Removed a large bone tumor from my 11 year old sons knee. He's great with kids and does nice work.
Dr. wetter repaired my frozen shoulder. I was beyond satisfied with the outcome.
He did 2 knee replacements for me 3 years apart but went really well and not much pain.
Dr. Wood took care of our mother when she broke her hip. We are so lucky to have had her as our surgeon. She was very caring, helpful, and informative and our mom is now doing great.
Dr. Wood never came out to the surgical waiting area to explain how the surgery went, if there were any complications, etc. This was despite being told by the staff in the waiting area that "she always comes out and talks to the family". The surgery was a success from a medical perspective, but the communication was poor.
Dr. Wetter was very good at showing us exactly what the problem was using X-ray image copies he gave us through out the whole injury/recovery process.
We would definitely recommend Dr. Wulf to our family and friends, and have! Unfortunately my son had to have his left knee ACL repaired twice. The first time the knee was injured while trick skiing and the second time he came down on the ball while playing soccer . Dr. Wulf was his physician and performed the surgery both times. (2013 and 2015) Dr. Wulf was confident, compassionate and professional. We have complete trust in his abilities.
Excellent physician. Attentive, knowledgeable, and skilled. He replaced my knee a year ago and I couldn't be more pleased. I have excellent range of motion and can even sit in a modified lotus position.
Dr Vorlicky completed a TKA on me three months ago. He did an excellent job on my knee and gave me full ROM. He was very compassionate, highly skilled and professional. I am glad that he has accepted me as his patient.
Dr. Vorlicky:Great bed side manner. Listened, examined, looked at Urgent Care Ortho notes and scans, considered diagnosis & ordered further testing. Dr. Vorlicky out of town. PA called with test results. He was very unprofessional, downplayed the scan results that confirmed MD diagnosis. Stated there was no need for follow up, contrary to MD request due to risk of fractures. Stated my dx does not cause pain yet unable to put full weight on leg for a week due to pain. Did not f/u MD due to PA.
Before seeing Dr. Vorlicky, x-rays were taken, which I found odd. Normally a person is assessed before tests are done. When Dr. Vorlicky came into the room he seemed rushed, like he couldn't wait to be done with me. He had a scribe with him but did not introduce her and no one ever verified my name or date of birth. He looked at my hands, asked how old I was and said he wouldn't do anything. Never mentioned the x-rays, did not voluntarily give me any information.
Spent little time with me during my one and only pre-surgery appointment. Post-surgery appointment was staffed by his PA rather than him. Saw him once for 20 seconds during my 4 days in the hospital. Seems to spend the least time possible with patients. My new knee seems to working well, however.
Dr. Arthur is truly awesome. He can fix anything and he has a patient and friendly manner. I would recommend him for anyone with an orthopedic problem.
On a scale of 1-10 my experience was a 15! Highly recommend Dr. Bakker & team! After years of pain, debilitation, and hand starting to atrophy I am, a few months after carpal tunnel release, working at a physical job! All aspects of procedure excellent and Dr. Bakker is a gift to humanity.
I met Dr. Bakker when he repaired my partner's broken wrist, and was impressed by his manner and medical acumen. A year later, when I needed surgery on my shoulder after an accident, I thought of Dr. Bakker and contacted his office. He spoke thoughtfully and knowledgeably about my situation and how he could help, and I felt very comfortable with him as my surgeon. Everything went well and he seems to be happy with the outcome and my post-surgery progress.
I had a terrible experience with Dr Arthur. I had to pry any information out of him such as, "Do you think my daughter's Knee is injured? " To which he replied, "probably" He said he would have to do an MRI to determine if there was a fracture in the growth plate but he refused to do an MRI and just told he to wear a cast immobilizing her knee for 5-6 weeks. When I explained that we would like to know if she has a fracture or not, he just continued to refuse. He was rude.
Dr. Asp did both of my knee replacements, the second one Oct. 2016 and I am very satisfied with him and the staff. I now have two straight legs that work without pain or Motrin and at 61 walk better than when I was 50. The idea of replacing ones knees is a terrifying thing but following all directions and doing the work pays off. I wouldn't let anyone else work on my bones, thanks Dr Asp. Mike Perkins Minnetonka
I had a large growth on my finger than needed to be removed and a biopsy. Dr. Bakker and is staff were wonderful. Nothing was rushed, he took time to explain things and answer questions. He was on time or early for appointments (rare in my experience). The surgery went smooth and the results excellent. I would highly recommend him to anyone.
Dr. Arthur replaced left knee at Minneapolis, North Memorial hospital on March 13, 2017. All aspects of my pre and post operative care were handled professionally by Dr. Arthur and his team members. Very personalized, patient focused care. My outcome has been excellent. I can recommend this surgeon and his team without qualification.
I had a difficult ankle/foot/heel injury and Dr Cammack and his staff stuck with me for 1 year of surgery, healing and a final surgery... It has been 1 year since my final surgery and my husband can hardly keep up with me. Thank you Dr Cammack for your expertise and dedication to getting me back to walking normally... Without any noticeable difference from before the injury. I can't thank you enough.
He was on time and did a good job reviewing my diagnosis and treatment options. He was kind and seemed to genuinely care.
Very good experience with Dr. Asp, had TKR on left knee.On first visit had diagnosis and X-rays to confirm lack of cartilage.Answered all my questions.Had surgery and was walking with walker next day.Pain management was not a problem.3 months out now ,have full extension and can bend past 119 degrees. Very good surgeon and team. Dave Daugherty, Watkins ,Mn
In the past four years I have had a hip replacement both my knees replaced. Dr. Conner and his staff are excellent, and my new joints have given me a new lease in life. I am now able to move with ease.
I am torn between leaving 1 star (poor) and 2 stars (fair). I am frustrated with the number of times he reschedules my appointments. The first appt was rescheduled once, surgery follow up rescheduled 3 times and now my 2nd follow up has been rescheduled 3 times already and it is 3 weeks away. He spends 3 minutes with me and doesn't communicate much. This rescheduling nonsense is completely disrespectful of me and my time. I do not recommend and would not go back to him again.
I was admitted to Maple Grove Hospital by ambulance after a crush injury to my leg. I insisted on seeing an orthopedic Dr.He spent about 5minutes with me, said I was fine. Very condescending. Never looked at the leg. I ended up having emergency surgery at Mayo Clinic and was rehospitalized. He totally missed the seriousness of my injury.
I accidentally fractured my hip. Dr. Arthur did an Anterior Hip Replacement under trauma conditions and I had exceptional care. Pain was minimal and I was able to recuperate at home after three days with the help of family and a home care agency. During my post-op office visits, I always felt that Dr. Arthur was attentive to my questions and helpful with suggestions. I will recommend him to family and friends.
I was referred by another doctor to see Dr. Bakker. I have seen multiple doctors over the last 3 years with a wrist problem and kept getting different answers. That all ended when I saw Dr. Bakker, as he knew right away what the problem was. Very thankful he did my surgery and it couldn't have gone any better. I will also be doing my next surgery with him. Everything was explained thoroughly, and the staff was excellent. I would highly recommend him to anyone
He replaced my both of my hips 8 weeks apart. I could not say enough about how well he prepared and figured out what could be done the best to make the quality of my life great! My recovery was quick and results were fantastic! I saw some reviews did not like how he interacted with the patient. From my own experience, I looked to people close to me for support and did the best to exercise and care for myself really helped! I would recommend Dr. Asp without any reservation!
unfriendly and not companionate towards me the patient. Very pushy and demanding I do more then I thought possible. did not try to help me through my tough time suggested I find a different doctor that could meet my personality.
I had one knee replaced on December 8, 2015 and the second one on February 25th 2016. I am walking pain free for the first time in years. Dr. Asp is the only one that I would go to to have a joint replaced. His surgery skills are the best and the visual results are a work of art. 5 stars is not high enough for this doctor.
I was referred to Dr. Bakker for bilateral carpal tunnel release. I found Dr. Bakker to be very thorough, making sure I understood the procedures and what to expect in the end. He is personable and even though this is a run of the mill surgery for him, I felt like he was right there with me considering it to be the big deal it was for me. His office staff is excellent and his Care Coordinator is WONDERFUL! I am so thankful for all of them! I highly recommend Dr. Bakker.
Dr. Asp replaced my hip. Was literally shoveling snow 2 days after surgery. He did fantastic work and recovery was only 2 weeks. I will have the other hip replaced in a few months and there is no one I would recommend more highly.
Thanks to Dr. Dahl performing RLTI surgery on both arthritic thumbs over the last 4 months, I am pleased to say the years of thumb pain are a memory. It is amazing to use my thumbs again without the gnawing pain and loss of motion from arthritis. I highly recommend Dr. Dahl and his team. They truly care about their patients and returning to the best function possible. PT has been wonderful and so has the care coordinator. Everyone at Twin Cities Orthopedics is amazing. You're in good hands.
Doesn't spend enough time with patient. After years of seeing him no help at all with my back pain, Gotta go elsewhere.
Getting a second opinion, but I am in the same position/frustration as Sue Boettcher. Came in with a simple mallet finger and am now unable to use hand for sports, activities, and reduced everyday/professional effectiveness! I've been complaining to my wife ever since surgery, and seeking to better understand why. I walked in with one identifiable issue, and left with two, as they told me I now have a, "dupuytryn's contracture" tha will need some enzyme shot to "attempt" to straighten out.
Very rude. He was running way behind and nobody checked in on me in the room and he did not apologize. He didn't ask me my pain levels (which was a 10) told me I needed an MRI and sent me on my way. I left in pain and crying on my way home. I told him what medications I have tried that were not working and told him what did work for me. He disagreed with me. I had severe pain this morning, called and left a message and he never called back. I called on call tonight, they never called back. Sick.
Had basal thumb joint surgery. Following the surgery and cast removal, it was obvious the surgery was botched up! It looked as though they placed the tendon ribbon on the wrong side of my palm, so it literally looks as though my thumb is coming out of my palm instead of the side of my hand! Prior to the surgery I informed the doctor that I rode a motorcycle. I had to give up riding because of the huge bump that is in the way when gripping the clutch and I no longer had the secure grip!
Good doctor, horrible manners. All about concrete data. He'll ask questions & not wait for the answer or not listen & even repeat what u just said incorrectly with his own bias. If you correct him or add information he'll get defensive and say "You came here to hear what I have to say" even though u are just answering his question. A plus: He ordered an MRI and did an extensive neuro exam. He even made a disparaging remark about my fitness & I wasn't his patient. I was angry by the end of visit.
I had sudden onset of severe sciatic pain. I was referred to Dr. after x-rays and an MRI. He did a great job of assessing my condition and listing the treatment options. I told Dr. I wanted to be able to walk again without pain or fear of falling. Surgery was the best course of action for me and, again, he told me about the risks of surgery. We talked the day of both before and afterward. Two follow-ups and I am happy I can walk without pain or fear of falling.
Jason is more like a friend than a doctor very easy to talk to it was a great experience
After my knee replacement things were not going wright. He has been the worst doctor I ever had. He replaced my left knee and things were not heeling wright he didn't know how to deal with it. My whole left leg was red like a cherry, and swollen twice its normal size and he got frustrated and had no answers for me. So instead of talking with other doctors and figuring it out, what he did was unbelievable he took my wife and I into the staff lunch room and told us he's done everything walked
Dr Crowe is honest professional & answers all questions making sure you understand your question. I have been going to him for approx 15 years and would find a hard time trusting any other doctor. In the past, prior to Dr. Crowe being my primary orthopedic doctor, I had 2 other doctors recommend him to me. Dr. Crowes nurse, Jenny, is also awesome, knowledgeable and great to work with. Very prompt in returning calls and helping.
Dr. Dahl is kind and patient, HOWEVER the Fridley clinic is horrible. I waited 55 minutes just to get in the room and then waited another 15 minutes to get cast cut only to get burned by the blade, then another 40 minutes to get out of the office. Several phone calls to office manager Jen but continue to get blown off. I guess my next step with them is the Attorney General. Affordable health care is BULL!!
Very abrasive type personality. She did not seem to have any expertise at all. She is not like most PAs who specialize in something where they can help diagnose, work with patients. Her role is more like a medical assistant, which is frustrating. I got pushed onto her instead of seeing the Dr., but she does not have any expertise.
Not a good communicator, nor does she seem knowledgeable.
Ms. Freilling has a very abrupt and abrasive manner in her engagement with patients. This is inconsistent with her years of experience. I have interacted with her 4 times and all but one visit was adequate. She does not seem to have the passion to be a PA or a passion for patients. It feels as if you are bothering if you ask any sort of question. It is always disappointing to have a health care provider that exudes such a manner toward any patient. I would never let my children see her.
She is not a PA that is able to examine patients. She is more like a medical assistant. Not a good bedside manner, very abrasive.
Went to see Dr Tanner a few weeks ago for a rare foot issue. He provided a course of treatment and explained everything with great detail. He took time to answer all of my questions concerns. Would recommend him to others.
Dr Tuttle did TKR on me. He did a fantastic job, even the physical therapist, I only had to see 1 time, said he did an amazing job. Best results he had seen in 16 yrs. I knew after going to 3 different dr consultations, that Dr Tuttle was the dr I needed. He spend extensive time explaining everything to me. Pro and cons, some of his bad experiences, was very up front and honest on what to expect. He takes pride in doing a great job. His team Kerry, Ashlei, Megan and Dr Tuttle-exceptional care.
"Dr. Tanner" provided my mom with awful medical care. She came in for foot pain. After 5 months of boot wear, MRI's, and X-Ray's her pain didn't go away and went for second opinion. The new doctor found the problem immediately, which indicated a major problem with the bone in her foot (which, according to new doctor, was very clear and evident on MRI report). Surgery was done a few weeks later and now she's finally on the road to recovery after being out of work for 6 months.
Dr. Smith is very personable, caring and knowledgeable. I did end up needing surgery after exhausting other options, and he was an excellent surgeon. Everything was explained in detail, surgery went very well and my recovery was closely monitored and successful. I would recommend him to anyone.
I would highly recommend Dr Sanders for choosing a surgeon. I just had a full knee replacement by Dr Sanders. He is meticulous, he is great surgeon, and has a great "bed side manner"!
Dr Szalapski stepmother in November 2016 for a fractured right hip. He performed a partial hip replacement. despite the advanced years and compromised health of the patient, she made a full recovery and is functioning well with her new hip. Dr Szalapski was attentive and supportive, providing excellent care. He was patient in addressing your questions and fears and quickly won over her confidence. so glad to have him in our corner.
I had a total knee replacement on Jan 3rd, 2017 and could not be happier. At 60 years old my left knee was sore all the time and my quality of life was deteriorating quickly. I love to golf, hike, bike and walk but it became almost unbearable to walk more than 1/4 mile. after 6 weeks I can do almost anything. Still working on range of motion but that is getting better each day. Dr. Sanders says I am progressing nicely and has been very helpful in explaining the procedure & recovery. A+
Dr. Sanders is a compassionate, careful surgeon. He did everything i could have asked for in the surgery to replace my arthritic left knee with TKR. I highly recommend him and won't hesitate to do it again on my right knee if necessary.
Dr Szalapski, is a terrible communicator. In fact, when he delivered the news to me that I would need a hip replacement he said that "we have learned that it is best to do both at once." I was in shock. I thought he meant both hips! (he meant hip and ball of femur) He is brash, uninterested in you once you are off the table (eg. discharged with refusal to send me to rehab and no home care plan. ) Yet he is a good surgeon. maybe an excellent one. 1st followup: he spent 3o min with me!!!??
Dr. Smith was highly recommended to me by my internist in 2012. Then, and since, he has been informative, careful, thorough, and superb. He suggested ways to try to avoid and postpone surgery back in 2012, but did honestly tell me where I was likely headed (fusion). I had the surgery about a month ago, after my condition continued to deteriorate (as he said it would). My post-op has been almost exactly what he said to expect and the surgery seems so far to be a huge success.
Has a great attitude. Answered all my questions that I asked. had my surgery in the Olivia MN hospital. Had a very positive experience. Will be doing my left knee at same place with the same doctor.
Condescending, sarcastic and demeaning during exams
Very informative and competent surgeon. My family really appreciated his post op conversation and explanation. I appreciated his operative expertise. I felt at ease choosing to proceed with his recommended surgery and had an excellent outcome.
Failed Scaphoid surgery, Kept me casted for 18 weeks. Given severe arthritis My thumb will never work properly again. The cast did the damage. Had 4 more surgeries with other doctors in an attempt to fix the scaphoid
He did a total knee replacement for me. From beginning to end the experience was the best I could have hoped for.
My experiences with Dr. Sanders began with an appointment for hip pain in 2013. I found him to be very professional, personable, friendly, and ready to listen to my description of my symptoms. The arthritis in my hip required hip replacement surgery two years later, During that time, Dr. Sander's continued to treat me, and his professionalism reassured me I was in good hands. Now, two months post-surgery and completely healed, I know I was right! I cannot recommend him highly enough!
Rushes in and out. More worried about seeing as many patients as possible for money vs helping them
I received reverse total shoulder replacements on both of my shoulders. Dr. Norberg did a wonderful job with both surgeries. Within two weeks after each surgery, I was pain free and was on my way to regaining full movement of my arms/shoulders. I am now able to use 95% of my shoulder movement and have been unable to do that for as long as I can remember. At age 53 this type of surgery is not common but I could not be happier with the results. Dr. Norberg is very personable and helpful.
Super Doc. Fast and excellent surgeon. Would recommend very highly
Breezy approach, didn't listen well. I felt like I was the last thing on his busy list of things to do at that time. I will say he also looked like he needed a month of sleep, he looked that exhausted.
Dr Mair is an excellent orthopedic surgeon. He explains what the issues are regarding your orthopedic problem and all your options. Dr Mair does not automatically want to rush into surgery right away. He offers physical therapy, injection, patience, etc. If you have surgery, he explains the procedure in language you understand. After surgery, if you have questions or answers, you call the office and someone always calls you back to answer your questions. I would highly recommend Dr Mair.
Dr. O'Neill and his staff are the 'gold standard' for healthcare. First and foremost, the less invasive hip replacement protocol is a miracle of science. I was walking the next day after surgery and without any aid within a couple of weeks. Recovery time is a fraction of the former hip replacement surgery. His team and follow through was remarkable and unusual in this day age of mass production healthcare. I whole heartily commend Dr. O'Neill.
Dr. Norberg is a great physician--I am a physician myself and am usually hard to impress. He performed an anterior shoulder repair on my son who had multiple shoulder issues from football and rugby. Dr. Norberg's communication skills and surgical skills are impressive. He relates very well to sports-minded teens and helps them buy into the necessary rehabilitation process. My son is three years out from his surgery and his shoulder continues to do well, despite playing college rugby.
I had total reconstruction of my right foot due to 30 years of rheumatoid arthritis. My surgery was on Jan.6,2017 , My foot feels so much better that i will be having surgery on the left foot at the end of March. I feel so good, my only regret is I didn't get this surgery years ago. Dr. McGarvey is an excellent doctor. He and his staff are kind,compassionate, extremely skilled and are dedicated to improving the lives of their patients. I highly recommend him , you will not be disappointed !
I have nothing but praise for Dr. McGarvey. I had bunion surgery on both my feet, and he did an excellent job. From my initial consultation to my post-op appointment Dr. McGarvey was professional, informative and charismatic about what he does. His staff is exceptional and always friendly and helpful. I will not use any other orthopedic doctor. I would recommend Dr. McGarvey to family and friends.
This guy is an amazing hip replacement surgeon. I'm a 65 year old in shape male who needed a left hip replacement. Dr. O'Neill suggested the anterior procedure. My walker was gone three days after surgery. My cane was gone 7 days after surgery. At 14 days I am having little or no pain and walking 2 miles per day. In a couple of weeks, I'll be back to my regular 4 mile walk per day. Dr. O'Neill is personable and proficient in his skill. Thanks to Dr. O'Neill for fixing my hip!
I had hip replacement surgery last October. The surgery and healing process have gone extremely well. At some point in the future, I will have to have the other hip replaced and I won't hesitate to return to Dr. O'Neill. He and his staff are wonderful. It was one of the most positive experiences and outcomes I have ever had and I appreciate everything he and his staff have done to get me moving again. Thank you.
I had a Total Knee replacement done by Dr. O'Neill in December of this year. He did an excellent job and my recovery has been great. Dr. O'Neill and his staff were always helpful and answered all my questions and concerns before and after the surgery. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a knee replacement.
By the time I was diagnosed with RA 25+ years ago the damage to me feet was significant. I was referred to Dr McGarvey by my Internist and have never considered trusting my feet/ankle to anyone else. There have been some very complicated surgeries and through all of them, always knew he had my best interest in hand. It has been a long journey but the outcome has been great. I walk better today that I have in 20 years and owe that to a very gifted, skilled, compssionate surgeon.
I had severe bunions and crooked toes overlapping, much pain & discomfort. Dr. McGarvey was recommended by a former patient who said he was exceptional in every aspect, professionally, surgically and personality. Everything was explained thoroughly, in detail, from beginning to end. He felt like a friend who really cared about you personally and wanted to do the best for you to make life better. He is very compassionate. I now have beautiful feet. Thank you for doing an excellent surgery!
Dr Mcgarvey has been my dr for over 20 years, he has done surgery on my feet and each time the outcome was great, I have the utmost respect for him, i would recommend him to everyone who needs orthopedic surgery, they would have the best
I was told to arrive at my appointment twenty minutes early to fill out paperwork and check in. I arrived twenty minutes early, as instructed. After filling out the paperwork, I waited over an hour before being called to go to the exam room, where I waited again for nearly an hour before Dr. Myer saw me. When I was seen, everything felt rushed and impersonal. Nothing came of my visit, and I was told to schedule a follow-up appointment. Worst experience at a doctor I've ever had.
Dr. Mair is very personable. He will chat with you and is quite friendly. Appointment waiting time was not bad. The problem was the bill. As a new patient, he documented level 4 (most expensive). So spending perhaps 15 minutes to talk to someone about arthritis I knew I already had cost me $445.00. Called to ask for documentation of what qualifies a level 1 through 4. It is all subjective (i.e., no documentation). Thus unable to send it to me. Professional robbery done legally.
He is very horrible at proscribing the correct dosage to people who have a high tolerance. He says normal people take a certain amount of mg but if you've had surgery in the past or have taken these pills you will need more. he will call you a druggy if you need more then what he proscribes. All in all I'm still in a lot of pain and no way to get helped. I highly recommend seeking a different surgeon for this reason unless you like pain.
Very good surgeon how explained everything and it was exactly as he said. Very personable & yet tells it like it is. Had rotate cuff surgery in Dec 2015. Back to playing golf & most everything else in 6 Mos.
Compassionate, caring and highly skilled surgeon. Had a rotator cuff repair and despite my age of 76, I healed well. Great at explaining the options to me, had all the time to discuss my needs and never felt rushed. His staff is outstanding and they enjoy their work with him. Highly recommend him.
I was referred to Dr. Norberg after my first shoulder surgery in Oct 2012. I followed up with Dr. Norberg after care. He and his staff are very professional, kind, caring, and thorough. After months of physical therapy, exercise at home, I still managed to re rip my tendons and I had frozen shoulder. Dr. Norberg performed my second rotator cuff surgery. I again tore my tendons and Dr. Norberg performed a reverse shoulder replacement. I'm 7 months post op and feel like a new woman.
Dr Norberg is the best. He gave me confidence that with hard work (PT) the rotator cuff tear I had would heal. It did. He never pushed surgery. Very compassionate and kind Dr. Highly recommend him.
Dr. Kruse did partial robotic surgery on both of my knees and I am so very happy with the results! I no longer feel like I am going to fall. I stepped in a hole in my yard & was able to keep from falling (this would not have happened before the surgery)! I knew three weeks into the first surgery that I had made the right decision! His staff at the front desk does such a nice job and the physical therapists Brian & Jason are just excellent! Thanks for giving me my life back Dr. Kruse & staff!
Outstanding physician; technically extremely competent but also a genuinely caring human being. Saw Dr. Norberg for a torn rotator cuff tendon in a fairly arthritic shoulder and, with no improvement after a conservative (non-surgical) approach, opted for a surgical repair. Even though the recovery from this sort of surgery isn't particularly pleasant, it went extremely well and my shoulder is absolutely perfect 6 months post-op.
Scott McGarvey, MD is one of the best foot Surgeons Nation wide. If a patient follows his instructions they will have a wonderful outcome. I had Bilateral Bunion surgery and I wish I could enclose a picture of my feet. They are beautiful. If there are any complaints the patient needs to ask themselves if they really has followed the instructions give to them. Dr. McGarvey tells you and also gives out a written copy of what you must do to aid your recovery. Thank you Dr. McGarvey!
I had a knee surgery - and I had only good experience with him. I trust his knowledge. and I'm over 50 and still playing soccer 2 times a week because of him.
I injured my right wrist while training on a vehicle rollover simulator in Balad, Iraq in 2010. My condition did not improve when I came home and I was referred to Dr. Koch as being a top notch wrist surgeon. My experience with Dr. Koch is that she has lived up to her medical reputation when she correctly identified the problem and fixed it in surgery in 2011. I would recommend her to anyone. As a fellow veteran, Dr. Koch went above and beyond to help fill out paperwork necessary for the VA.
Dr. Norberg is an awesome doctor and I would definitely choose to see him again if I were in need or an orthopedic surgeon.. I never felt like he was in a hurry, he always seemed genuinely interested in how I was doing, he explained everything in detail, he has the BEST bedside manner, and I like his treatment philosophy. I also had a great experience with my physical therapist. I always looked forward to my appointments.
Dr. Norberg was great at explaining everything and giving different options. The surgery went very well and pain was well-controlled. His staff was excellent as well. Over all very good experience for having to have surgery.
Recommended by Dr. Scott Anseth . Dr. Norberg performed a reverse shoulder replacement. I am totally satisfied with the results. Very kind and professional doctor. Would recommend him for anyone who is having shoulder discomfort.
Very hurried, no time to answer questions. Very proud of how fast he can perform a procedure. Failed to talk to me or even acknowledge me after surgery. Failed to tell me the surgery was more in-depth than what MRI showed.
I have chronic RA and needed foot reconstruction of both feet. I had been to 2 other ortho foot specialists and just didn't feel comfortable with their approach. Dr McGarvey explained how complicated my foot surgery was going to be and set proper expectations for my future. The surgery was one of the most complicated surgeries he has done due to my soft bone and poor marrow, but is completely healed after 5 months. This has been a miracle ! My other foot is scheduled once I finish PT.
Dr. Norberg did a restoration (12/2015)of a previous rotator cuff surgery (4/2010). The result was outstanding, and far superior to the initial surgery in 2010. Post Op staff were terrific, including the post op PT. Dr. Norberg is an excellent listener, and he and the staff are very concerned about patient welfare and successful outcomes.
This Dr seriously rocks. She is very thorough and listens and hears her patients. She is offering help where I could get none elsewhere. All Drs could learn from her.
SS Burnsville, MN March 2016 Dr. Norberg treated me, surgically, for a seriously torn rotator cuff on my RIGHT arm in June 2015. Then, after a fall, he repaired my shattered LEFT shoulder, with a steel plate and 11 screws in January 2016. Both surgeries were very successful! Each time I have met with Dr. Norberg, he has been kind and generous with his time. He is careful to explain the procedures and the risks. He is patient, an excellent listener, and answers every question. I am a BIG fan!
Dr Norberg is great. Very knowledgeable with great people skills. He operated on my shoulder following an injury and the outcome was terrific. Took the time to sit down and really talk to me and help me resolve this injury. He is great at answering questions and patient too. Would not hesitate to recommend him.
Dr. Kruse is pleasant and tries to get to know the patient. I'm confident in his skills and advice. I like being able to email him with questions and get a quick response.
Was recommended to me and I would definitely recommend him to other people that need need replacement.
Dr. McGarvey is an exceptional surgeon. His technical skills are very impressive and he's extremely knowledgeable in his specialty field. Because of his surgical skill, my surgeries were very successful. Dr. McGarvey's communication skills are excellent -- he thoroughly explains your diagnosis, prognosis and potential treatment options. Further, Dr. McGarvey has a caring approach, which helped me significantly through my recoveries. I would highly recommend Dr. McGarvey to my family and friends.
I highly recommend Dr. McGarvey. I had both bunions operated on and the result could not have been better. I had minimal pain with the surgery! I was back in running shoes after three weeks, back at the gym at four weeks, back running at seven weeks. My feet LOOK great, am back exercising now without pain, my fashion shoes way more comfortable! I only wish I had done this sooner! Thanks Dr. McGarvey!
Dr. McGarvey replaced my left ankle. This total replacement has been excellent as after one year I have full use of the ankle without pain. I followed the advice of the doctor and was non weight bearing until it healed. Great experience with a great doctor and staff!
I was told by a local physician my feet were so deformed due to rheumatoid arthritis they couldn't be fixed. Three months after reconstructive surgery on my left foot done by Dr. McGarvey, I have a beautiful (sandal-worthy) pain-free foot. I highly recommend Dr. McGarvey. He: --Is kind and sensitive to the difficulties of living with RA --Clearly outlines what to expect before, during and after surgery --Manages pain effectively
Dr. Gerlach and his staff were the best! My thumb was nearly cut off by a table saw, and was only hanging on by a piece of skin. Dr. Gerlach fixed my thumb that same night during 6 hours of surgery!! I went from almost having no thumb to having a thumb that's almost normal. Dr. Gerlach was kind and compassionate to me (and my family!) from the very start. Thank you Dr. Gerlach for saving my thumb!!
Awful bedside manner. Rude, arrogant, and likes to ridicule patients.
Dr Gesensway is in the wrong profession, He maybe should have become a comedian since he thought the the serious and permanent injuries I have are so funny to him. Dr Gesensway would not be able to do his job as a physician with my hand/wrist. That would be his livelihood! I will not return. I prefer my physicians to have some sense of professionalism and empathy, at least while they are face to face with a paying patient.
Dr. Gesensway diagnosed my problem at my first visit with him and ultimately performed surgery. He did an excellent job and in addition is personally funny and engaging. He was also kind and attentive to my medical issue.
Dr Holthusen is an excellent orthopedic surgeon. He is the 4th orthopedic surgeon to operate on my foot, in 2 different states. Dr Holthusen spent sufficient time in the office, to explain my foot problem to me. Afterwards, he provided many options with possible outcomes. I would highly recommend Dr Holthusen as an orthopedic surgeon.
Arrogant, worst physician I have ever seen....waste of time and money. Made a decision before examination.
He was great got In for a X-ray one day at maple grove and surgery the next day he was a amazing doctor he makes you feel like your more then just another patient 5 stars for me
This guy slices and dices without proper testing to see if it's even necessary. He is too busy giggling and talking to co-workers to answer questions. Told me to return to work less than 2 weeks after surgery and that it is up to my job whether I have restrictions or not. What??? Now with another surgeon who said he did a blind cut and possibly damaged my nerve. In more pain now than before surgery. And good luck hearing back from them. They don't return calls or emails for DAYS
I had both reverse shoulder surgery and partial knee surgery from Dr. Hartman. He is a very experienced, competent, personable, and caring doctor. I highly recommend him to others.
A skilled surgeon who has not forgotten there is more than an injury to be repaired, there is a person. Took time to answer my questions and explain the plan of action of the surgery and recovery. I expected a good surgeon and found him to be that and more, a good man.
I could be a poster child for successful knee replacement surgery. Dr. Gulli recommended physical therapy 6 weeks before surgery and I attribute my wonderful experience to taking that advice. Dr. Gulli was very pro-active in recommending treatment options and I am SO grateful for that!
I feel extremely fortunate and am happy to say I am a patient of Dr. Scott Holthusen from Twin City Orthopedics. I felt like I had a partner, someone who saw me as a person and not an ankle. He is a skilled surgeon and compassionate listener. I am now 12 weeks post op and feel like I have my life back. I would highly recommend Dr. Holthusen not only for his surgical excellence, but also his person centered compassionate care.
Dr Kearns took care of an injury to my hand recently quickly and competently. He made us comfortable and recommended exactly the right treatment. We went to him because he had helped our daughter through an extremely complicated and challenging ski injury a few years ago. He did an amazing job.
Dr Gesensway successfully operated on my broken hand. The experience was excellent. He gave me options. He explained clearly what he was going to happened and why. The follow-up was great. The scar is almost invisible. I have no hesitation recommending his services.
I just left Dr. Gulli office crying. He left the room when I was crying and didn't even say if he was coming back. I didn't know what to do, he had shocked me by his attitude and left me distraught. He was rude, he had no empathy to my comparison of how I was physically before my accident compared to 3 months later. I don't stand up for myself very well but if he was seeing my daughter he would have gotten an attitude right back
He asked questions and answered questions. Inquired about progress. Examined break and took xrays.
Dr. Hartman has operated on me on 3 different occasions when he was in Owatonna, Mn. He was always available to his patients and would take the time to talk about all needs and expectations. I wish he still practiced close by, I need another surgery but he is to far away to make it inconvenient for my family. It is hard to find a good Dr. when you need one....
I didn't feel he was listening to my concerns and didn't care about my level of discomfort (i.e. Pain). After months of physical therapy he seemed like my strength was the determining factor. I just felt he was going through the motions and it was almost as if he wasn't there.
I would recommend Dr Hess to anyone. He paid attention to my questions and got me the right surgery right away. He was easily one of the best doctors I have seen. Recommend HIGHLY.
I found Dr. Gerlach to be personable and professional. Although I waited about 20-30 minutes past my appointment time to see him, he was not rushed with me and took time to listen to my concerns and was able to inject my painful wrists that day. I didn't hesitate to make another appointment with him for surgery. Now my wrists are back to normal! Yay! I do agree that his care coordinator is a rude in her tone and isn't prompt in returning calls, however the office staff is very nice.
Dr. Gerlach thoroughly explained my procedures and expected recovery. He has a great sense of humor and is genuinely concerned about his patients.
Dr Gerlach did extensive nerve and tendon repair to my hand. I am so grateful to Dr. Gerlach for his care, compassion and expertise as a surgeon. I am making a remarkable recovery because of his abilities as a wonderful surgeon. I will be forever grateful to him. Thank you Dr. G
Really nice team and great doctor,I came in for an evaluation with a finger laceration, and he was able to do the surgery same day! Would recommend to anyone Nadia Vlasyuk
Excellent orthopedic surgeon! He is kind, considerate, highly-knowledgable, and highly-skilled.
Would be fine if your subjective symptoms matched objective findings exactly. Would be fine if you agreed to steroid injections even if they have worsened your pain in the past and or you don't agree that doing those over the course of many years is either good or a long term solution. Might be fine if your age and amount of time suffering fit one of his no! His PA was very good, but if your experience doesn't match their agenda....good luck. Let me know if you find a good ortho.
I WOULD NEVER RECOMMEND HIM TO ANYONE or use him!!! I'm not even a patient. However, I watched how he treated my mom. He is a horrible, arrogant, belittling doctor. He needs classes in anger management and how to treat patients. He was definitely out of line several times.
I had a terrible experience with Gesensway. I saw him on an urgent basis, feeling nauseated and feverish after I had had surgery a few weeks prior by one of his colleagues. He was arrogant and cocky telling me my nausea and fever were in my own head. He was extremely unprofessional. He proceeded to MISDIAGNOSE my INFECTION, calling it inflammation. Two days later my incision was running a river of pus followed by urgent surgery the next day to cleanse the infection. An Idiot with an attitude
He did a great job on my ankle. Very efficient and kind. I would highly recommend him.
Dr. Gerlach replaced both my thumb joints. I was sent to him by another surgeon because of how hard it was. One year later, both my thumb are pain free and I'm back to fishing and hunting without pain. Dr. Gerlach and his staff are awesome and I would recommend him to anyone. Thanks Dr. G! THE BEST!
He is arrogant man with terrible bedside manor. Hes always late and i dont mean a little behind..i mean 45-1hr min. Hes does not explain things very well. No post op instructions given. His care coordinator is just as bad. Rude. I wiuld never recommend him or that clinic
Dr. Gerlach's work is exceptional. He is very detail oriented. He will not rush a surgery and will take his time until it is perfected. Highly technical and skilled with his knowledge of the hands and arms. Great communication and follow up. We followed his directions with two surgery's in our family and everything went well. He's surrounded himself with a great team of friendly professionals that are highly educated. We know that he recommended the best course of action for a great outcome.
Very personable and caring physician. Listened to patient, made correct diagnosis in my opinion, prescribed appropriate treatment and asked me to call if i needed a follow-up visit in 3-4 weeks.. Not pushy at all. Highly recommend.
I have had several knee issues. I feel he listens carefully and gives me honest truthful answers. I have a great deal of faith in his skill as a surgeon. My surgeries have all been difficult and I'm better now than ever. Dr. Hunt encourages me to be active on these knees which allows me to resume several activities I enjoy doing. I recommend him often to people needing orthopedic advice.
Very good experience, trust his expertise.
Absolutely horrible. An arrogant man who does NOT listen to his patients. I received very little in terms of aftercare instructions, and his nurse and coordinator are disrespectful and rude. I will never return to TCO, and I would not recommend this clinic to anyone.
He fixed my talus, he is sharp and I highly recommend him.
Dr. Kruse is committed to excellence by providing the highest quality of orthopedic care possible. Along with the treatment of immediate and chronic problems, he incorporates preventative orthopedic care into all of his treatment plans as a way to alleviate possible future difficulties. Through the use of innovative, cutting-edge technology, Dr. Kruse is committed to providing you with the most current treatments available. He is pleased to have you as a patient. If you have any questions, always feel free to contact his office and his trained staff will assist you in any way possible French

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