Doc Altman was super helpful - went above and beyond. Listened patiently and knew his stuff. Helped my sleep and PTSD problems
Thanks Doc for all the help - doing a lot better!
Awesome doc! Super helpful...highly recommended. Helped me figure out what was going on with me. Meds helped. Thanks!
Excellent experience! Took time with me, offered options, soon follow up
Dr. Altman spent lots of time helping me with my problem. He went over the medicines and labs well and answered all my questions. Recommended!
Very happy with visit
Thanks Doc! Semper Fi!
Excellent, provides great education and options, follows up soon after visit
Quick diagnosis, clear explanation, smart person. I trust his judgment and experience. Treatment for a chronic problem. Efficient office. Friendly and very competent assistants.
DO NOT see Dr. Kuhn. He misread my bone density scan and told me I have osteoporosis. This is very concerning to me as this is his specialty. He was incredibly dismissive of me, providing me with no information, didn't answer questions and started dictating his report while I was in the room. He only stopped to tell me "we're done here" and continued dictating his report. He then continued to dictate his report while going out into the hallway with no regard for my confidentiality. AWFUL
Dr. Kuhn listens,is extremely thorough concerning his examinations and explaining his findings,the tests to be ran and the procedures to follow (mine being surgery), the possible outcomes and the treatments and therapies to follow. Follow-ups are consistent and he remains on top of my condition while under his care, to achieve optimum recovery from my injury. I would recommend him to everyone. He is a GODSEND-Chris
Dr. Chan is the most experienced high-risk OBGYN I have seen. She is not only experienced and knowledgeable, she also has excellent bed-side manner. She tells you exactly what is going on and does not try to "sugar coat" the problem. My husband and I could not be more thankful to have her as our OBGYN.
Unbelievable , I do beside nursing in fountain valley, California, my hospital is all for patient satisfaction.we no better, on how to treat with respect and appreciate. My daughter in labor, with family member and her doula were absolutely appalled.he was not friendly, not approachable, and totally kick out the plans of getting video or pictures fore her husband that is deployed overseas, as of January 2016 who could not be there for the birth of his baby.
My pcm took me to Dr. Green one afternoon when I was in a lot of pain. Dr. Green saw me that day and I was admitted to the hospital when latter I had surgery. She kept me pain free. She listened to me and was very helpful. I appreciate her very much.
I have CRPS and he is the best doctor I've ever had. He cares for me as if I'm one of his own children and I absolutely love working with him. He will be performing my spinal cord stimulator in April and I can't wait. He is absolutely amazing and I am so happy to have met him!!
For the past year she has taken care of my husband and I and we found her to be the best. She always tries to find out the what the problem is and the best way to treat us. She is also and encourager. She is very nice.
Run from this physician. He abused my status as active duty military to force me to remain in the hospital against my wishes and against the recommendation of the previous physician (a high risk ob with many more years of practice than Dr. Lefringhouse.) He told me my baby could die (there was absolutely zero medical indication that anything was wrong) and how would I feel if I didn't induce and my baby died? He went against best practice and abused his position to try to avoid patient consent.
Run from this physician. He abused my status as active duty military to force me to remain in the hospital against my wishes and against the recommendation of the previous physician (a high risk ob with many more years of practice than Dr. Lefringhouse.) He told me my baby could die (there was absolutely zero medical indication that anything was wrong) and how would I feel if I didn't induce and my baby died? He went against best practice and abused his position to try to avoid patient consent.
Dr. Rodriguez has treated me twice for Atrial Fibrillation. I consider him to be extremely professional and knowledgeable. I was very lucky to have him treat me once and then to come back two years later to be treated by him again.
Great doctor!! Highly recommend.
I really like Dr. Rosedale and hope to see him again. He is very personable and genuinely caring, truly concerned for my overall health. I admire his faith and holistic approach to medicine. He is knowledgeable and polite w patients.
Dr. Skiba is a great doctor. She takes the time to listen and answer questions. I would highly recommend her to anyone.
PSA: if you go to Annadel Medical Group, DO NOT go to Dr Rosedale in family medicine. He just gave me a very long shame talk about having sex before marriage and being on birth control. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but it's no ones place to tell people how to live their lives. if I could give him zero stars I would! I will never see this doctor again. Incredibly rude and unprofessional. Over stepped so many boundaries.
She seemed tough at first, but really cared about me getting better. Glad I found a doctor who didn't just push meds and paint a pretty picture!
Dr. Stolldorf made extraordinary efforts to provide care and support to my family and I while I was experiencing a retinal detachment that jeopardized vision in my only functioning eye. His personable, confident and methodical approach not only put me at ease, but also provided the assurance that the care I was getting was the very best. He was upfront about the level of care needed and once he had expended all efforts, he recommended seeing a specialist and contacted their office to expedite
I met with Dr Stolldorf hoping to have a PRK or LASIK procedure performed but learned that it was not possible due to having a very strong prescription. He recommended a Visian ICL implant procedure. About two weeks after the initial visit Dr Stolldorf performed the procedure flawlessly, and I could not be happier. After recovering from surgery I was seeing better than 20/20 in each eye after being almost legally blind. After five years I still see better than 20/20, my life has changed.
I had a retinal detachment that was fixed while i was home but the surgery left me with a catarct which is common. Dr. Stolldorf took over and performed cataract surgery in my left eye which turned out perfect and improved my vision way beyond what it was supposed to recover. After all of this was done and healed properly, he performed PRK on my right eye to give me great distance vision and balance my prescription. In personal and professional matters the best doctor I've ever met.
Dr. Stolldorf is a true professional, very thorough in his exams and explains everything in a way that is easy to understand. I underwent surgery for ICLs, there was a scheduling conflict with work and Dr. Stolldorf worked with me to make it happen. He fixed one eye before I left and the other after I got back, and it was all worked around his other commitments. The surgeries were completely successful and I have no problems at all with my vision. I would give six stars if I could.
I'd like to start by saying that Dr. Stolldorf takes great pride in the work that he does. He has performed multiple surgeries on my eyes which were "Visian ICL" implantation in both eyes and "PRK" in the left eye and he was very informative and was very confident in the research that he did to inform me on what my best option for refractive eye surgery was. I couldn't be any happier with the results that Dr. Stolldorf provided me with
My experience with Dr. Stolldorf and the work that he does can be summed up in one word, excellent. I had come to Dr. Stolldorf exploring my options on corrective eye surgery, and he recommended ICL. I was very unfamiliar with this procedure, but he walked me through everything, told me what was involved, the pros, and the cons of this type of procedure versus the others. As of today my vision is now 20/20, before surgery it was 20/400, and I couldn't be happier with the outcome.
I would highly recommend Dr. Stolldorf to anyone who needs refractive surgery. Because my prescription was so high I was not a candidate for LASIK or PRK. Dr. Stolldorf performed a clear lens exchange in both of my eyes and then later did touch up LASIK in one eye to make my vision just right. I can now see perfectly with no issues at all.
I've been a patient of Dr. Stolldorf's for a few years now and he is awesome! Very professional, kind and patient. He always takes the time to address all of my questions and concerns. Not only did he perform a pterygium excision on me a couple of years ago but just the other day he literally dug a piece of plastic out of my eye. I totally trust him with the treatment of my eyes and that is something I take very seriously. :-)
Dr. Stolldorf's approach to patient health care is positively amazing. He treats you as his top priority start to finish and follow-up. He goes out of his way to be accessible for all concerns pre and post surgery. I underwent bilateral clear lens replacement. I was very apprehensive due to the type of surgery necessary to correct my vision; my prescription was too extreme for safe LASIK. He explained in a straightforward manner what to expect. I am very grateful for his talented care!
Dr. Stolldorf performed my Lasik surgery in January 2016. I cannot begin to express how life changing it is to not rely on contact after 20 years of use. My vision has been perfect ever since, I experienced zero pain, and no halos. He is a phenomenal surgeon, and had a great bedside manner. I would gladly send anyone in my family to him.
Great Dr. !!. Had pterygium excision done by him on both eyes. Results came out great , couldn't even tell I have had any surgery done. Very friendly, he was much involved and provided excellent care before and after my surgery. Will surely entrust the care of a relative into his hands !!!.
There are so many great things that could say about Dr. Stalldorf, but the one word would be freedom. After working with my eyes, he gave me the freedom of having to use glaucoma drops daily and not having to have glasses, except occasionally. He also gave my eyes a rejuvenation which not only took pressure off my eyes, but took years off my looks. Words cannot express how grateful I am for this skillful doctor. Thank you Dr. Stalldorf!!!
She was awesome! Really nice, friendly, smart and helpful. She took care of me and my daughter really well.
Dr. Van Drunen was professional, kind and gave me detailed explanations. I recommend her highly.

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