Dr. Papez is the best. She's patient and is wonderful at listening to your concerns. She has literally saved my life and I'm so grateful for her!
He is an amazing Dr. He cares and goes above and beyond to explain and make sure your mind is put at ease. I couldn't ask for a better doctor.
An excellent and caring OB/GYN!
I have been going to Dr. Abbey for a year and a half. I love him! I have endometriosis as well and he has helped me with my pain! He is ABSOLUTELY NOT a liar or a quack. Jean T you should be ashamed of your review. He is very kind and patient. I will continue to send my family and friends to him!
Surgery completed by Dr Kyla Carlson required a second and far more invasive surgery to repair. The second was done by another surgeon. Although she is a kind person, the results of the first surgery performed were devastating. I'm still working towards 100%...one year later.
Patient and kind doctor.
I came up from Wyoming to have Dr. Neuhoff for my VBAC. He was very patient during my very long delivery and always warm. He never tried to push me or intervene but let me progress at my own pace. I'm currently pregnant again and plan on seeing him for the last trimester and delivery.
At first dr abbey seems to help you but once you realize he doesn't know what he's talking about he tries to blame your disease on you. I have endometriosis and he lied and said he was an expert in endo. He placed me on meds that he said would help my pain and bleeding. I bled straight for two months on it. Any real dr knows that estrogen and endo don't mix. But yet he put me on estrogen twice!!! Stay away from him he's a quack and a liar. I looked him up and he isn't an expert in anything!!
My best delivery bye far going to see next week 4th pregnacy love her
She has been the best doctor out of three others I have had. This is the second baby she will be delivering for me. Very good doctor!
Dr. Neuhoff was amazing during my c-section. Even though he has performed thousands of deliveries he didn't make me feel like a number. In fact, he was the only one in the operating room that showed real warmth and care by talking me through the procedure. My only comment during my monthly/weekly appointments is that he runs 30 minutes late most of the time... But he's worth it! I do think their front desk staff needs more help as i was often on hold for long periods of time.
For women seeking information about Dr. Neuhoff as a surgeon, my experience with him was wonderful. I am phobic about doctors and especially about surgery, and I faced having a very large fibroid removed along with a TAH. Dr. Neuhoff thoroughly explained the procedure and answered my questions. He is honest, has a wonderful bedside manner, makes your concerns feel important, and has a sense of humor. The surgery went very well and I was up and moving a lot sooner than anyone thought I would be.
I'm so happy I has Dr.Papez as my Doctor throughout my pregnancy. She is so kind and makes you feel so comfortable. I would refer her to anyone I know.

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