My previous review's comments went beyond character allotment & after paring them down, I omitted that Dr. Greg has been my Physician for at least two decades. Fortunately, I don't have occasion to frequent the office, but I can attest that "Nancy & Co." do everything humanly possible to get patients in ASAP. Dr. Greg's offices are typically filled to the max & amongst his exceptional skill-set is also his well-timed ability to swing from offices so as to make the Flying Wallenda's take note!!
I saw Greg Gibbons as my primary care doctor for several years, but haven't been sick much in the last couple of years. Last week I couldn't get in to see him, I was told the schedule was full. So, I went to the Urgent Care Center, was told I had acute bronchitis, the doctor there feared it could turn into pneumonia and suggested I go see my primary care doctor if I wasn't better in a couple days. Today I called for an appointment again, because I haven't needed to see a doctor recently, I've be
I found Dr. Gibbons to have an excellent bedside manner and a very logical and helpful approach to working with me.
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