From Lowell Dr. Breen has performed 4 different surgeries on both knees and complete hip replacement in 2017. This Dr is nothing shy of wife asked before last surgery if I was nervous. I said why, I couldn't be in better hands and there's nothing to worry abput. He has all ways done me right and I've all ways had a speedy complete recovery. I've heard many horror stories about ortho surgeries but rest assured he does fantastic work start to finish and has great bedside manner.
Even though he was my doctor of record, I never saw him. It is likely that his analysis of my Xray was helpful however -- I can't imagine that the P.A. read the Xray. However, Laura A. (his P.A.) was just going through the motions when dealing with me -- absolutely no care for the patient, not thinking things through, nor was she able to see a problem happening.
Strongly recommend you look elsewhere. I've never met a doctor so wrong and arrogantly disinterested in helping patients. His assistant Jody is clearly stressed out and doesn't (or can't) take the time to return phone calls or even update her voicemail greeting. Save a lot of time and money, look elsewhere for someone that prioritizes patients and actually wants to help people.
Highly recommended!
I can't say enough positive. He was the doctor for both of my baseball playing sons.One, fixed a horrific accident that almost severed his ring and pinkie finger; and the other a pitching elbow injury that Doc put on the rehab path and did not do surgery.Dr. Falconer is the only reason my son was able to play college baseball following the accident. He only does surgery if needed.He is very particular about his PT.But, if you follow his instructions, you will have the best possible outcome.
Dr. Breien put my new knee in crooked. I have had pain in walking ever since knee surgery 3 years ago.
No nonsense but listens to what you have to say; explains everything needed; answers any questions. Smiles often. Does not give ultimatums, or make you feel like an outsider in decisions as I have experienced with other ortho. surgeons. Like him very much.
Dr. Drogt is fantastic, very direct and honest. He truly wants the best for his patients. I am so glad he is my knee doctor. My partial knee replacement surgery has changed my life. His entire team is wonderful.
I tore tendons in my foot, had to have surgery. The surgery went great. Dr. Castro was professional, friendly, and easy to talk too. I would highly recommend him.
I saw Dr Cunnif when he was at the Smart Clinic in Sandy. I don't understand these reviews, because he was awesome! He made my back pain go away for well over a year with only one cortisone shot. Two other doctors since then have not been able to relieve the pain. I wish I had driven out to Ogden to see him again. He was always professional, and very caring. Now I'm out of state, and once again my back is out. I would definitely recommend him to any of my friends in Utah.
Not whst I was hoping for. Didn't do much to help my back pain. The last time that I was in to see him he just sat and stared at me while I was telling him about my pain. Will not go back to him.
This is an absolutely wonderful doctor! Friendly, kind and very knowledgeable. Multiple family members have seen him and all doing great. Would highly recommend!
Doctor Daly is OUTSTANDING! He replaced my right hip on the 11th of July, Three weeks later I did a 12 mile bike ride. His staff is extremely kind and efficient. Doctor Daly's PA Abbey is TOPS! The Summit Orthopedics Surgery Center in Vadnais Heights is like a Country Club. Thanks for the Pleasant Experience. All I can say is Dr. Daly is the only Doctor I would recommend!!! Tom Murray, Saint Paul, Minnesota
Dr. Breien is caring and provides meaningful explanations on what he believes will be in your best interest, after identifying the problem or source of the problem. He works in collaboration with his patient. Hands-down, I would recommend Dr. Breien to family and friends.
I traveled from Alaska to have a total knee replacement with Dr. Daly's team at Summit Orthopedics. Every aspect of the experience was outstanding-from minimal waiting for appointments to an amazingly personalized care (especially when considering the size of the practice). I am 2 1/2 weeks post op and feel fantastic. I absolutely will be returning to Summit Orthopedics and Dr. Daly if any future orthopedic needs arise.
Very nice person. Caring, confident, made me feel comfortable
Dr Drogt recon. my knee since ive had 7 surgeries & now TKR is possible or wheelchair? Health care now wants me to pay cash concerning my Disfigured knee($50,000) Doc at DLI has incorrect info which supports Alien status?(FROI) I was discharged with out discovery or recovery/ Union worker unidentified/
Went to have cortisone injection into my knuckle (inflammatory arthritis). He measured the bend of my finger and decided it wasn't bad. No conversation on how my job involves detailed work using my dominant hand (the one with swelling, pain, and restricted movement). Injected insufficient cortisone (it's been a week now). Also said he'd never heard of sugar as an inflammatory. (He should try reading some recent medical studies!) I'll find someone younger and female next time!
Possibly the most unpleasant experience I've had a provider's office. I went twice. On both occasions the nurse who roomed me was rude and gruff. On my second appointment, they were 45 mins behind. Not a single apology from staff or doc. Doc had not read my chart, didn't remember me, asked me all the same questions as first visit. Spent 7 minutes with me. Had no suggestions except an MRI. Sloppy, discourteous, unprofessional.
I have complications from a severe fall. Broken bones- including a protrusion by the collar bone. I did not feel that Dr. Furmanek was interested in me or my condition. The X-rays taken during my visit were not shared not share with me and his quick diagnosis of live with it took me aback. I followed up with a competent doctor, received a very different diagnosis. I am now having physical therapy to deal with the damage to my body and the likelihood of future pain without the therapy.
I've been a patient of Dr. Dowdle's for 8 years with various back issues. He has always provided me with excellent care. His treatment plans have been effective and he has taken time to educate me on my issues. I would absolutely recommend him to friends and family.
Dr perra is an excellent surgeon and has good bedside manners. Both him and his assistant mike did one of my hip replacements and took great care of me. Thank you Sue Riley
Dr Parten did both of my rotator cuff surgeries. He's especially kind and patient and his entire team, Abby and Deb are wonderful. I would HIGHLY recommend him
Very knowledge able Dr. Explained everything and answered any questions so I could understand to make proper decisions. Had special needs to take into consideration and explained the options.
Dr. Gannon is caring, listens well and is an outstanding physician.
Dan has done major right hip surgery removing a plate from my leg and putting in a shiny new metal hip. In addition, Dr. Hoeffel replaced my left hip a year ago in my only standard hip surgery I have had in my life AND he did bilateral knee replacements a couple of months ago. In addition he replaced my mom's knee about a decade ago. So would I recommend him? Unconditionally and if my life was in the balance. I feel as strongly about Jillian & Brett as well. They are remarkable.
Very informative, explained every step to be taken. Easy to converse with. I would definitely see him again if another surgery is warranted.
Have had great outcomes with Dr Khetia. As a nurse case manager he and Alex and staff are amazing to work
I had an emergency surgery on my hip with Dr Perra. Instead of coming in from the front or back and leaving the muscles undisturbed (which was general procedure at that time), Dr Perra removed the muscles from my hip. After replacing the the hip he drilled small holes into my hip and reattached the muscles. The muscles covering the hip atrophied. I went to the Mayo clinic and they said that the muscles had died and there was no fix. I have pain and will always have pain.
She performed emergency surgery to repair a ruptured right quadrant tendon. The MRI's showed that it was calcified. She never came to his room one time. Never checked if the brace was correct. At the 1st office visit it was clear that it was not attached. She insisted that she redo the surgery, Which also failed. Charles is not in a brace with limited ability to walk. We checked with another surgeon. He asked, "was this performed out state in a small hospital." Awful!
Extremely distraught. I had an MRI in July 2016 and Dr Pinto reviewed the MRI suggesting that I could perhaps get relief from steriod injection and physical therapy follow up. I had the injection one week ago today 9/29/16. The pain during the procedure was bad enough but no relief to be had afterwards. Pain in my neck has intensified and migrated to my arm. I've made several attempts to find Dr. Pinto with minimal results. My phone calls yesterday and today have not been answered.
Very clear in what is going on, excellent explanations. Friendly, courteous. After my spine surgery today, I feel the best I have felt in years!!! I had not realized how much pain I had been dealing with until it is now gone! It is a miracle!!!!!!!!!! Thank you God, Dr. Lynn and Summit!!!!!!!!!
Horrible experience. Had 6 appointments first 3 with the assistant that stated I needed surgery and set me up to see dr pinto. He ordered more tests to say my back was to messed up and he did not recommend surgery. Feel very let down drove 3 hours each way per visit plus additional drives for tests. The Discogram made me much worse now can barely walk or move. His recommendation was a pain pump. Extremely unprofessional meeting at a physical therpy office. Alwaya late.
My outcome was much better than expected and I attribute that to Dr. Rupke's dedication and willingness to spend the time it takes to do the highest quality job. We got opinions from other doctors that were very bleak. I am thankful that I found Dr. Rupke.
Dr. Lynn knew what he needed to do to treat my back injury, and did it relatively fast. I was walking very soon after my operation. I am no longer walking with a Cain or back brace. However, I do have numbness and heaviness in left leg below the knee, but Dr. Lynn told me that I might have that problem. Great Doctor/ Surgeon! I still owe him a Cigar for getting back on my feet without as much pain!!
Professional, down to business, young DR. Dedicated to her mission of getting her patients back on their feet. PAs tell me she is very meticulous and after 4 hours of surgery I agree. Now 2 years later I can say I am walking well at age 63. Just in from a 6 mile walk. Something I use to take for granted.
Dr. Spight answered all of my questions and explained the procedure clearly. He told me each step of the way what he was going to do next an how it would feel. He was very kind and reassuring.
This doctor has the worse personality and blames patience for the reason of their problems. I had two micro discectomies and to avoid the third one, I went to see this doctor for an injection. She does injections without anesthesia and it's the most painful procedure I've ever had. I would not see this doctor again if she was the last doctor on earth.
I'd give him 6 stars if I could. Besides being a great surgeon he is also just a great person who I have total confidence in. I've never met a doctor who cares about his patients as much as Dr. Skendzel. Would highly recommend him to anyone thinking about labrum tear surgery.
Dr Spight is a wonderful, caring, dedicated doctor! He is always positive and upbeat. He always listens to our concerns. He's very knowledgeable in all aspects regarding the best treatment for my chronic back pain; and explains everything in easy to understand lay speak. Throughout the years I've had several successful RFN treatments from him; he always explains everything he is doing before and during all procedures. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for pain relief!
Dr Yellin is a wonderful orthopedic doctor. He can be painfully honest at times but that's part of what I like about him. He did my left knee replacement and he did an outstanding job, I have full functionality in that knee.
Just saw him about a complicated foot and ankle issue. He was very complete and caring. I am so glad I made the appointment.
VERY poor bedside manner that changed abruptly. Initially she was civil, suddenly became rude. Others have voiced same issue. Doesn't pay attention to issues, talks over patients, dismissive, outdated, inaccurate information provided. I've watched her over 15 years & am shocked at how often she changes clinic affiliations. Saw her when she was at the U of M and once when she went to Midwest Spine. I have RSD/CRPS. Unprofessional and cold.
The staff and doctor were very friendly, but there were multiple issues with the visit. Waiting time was over 45 minutes. I also had scheduled my husband making sure he will be seen for ankle issue he has and for the shoulder as well. It turned out the Doctor could see him only for one issue at a time, so after waiting the visit was 15 minutes at most. The Doctor was knowledgeable, but all he did is gave my husband a referral to see a surgeon. We are not coming back to this clinic ever again.
This doctor is one of the the most judgemental, rude and demeaning person I have met in a long time. As an RN with a Master of Science in Nursing, I don't need to be "instructed" on a spine model. I asked if I could tell her my story and she said, "No I'm interviewing you now." Then she wrote in my chart "Patient attempted to direct the appointment." Wow, this is one nasty lady without a single ounce of compassion. She also argued with me about my underlying diagnosis.
AMAZING doctor! She is a wonderful physician who truly cares about people. Very compassionate!!
This was my second cervical spine surgery on difference discs. Dr. Santos removed the current bad disc, inserted a spacer, cleaned out the stenosis and I was back riding my bike within 6 weeks. His surgery was excellent, his bedside manner was comforting and his followup appoints were on time. Dr. Santos was recommended to me by a personal friend who is a retired GI doctor and I thank my friend every time I get on my bike. I would highly recommend Dr. Santos for any spine issues you may have.
He was wonderful!
I went to Dr Stulc for pain due to 2 pinched nerves. Dr Stulc was very friendly and professional. He assessed the problem and recommended an injection in my back to relieve the pain. The injection process went very smoothly. The nursing staff was excellent. During the procedure, Dr Stulc kept me informed on what he was doing and that helped calm my nerves. He is very efficient and the injection took the pain away.
Waited over 30min for appt, then didn't even see doc, just his PA. No physical exam, no review of recent MRI, no ability to discuss pain management. Dr. Wills ordered a procedure at Landmark surgery 2weeks later, got the IV in and gown on, only to find that the procedure was scheduled for a part of my neck that doesn't hurt! Procedure was cancelled, & now I'm still in pain and back to square one due to a lack of diligence, and I'll have to start all over elsewhere because I'm never going back!!!
Many lumber fusions performed by Richard Salib, MD. Kyphosis was built into the spine instead of lordosis. Leaving me with severe lifetime pain and permanently disabled. The fusions needed to be removed and redone by a super sub-specialist neurosurgeon who specializes in correcting other surgeons (failed surgeries) and sever cases. The corrections required an additional 5 surgeries and years of my life. This happened from the 1989 - 2003 Be forewarned.
He assumed I was seeking drugs for pain and said there was nothing he could do for me. I came in to try to fix an ongoing issue with my neck from a car accident not seek drugs. He fakes like he cares. Rather then listen he judges you. Do not see him!
He is very kind and explains everything well. I have to have surgery and I have a high level of trust in Dr. Strothman.
He explains the process of going from a slight break to the possibility of surgery very well and understandable to the patient. Very congenial and wants you to no longer be in pain, is happy when you are doing well.
Knowledgeable and Experienced. Trust his recommendations for treatment.
I wish I could give negative stars. Horrible customer service, their scheduling took forever and as a result I spent an extra week on bedrest in extreme pain. Instead of answering my questions, he said, you have a lot of opinions, go get a second opinion Furthermore, he dismissed the radiologists report, saying it doesn't matter. Then he discredited my pain located at the specific disc bulge areas as unrelated.
She is AWESOME!!

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