Excellent experience. Dr Bernstein explained everything in new and better ways. I felt she fully understood my medical situation and knew just what to do and recommend.
Very thorough. Very personable. Very patient. I feel fortunate to have found him.
I am in the medical profession and I was very satisfied with my appointment with Dr. Dodd. He did a thorough assessment, reviewed my lab work, ordered diagnostic testings. He really knew a lot about the endocrine system. I was very impressed! He spent a lot of time with me, collecting information and listening to my health story. He was very kind and compassionate.
Dr. Marlar saved my life!! I moved here 2years ago and had no idea where to go. My regular family doctor, tried but could not seem to help me get my diabetes under control again. I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Marlar after a friend at work told me how great he was..she did not lie, he is awesome, listened to me without making me feel ashamed of my situation and has me on the right track, sugar levels are down and A1C is 5.3...This man is awesome and cares about his patients and their suc
We have been seeing Dr. Marlar for over 4 years and could not be more pleased. We were referred to him in Johnson City and didn't hesitate for one second to make the drive when he moved to Asheville. He has always been patient, compassionate and willing to try different approaches to help us reach our goals. The office atmosphere is pleasant, plenty of parking. The staff are professional and courteous and we haven't experienced a long wait to check out at any of our appointments ever.
I've have seen Dr. Marlar 5 times in the past year. As someone w/T-2 DM for over 18 yrs, he has been a good fit for me. I am very pro-active in my research and forthright in opposition to some of the drugs he would prefer I use. Nonetheless, he has been supportive of the views I've held, especially when I've given good argument for my stance. He allows me to be fully participatory in my care, recognizing me as being an IMPORTANT member of my DM Team. Because of his support, I strive to do better
By far the best endocrinologist I've ever seen! With extensive medical issues ranging from stroke history on top of endocrine issues & others, Dr. Marlar was very knowledgeable & professional in handling my case, all while making me feel like a person...not diagnosis upon diagnosis. Not only that, for the first time in over 2 years did he get my thyroid under control (after diagnosing & treatment from the first visit)! My weight stabilized & my engery returned as well. Very highly recommended
I have been with this group of doctors along time. Dr Marler has never had more than 5 mins to spent with me was always sarcastic and almost to the point of being rude. He never listened to me when I told him I couldn't take the new medicine he is always prescribing. After 15years I have decided to go elsewhere.
He is okay, but usually snarky and rude.
My mother was a patient of Dr. Dodd. While she liked him personally, his office is yet another thing to deal with. She was notified (not at an appointment where the medication could be explained to her) but by the pharmacy that an unknown prescription ($120) had been called in to her pharmacy. Not knowing why this was ordered she called to find out. The office nurse did not return her phone calls. Against her wishes the rx was filled and sent to her. She is out that money without an explanation.
I will not even begin to knock a doctor, because I know they are incredibly smart and have gone though a lot of schooling to be where they are. That being said, there is no excuse to be sarcastic, rude, and unprofessional when you have a difference of opinion. Not to mention he diagnosed me with a mental disorder after spending only five minutes in my room. Last time I checked, he wasn't a psychologist, he is an endocrinologist. Extremely unhappy with him.
In a hurry. Spent more time waiting on Dr. Marlar to print sheets off internet than with doctor. Uninterested in symptoms patients concerns. Handed me copies and left room. Never returned? Staff nice but extremely inefficient check out. Waited in check out line longer than entire appointment time. Perhaps computers were slow
Dr. Dodd is extremely knowledgeable, friendly and caring. He listens, advises, questions and answers with patience and respect. I feel very luckt to have him as a doctor. My health has umproved considerably under his care.
He was abrupt and hurried... Did not take time to discuss with me...he was rude

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