Dr. Coorg walked in the room advising a course of treatment for my child (without even speaking to my child, evaluating her at all, or even knowing there was a current MRI report on file for my child) that was based 100% on false statements. Dr. Coorg stuck to her unfounded opinion when I explained in detail how each of her "reasonings" were false. The experience was horrific.
An amazing dr!! Can't say enough amazing things about him.
Dr. Williams is fantastic. We recently moved to St. Louis from DC and it was such a relief to find her. She is the best of both worlds: outstanding medical professional with the nuance of an empathetic parent. We couldn't be more pleased with a pediatrician.
Dr. Zaidman is an expert in very rare neuromuscular disease. He is very prompt, very thorough and has changed the life of my daughter and my family with his care. He listened to everything we said about our daughter symptoms and was spot on with treatment. I would consider him a world renowned!
Avoid this doctor at all costs. He's not an expert in child abuse. He actually signed an affidavit against us claiming our child was abused when he didn't even treat him as a patient. We had to hire a lawyer to prove our innocence based on his careless signature and conjecture without even investigating the facts. Two of my children were psychologically harmed due to an accident they had together. We had to keep affirming to our one son that it was an accident. How evil what Dr. Paschall did.

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