He took time to get to know me and establish a relationship. He was thorough and I feel as if I am transferring my care to someone who is highly qualified and invested as my primary physician.
Dr. Carpenter is hands-down the best doctor I've ever had. He is patient, kind, responsive and collaborative. I visited the walk-in clinic, and after the nurse saw my symptoms, she talked with him. He agreed to see me right away. Within hours he had consulted with several other specialists to determine the best treatment. When I was at my breaking point, he recognized my deteriorating mental state and addressed it immediately. I owe this man a great debt and wish everyone had a doctor like him.
Takes the time to listen, shows compassion balanced with solid medical knowledge. Follows up promptly and provides written explanations of tests and treatment plan. Exactly what is needed in a PCP to pull together a whole person approach to care.
Both myself and my wife had the pleasure of having Dr.Petelin when he was at Quivera Internal Medicine. He always took plenty of time to listen and really showed that he cared for his patients and their health. We decided to stay with another doctor at Quivera Internal Medicine due to the fact that our other specialty doctors are at Overland Park Regional . We will miss seeing Dr. Petelin, and highly recommend him to anyone. Dan and Karen Baier
I've been seeing Dr. Russell since 2007. He always takes all the time you need, he listens, and is ultra respectful. Highly highly recommend him.
Excellent Doctor easy to talk to about any issues. Very understanding of people and their issues they live with daily. Does not get overly excited over health issues that can be taken care of with some advise and life adjustments. Listens to you very well and asks follow up questions so you feel he really understands what your dealing with. I have a high level of trust in him.
I would absolutely recommend Dr. Shuss. I was very nervous when the Primary Care doctor I had for many years decided to retire. He recommended Dr. Shuss and after just a couple visits I was totally at ease and my confidence in him heightened. He takes the time to listen and he doesn't blow off any concerns. His staff are all extremely pleasant, concerned for my health and always helpful. It is difficult to get in if you need to right away but the nursing staff always make recommendations.
In my annual physical with Dr. Bautz he is in no hurry, he listens, and I have his undivided attention and interest. He asks me about issues (those I raise and those he raises) and he attends to every one of them, often recommending specialists. He asks me about things I wouldn't think to mention. He is remarkably informed, and pro-active. And, as I say, he makes me feel that I'm the only patient he has - and I know how how busy his schedule is. I can't imagine a better doctor for me, or anyone.
I re!
The most compassionate Doctor we have ever come across!
He can never see anyone when they are sick. "Welp, he has an opening in a month." "Uhhhh, my pregnant wife is sick and NOW, not in two months." He can't call his patients back because he is too busy so he has his nurse call back but she has no idea what's going on. I kept asking for the dr to call and he just wouldn't do it. Another visit, they took blood from me but didn't run the appropriate tests so I had to go back and get stuck again. Very, very, very bad experiences.
I highly recommend Dr. Carpenter. He is very perceptive and thorough in his exam. He was knowledgeable about my condition and treatment options. I am thankful to have such a quality physician.
Poor quality of care!
Very caring at first then when I requested a letter verifying my diagnoses. He refused and sent me a letter telling me he could no longer treat me. And was not man enough to get on the phone and talk to me. He is not a Dr. He's a DO and farmed me out all over the place.
She was so patient with me explaining the importance of not smoking offering suggestions about how good eating habits are essential if I'm planning to work past age 66. she's a caring person. Her staff is excellent as well!
My 3rd PCP in 3 years was retiring and I was having some pretty serious medical conditions. No other PCP could get me in and he had a cancellation. His bedside manner is impeccable, his clarity in explaining what and why things are happening for supersedes any other physician I've met with. He is now my new PCP and I would recommend him without hesitation.
Staff is always helpful in getting you into see the Dr. as soon a possible. Nurses' are very friendly and knowledgeable. Dr. Russell never rushes you and takes all the time needed to listen to your concerns.
Doctor May is excellent, but his practice has grown beyond what can be managed. They will schedule you to come back from blood tests, but when you do no one will know why you are there or what tests are supposed to be run. And then when they get the results of the wrong tests back they will lose them. I had the same tests run three times over five weeks. They never could get the results.
Dr Carpenter is excellent. He's empathetic, responsive, and thorough. He listens with interest and encourages patients to communicate with him. He's one of the best doctors I have had in a very long time. I would recommend him without reservation.
Thorough and proactive.
I don't think Dr. May , nurse knows how to take care of patients. A strong, experienced nurse with communicate well with her Dr. and help his patients. That nurse should be able to have common sense too. Assessing a patient is a big part when she is the one to communicate between the Dr. and the patient.
Great doctor!
Conservative in treatment. Listens and converses with me to choose appropriate treatment options. Good referrals to specialists and surgeons. Responds quickly to phone questions. Willing to discuss pros and cons of Ned's.
Straightforward, plainspoken and thorough.
Certainly better than many internists, but his ego isn't well-concealed. Fortunately, he appears to take some interest in keeping up with the literature. On the other hand, he isn't receptive to patients who present him with anything that doesn't already conform to his views.
He didn't seem to listen to me for several years when I complained about ailments, now I'm looking at surgery. Run for your life, stay away!
Bad experience overall. Rude and didn't seem to care. Only spent moments with me when I waited 30 minutes for him in a small room! Don't waste your time!
He's confrontational, isn't very knowledgeable in general. He changed my medicine dosage without informing or involving me in the decision. Horrible bedside manners and he's not a "go getter" or proactive in testing or treatment.
Always very through. Never quick to send me for test i don't need. Listens to my complaints. Doesn't interrupt. More than willing to work with difficult diagnoses and insurances. Very knowledgeable.
I absolutely love this man. He takes care of business and does not waste your time. He listens to your concerns and responds in the best manner for the patient. He gives his patients a direct number to his nurse and when you have an urgent issue it is taken care in a timely manner. My previously doctor passed away and I needed to see a doctor as soon as possible. The staff made certain I was seen in an appropriate time. I have been with him for 1-1/2 years and he has met my all my expectations.
If you like text book Diagnosis, inability to think outside the box and a doctor that proscribes expensive test. this is the guy for you. I went to him with Asthma related issues, he recommended a sleep study. I have an ongoing issue with my neck, He recommended physical therapy. I stopped and wen back to him when this aggravated the problem. His answer Pain meds. Nothing more. If you Question his decisions, He will drop you as a patient.

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