This the finest Doctor I have ever seen. He honestly cares about you and it shows
Excellent Cardiologist, experienced, knowledgeable, and reasonable in providing care and giving you a plan for the future. Never seems rushed or impatient. Easy to recommend him to others.
Dr. Wharton has given me excellent care above and beyond my expectations for 15 years.I would recommend him to friends and my loved ones.
Dr. Wharton is a thorough doctor and very good
He is seriously interested, a good listener, knowledgeable, professional, a straight forward communicator and doesn't rush. I like a doctor that will "tell it like it is" in a caring manner.
Dr Trichon took just the right amount of time today. He treated me as a whole person not just a number to get through his day.
Appointment wait times are ridiculous. I had a heart problem in October 2015, couldn't be seen until January 2016. Scheduled follow up for February, office rescheduled appointment unilaterally, couldn't make new date. Called to reschedule in March, now they want me to wait until June for my 1 month follow up to the appointment in January.
Very friendly and very concerned about my health. Although the people in the lab were not so friendly
Fantastic! Took the extra step to find out that I had a major heart event even though the first test did not show up that way. If she had not of dug a little deeper then it would not of been good for me. Dr. Foley is fantastic! She cares enough to do the extra work with a friendly professional attitude. She explains everything on my level. Now, I am doing fantastic also!!! Thanks Dr. Foley for going the extra step. I still be riding my motorcycle! LOL!!!
Dr. Abernethy has excellent communication skills and has provided able and excellent cardiac care for me over more than a decade.
Dr. Hanich is very personable, professional and listens patiently. I'm very comfortable with his decisions. I felt so much better after a cardioversion. I am very encouraged by my long term prognosis.
Dr. Helgeson is professional and friendly, knowledgeable and understanding. So nice to have a doctor who cares.
Wonderful doctor! Very informative, open, honest, and listens to you. Will take the time to explain and discuss any questions you have. He will remember your name, family, and symptoms he has great bedside manner! I have seen so many doctors in this town but he is one of the best!! I am VERY pleased with Dr. Asbill I would highly recommend him to anyone.
Dr. Brosnan is a caring and experienced physician. Once you see her, however, you will never have any communication with her again, until your next appt. All questions are answered thru her intermediaries, all test results are delivered via telephone thru office personnel. There is no opportunity to ask any questions about the results and you will only see the doctor again when and if you can schedule an appt. sometime in the distant future. No ID given on qualifications of office staff.
He is a very caring doctor. Listens carefully to your concerns and addresses them. You never feel like a number. I highly recommend Dr. Abernathy to any heart patient.
We had this doctor at Mission Hospital when my husband had a heart attack and stent placement. She was the attending physician when my husband was dismissed. He asked her how long before he could go back to work. She first said he could go back to work the next day. Then she was gracious enough to write that he could go to work after a WEEK after a heart attack and stent. I would never go near this doctor.
Full disclosure, I'm an employee (non-clinical) at Asheville Cardiology, and i have known Dr. Asbill for 15 years, he's also my Cardiologist. My experience with him as a doctor has been informative and he gently, but firmly, pushes into taking more responsibility for my condition and health. He is committed to several nutrition and lifestyle programs (like CHIPS) that treat the overall patient, not just the heart. I would recommend him to anyone with heart health issues.
We've been with Dr. McGovern since our son was born, and have found him, as well as the staff, to be caring, responsive, and patient.
McGovern has been with us since our daughter was diagnosed at 2 weeks old... he helped in saving her life that almost 5 yrs now. He has been a wonderful cardiologist. He usually explains things using doctors terms, but has always been patient, understanding and kind with every question we've had, using charts to help us understand what was going on with our daughter. He respects our choices and has never been pushy or aggressive in his approach. He cares...which is big for us.
Dr. Asbill has been one of the most sincere, caring and effective doctors I've had the chance to deal with. I've felt comfortable from day one with his handling of my particular circumstances, and his understanding of the many many options in dealing with the types of issues I've inherited genetically. His listening skills are excellent, his demeanor is calm and caring, and he is able to relate to your concerns in a reassuring and easy manner. Without a doubt, a real gem to have here.
Yes very professional and very kind highly recommended
My first appointment with Dr. Asbill was exactly what I was hoping for. He listened to my concerns and addressed each of them. My previous cardiologist 'blew me off' and talked 'at' me, not to me. Dr. Asbill listened to my heart with obvious intent and concern. He set up additional testing and because of him, I am soon undergoing mitral valve surgery that will seriously change my life for the better. I am immeasurably appreciative that Dr. Asbill was available to take me as a new patient.
overall excellence
He's an OK diagnostician, in my opinion, however understanding my concerns and knowing my health history before and after seeing him is sorely lacking. After 2 years I am fed-up and going to look of another doctor.
He knows his stuff. He has also call my home on a Saturday to follow up.
Well we have been waiting 4 weeks for a call back from her or her office and we have heard nothing from them since the sorry job they have done with my father. i am very upset about this! The impression I get is she just don't give a damn or her team as they call them selves. Some team when the TEAM can't call you back or even acknowledge that their is a problem. So no I don't recommend this doctor to anyone not even a for a veterinarian.

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