I felt like the doctor paid more attention to her computer than me and did not take any of my questions or concerns seriously. I called the office two days in a row because bleeding had started at five months, and was told I come in for a fetal heartbeat if that "made me feel better". Was told to go home and rest. I lost my baby two days later. I felt this was extremely negligent as nothing was done to help prevent this loss.
Dr. Gibbons has been my doctor for many years. Like most successful doctors, she is busy, but always takes plenty of time with me & answers of my questions. She performed a total hysterectomy on me in December 2016, which was a total success! I have complete trust in her as my OB/GYN.
I'd give a 4star but I've never had so many issues with a gyno office. First the 2 receptionist checking you in are rude & just constantly mad looking. 1 time when I was waiting to get called in I actually heard them talking bad about another client when they left. Their answering phone service NEVER picks up. So if you need to cancel or reschedule forget it. Her nurses are quick, short and cold. No compassion whats so ever. Dr.W her self is nice &caring but does not remember anything.
I made my initial appointment with her and had to wait almost 3 months to get in. She was definitely worth the wait! She's a great combination of personable and professional, and always made me feel very at ease during my appointments with her. She always made sure all my questions were answered and took the time to listen to me. The CNA's and nurses in the office are also really great! The practice is large, so you'll wait a while, but she's a great physician. A+
Very caring! Love her!
Dr. Litherland is a good physician as far as care goes. She answers questions, seems competent, and is patient with deliveries (does not rush to interventions if you don't want them, etc). However, she is not "warm and fuzzy". She is very busy in her office and doesn't have the time to get to know you. This was disappointing, although having a competent physician and healthy baby were more important. Office overall was poor- didn't get calls returned, concerns handled incorrectly, long waits...
Amazing Doctor! He delivered my first baby. I was so devistated that our insurance switched I made my husband check out of pocket hospital costs!!! He was so insightful at every appointment. Helped my husband feel very included. The two had so much fun talking during appointments and my delivery, which I really enjoyed. The office has a great family atmosphere! He even came in to deliver when he wasn't on call.
Faith is amazing and genuine!!!
Dr. Wotherspoon has impressed me from the beginning. The first day I was scheduled to see her, the staff informed me she left for a delivery and I would have to wait (which happens with an OB). I waited for about 45 min, when the staff asked if I would see the NP. I did, and she was great. but as I was getting in my car I rec'd a call from Dr. Wotherspoon herself asking that I come back as she would like to meet me and apologized several times for the wait. Shows character and compassion.
Dr. Sarah Jones is a fantastic doctor and I DO highly recommend her! She was originally my primary care physician but eventuallyshe switched to strictly OB GYN which was a little disappointing but I did still get to see her periodically. She's helped me figure out health concerns I was dealing with as well as got creative with the treatment for them. She talked to me like I mattered, believed me when I spoke of my problems and spoke 'plain English' when talking about medical matters with me.
I saw Dr. Lehnert before, during, and after my pregnancy. When I was trying to figure out the right birth control method for me, he sat down with me for 30 minutes and discussed all of my options. During my pregnancy, he provided exactly the right amount of care and information. Enough to answer all of my questions and ease my concerns, but not so much that it was overwhelming. I continue to see him and would not hesitate to recommend him!
Dr. Lehnert has been our OB for both our children. He has always been great to work with and answered any questions or concerns we have ever had. Always a friendly and understanding personality. His staff are very great to deal with as well. Can't say enough great things about our experiences.
He is a great. It never seems like he is in a rush, will answer any questions you have. He was wonderful for my whole pregnany. My second pregnany was a miscarriage and he was very helpful and so considerate. Best ob I have had.
She is very knowledgeable & helpful. She delivered my 1st baby, my pregnancy & delivery were fairly flawless, i did have a c-section due to the baby's heart rate dropping but she was a healthy baby. My 2nd pregnancy ended in a miscarrige, i am very grateful to dr. Litherland during this time, her support & advice got me through a very difficult time. I would highly recommend her. Also if i have any issues/problems I just call and always get helpful advice.
He seems great because he has a fantastic bed side manner however.... I was never offered vaccines that are necessary in the third trimester... I miscarried with my 2nd baby and it was handled VERY poorly. His nurse is terrible and doesn't give directions well and they never saw me after my miscarriage. I switched providers and had another miscarriage and things were handled much better.. The over all experience with them threw me into depression and anxiety and that was barely handled as well.
Answers all my questions, good bedside manner, very intelligent
The first time we met she had to inform me that pregnancy had terminated itself. She handled it professionally with a tremendous amount of compassion. Very grateful to have her in my life.
He is the best! He is not only personable but very knowledgable & I trust him 100% with mine & my child's life. I wish I would have had him deliver my 1st baby and maybe things would have went more smooth. I am definitely coming back to him for the 3rd baby. I highly, highly recommend him.
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