for a year before my self-diagnosis was finally confirmed at Duke.
I am one the most complicated chronic sinusitis cases with colonization of resistant bacteria I had 4 surgeries before seeing Dr. Ebert then I was transferred to him as he is one of the best Dr . Ebert operated on me since then the quality of my life has improved at lest by 85% my condition is finally under control Dr .Ebert is an excellent combination of top medical knowledge , surgical skills ,ethics, values ,commitment to patient ,he always has solutions, always calm& embracing
Dr. Leung was super attentive, very friendly, and made our appointment so easy and productive.
I dont recommend Dr.Skyler Lentz.
I felt questions were answered and bed side manor was excellent. I would highly recommend Dr. Puzio to family and friends.
I went to Dr. Roy with several debilitating symptoms that had stumped both my generalist and a podiatrist. In fact the meds they prescribed produced terrible reactions which necessitated my going to Dr. Roy. She almost immediately diagnosed the conflicts between the other meds, ordered tests that further pinpointed the problem, and, although rushed as all of the HMO docs are, she stayed with me in the exam room to answer all of my questions fully and with great respect for my privacy. 100% A+
Dr. PISULA is by far one of the BEST ER doctors I've experienced, He was very informative, a great listener and takes pride in his gift, He made me feel important and he was very honest about my condition and thing I could do to get better... I wish they had 10 stars Onslow Memorial has a jewel working in ER
My experience was awful! She has no compation for her patients. I was in terrible pain with cracks all over my hands. I could not write, touch anything without severe pain. Could not do simple day to day activities such as opening a door, can of food, write (my job). She wouldnot give me proper pain medicine. She told me when the steriods kicked in it would get better What bout mean time? She gave me a jar of steroid grease with perscription to use twice a day cant function w/ greasy hands!
A total and complete jerk! Talks patients out of treatments and is rude to family members!
Very thorough and care about his patients.
Never met him. However, I'm unsure of his reading brain MRI's accurately! I'm no doctor but I am a nurse and after hours is studying my MRI I have questions!
Traveled from Philadelphia to get his surgical expertise. He is only one of several physicians in the United States to perform Prostate Arterial Embolization. If you have BPH you need to run to this man as fast as you can before your Urologist performs invasive surgery that may not be needed. His technique is cutting edge and will be the norm for BPH in the next few years.
Dr. James was very knowledgable and friendly. He is up to date on current therapies. He takes the time to listen to every complaint and is very caring.
Dr. James was amazing. He is an excellent listener and very intelligent and energetic physician. He explained my condition and why he thought the recommended treatment would help.
When I told Dr. James my couple concerns of my situation, he did not listen and only addressed on problem and didn't explain the situation to me and what would be the expectation of treatment. He lacks of the experiences and compassion as a physician. I won't recommend him to anybody.
Very caring. Listens carefully. Provides great advice. Would highly recommend!
Dr. James didn't listen to me and lack of experiences.
Dr. Weissler is a friendly and personable doctor. I confused my first appointment and was an hour off the mark, I was so embarrassed. He didn't have an attitude and was warm and kind to my wife and granddaughter who came with me. Honestly, after reading his resume and accomplishments I was a bit nervous, like I was meeting the Prez or something. He had two Resident Docs with him as he examined and discussed my tumor. You will see that his calm and friendly demeanor are an asset in his practice.
Awsome service Dr Weissler you saved my life thanks to you and you staff and the oncology team
I'm a physician and a practicing attorney, so I see nearly every aspect of clinical medicine. I also have a hereditary bleeding disorder and require ENT surgery at least twice a year. My experience with Dr. Weissler has been excellent in every way. He's a skilled ENT surgeon. He is patient and kind with me and my family--and it's not just because of initials behind my name. He treated me with great respect before my profession was discovered. Strongly recommended.
I was very impressed with Dr. Shockley. He has done a wonderful job in caring for my brother, we still have a ways to go but, I feel certain he is in great hands. Thanks for caring so much Dr. Shockley.
After specifically asking him should I be worried about any of the side effects of the stronger allergy medicine he told me directly "No". When going to picked up said medication the pharmacist told me she begged the doctor not to prescribed the medicine and that it may cause seizures in young infants. Dr. Saunders is either very forgetful or very incompetent; has yet to apologize or confront his mistakes. Also, this incident was not the 1st to occur.
Unsympathetic and unempathetic. Referred me to the wrong place three times. The first time was to a place that hadn't been around for years. The second time was to a place that had turned into a neurosurgeon clinic. The doctor there that she was going to refer me to had been gone for years. The third place was the wrong number and I had to go through 5 different numbers to reach the physical therapy place I need. This was after waiting three weeks. Does not help manage pain at all. AVOID.
I rather see a veterinarian than him. He and his staff are horrible!
Great guy. Explained everything in understandable terms. Helped me get better quick. Smart. Thoughtful. Thorough.
I am a new patient to Dr. Wood. She is incredibly warm, responsive and bright. All doctors could learn from Dr. Wood in terms of her manner with patients. In addition, she is very thorough. I am seeing her for a possible thyroid problem and she has gone beyond the norm, reaching out to an endocrinologist on my behalf and keeping me in the loop, every step of the way. I can't say enough good things about her and have complete trust in her care and judgement.
Excellent doctor that specializes in rare tumors.
Simply put: this guy is a boss. I was referred to him around 4 years ago from another sinus surgeon who did not know how to address the infection I had because it was in a rare area. Dr. Zanation is my favorite doctor that I've ever interacted with and is truly a rare breed: a brilliant surgeon with great communication skills and a very caring, patient-first demeanor. I recently moved but if I ever needed a procedure again I would not hesitate to fly to wherever he was, no questions asked.
He's extremely helpful with answering questions. I've had multiple surgeries under him, and they were all amazing.

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