I was recommended to use Dr. Nations by a nurse in Ocean Springs hospital. My first time meeting her if felt as if I knew her personally, awkwardness what-so-ever. What I like most about her is the fact she is directly to the point without sugar coating. She is willing answer any questions I have and is thorough when answering them. She has even pulled up info and pictures on her touchpad to give me a visual which I found extremely helpful. My son absolutely lovers her as well. 2 thumbs up!
I think Dr. Dupont is fantastic. She is great with my girls.
I recommend Dr.Logan to everyone! She has been the primary physician for both of my children since day 1 of their lives. My son is 4 and my daughter is 6 months old. We absolutely love her! We have followed her every time she has moved to a different hospital. She is very pro-breastfeeding and not big on shoving antibiotics down their throat for every little thing. We really like that about her, and both of my children are super healthy. i just wish she was closer to Mobile, Al!
I have used Dr. Siddiqui from day one. He is kind caring and a great doctor. He knows his patients and treats them special! I would not take my son to anyone else.
Dr Siddiqui has always cared for our girls like they were his own. He always done a very thorough checkup. Has always been very nice, professional, sweet and caring.
Thank you to Dr. Siddiqui who reassured us on the phone when we had an emergency situation. In a pediatrician, you want someone who knows your child, actually is on call at the hospital, and will talk with you to let you know what to expect and to reassure you during an emergency. He meets all of those qualities. We love him!
She took excellent care of our precious baby boy. She was thorough and knew everything about our child when he was in the ER. She had only seen him one time. However, she knew everything about him and was able to tell the attending ER Doctor everything about our child without even having his chart in front of her. After being admitted, she took excellent care of him in the hospital and explained everything to us and reassured us throughout our entire stay.
I brought my daughter to him after some issues with her previous pediatrician. She's not even a year old and has been having skin issues that her prior ped couldn't diagnose. Dr. Siddique was very helpful. Thanks to him, my daughter's issues are clearing up rapidly! I signed up my toddler as one of his patients, as well, immediately after the visit. If you are looking for a doctor that cares and is more than willing to help, I highly recommend him!!
I love Dr Campbell, she is down to earth and helps by explaining everything. She's very caring and takes time with the children and the parents to make our trip to the drs office more comfortable, which is great when my children need shots.I have nothing at all to say about her that is bad.
Dr Siddiqui is kind and very knowledgeable. He has served the area for some time and seems to genuinely care for his patients. He doesn't hesitate to help with children that are seeing other providers and makes himself available almost always.

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