This Dr is treating my 83 yr old mother who just entered a nursing home for rehab and yes she has significant health issues but prescribing morphine to an elderly patient because it's beneficial to her heart????? Really?????? The research I've done shows the negatives far outweigh the positives and I am doing everything possible to keep this from happening! He is arrogant, and I do not trust his judgement at all!
Dr. Boyd is an amazing Dr. She takes the time to know you, ask questions. and figure out what the cause is. You will never feel like what you have to say is not important. She has a wonderful memory and always asks how my son is doing as well as various other things going on. I absolutely recommend any to her.. Im sad we moved out of state and will have to find another physician.
3 years as patient. Very good at not checking your ears, nose, throat, or anything else for that matter. Clinic very good at taking your money. Not impressed. I have new doctor. Much more interested in my health.
I would not recommend teens, because this dr will say you have something that you don't and hold it over your head every visit. I ended up walking out of the exam room and leaving the clinic because she was talking too long of time putting me down and tried to keep me hostage. All the ratings 4.5v and up are full of bull. She has bad beside manner and doesn't deserve to be a doctor. The staff at this clinic just sits around and does nothing, but complain about their sorry sap stories.
I retired from a large law enforcement agency in Nevada and moved to Ozark, Mo. Dr. Leea Reed has been my doctor since 2008. I have nothing but respect for her professionalism and her abilities as a doctor. I trust her judgement when she refers me to a specialist and just as important, she take time to explain her decisions and answers all my questions. I am 66 years old and I place her at the top of my list of doctors!
when we call, we get in that day. The staff is good to Davy and explains things well to us
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