She was amazing. Did not seem rushed. Seemed genuinely pleased to be seeing our son and figured out what was going on.
Finding out our son had craniosynostosis was one of the hardest news we had to face as new parents. Dr. Wood is one of the best doctors ive ever met, my son had the traditional cranial vault reconstruction surgery in less than an hour, no blood transfusion, and he was home in three days. He is now 4 months post surgery and doing great, his suture healed so nicely. We are forever grateful to Dr. Wood and his team, we made the right decision.
Couldn't ask for a better neurosurgeon.
Terrible doctor; even worse human being. Didn't listen to my concerns and only spent 2 minutes with me. Made me feel really stupid for asking questions and called me a name. I have never met a more rude and less compassionate doctor. I doubt she even cares about her patient. She misdiagnosed me and and when I went to have surgery I ended up with permanent nerve damage and chronic pain. I went to have another doctor who ran a test that she had refused and I probably didn't need surgery!
He has changed the trajectory of my daughter's life!
Very frustrating with her. I keep trying to see her for our daughter's sake. Looked down on us. Every time, I left her office, I felt very sad.
Waited months to see Van Heest only to be examined by the resident. Van Heest did stop in for a quick 5 min chat. She didn't even look at my wrist. What a disappointment and a waste of my tie and money.
Dr. Sheridan has been my daughter's endocrinologist for over 10 years. He was our 7th endo, & he's were we stayed. He is very thorough & does a great job answering questions. He's always patient & kind. Dr. Sheridan is wicked-smart, cautious, & not prone to treating my kid like an experimental pin-cushion, & he listens. Her diagnoses are complicated, confusing, & rare, & Dr. Sheridan is the person I trust most to have her best interests at heart. He & his staff are excellent care providers.
Condescending and just awful. I'm not looking for parental advice.
Dr. Sundberg was very helpful with my surgery. I had a problem with my bone, and had never had surgery before, but He sure made it better. He answered all my questions thoroughly and asks questions thoughtfully. Excellent doctor, and I highly recommended him.
I visited Dr. Reeves with my son and I felt like I was put on the defense the entire time.
Dr. Reeves was the only Doctor that could help my son with autism. She new what meds he needed to be on and they worked. She always spends the time you need with her, she never pushes you out of the room until you have had all of your questions answered. She is one in a million to our family.
My child who is often cautious around new doctors was quickly comfortable with Dr. Richardson who had a great bedside manner. I found him to be knowledgeable with a willingness to take time to answer my questions.
There is a reason she is the go to for children and mental health, especially ASD and ADHD in the Twin Cities. She was great with our young child while being clear and concise. It was clear she was observing with skilled and knowledgeable eyes. We really appreciated her assessment and treatment recommendations. We knew our child was in competent hands.
Dr. Van Heest is a lifesaver (actually career saver)! I've seen her off and on, as needed for about 20 years. As a musician she saved my career by surgically performing ulnar nerve transpositions and once the nerves regenerated I can't tell that I ever had a career ending problem. I saw her again after a wrist fracture wasn't healing. She repaired it with a bone graft and while I still have some pain (age?) I can continue as a professional musician. She is the top hand/arm surgeon in Mpls!
Dr England has been working with our family for many years, helping manage chronic hip issues for my son. We decided on a non invasive approach with Dr England, where others were recommending intensive series of surgeries. We trusted him and do not regret it. He is an excellent doctor and surgeon. Connects well with kids as well as the parents. My highest recommendation.
Unfortunately, my leg lengthening procedure was not a success whatsoever. Dr. Dahl should have made known the potential complications better. Besides the leg lengthening not effective, the bone growth was not monitored well, so now I have a larger mass just above the knee area with a lot of discomfort. Also, I developed a bulging muscle from when the transceiver was placed under the skin. That hernia required an additional surgery and may require another surgery. Ask a lot of questions.
Dr. Deshpande is outstanding. She is incredibly knowledgeable and skilled, and equally a wonderful advocate and communicator. We believe she must hide wings under her clothes because she is truly an angel of healing and mercy. We are so thankful for her excellent care of our daughter.
Dr. Feyma is awesome.
This was one of the worst experiences ever! Took his advice to develop a physical therapy plan to my physical therapist. Turns out his advice would have resulted in either a broken foot or a hyper extended knee. Being told to suck it up and just get through it is not prudent medical advice. I would never recommend him to anyone.
Dr. Dahl is the greatest Doctor/surgeon that I have gone to in the 17 years I've been using orthopedic Dr.'s. He is willing to take on the most complex surgeries that other Dr.'s won't - and with much confidence. He is extremely compassionate and is very kind. He is able to juggle a very demanding schedule and career amazingly well. He treats all of those that work with/for him with incredible patience and kindness. He is always on time, but doesn't rush me. He has improved my life greatly.
Dr. Dahl has replaced both of my knees. I was a complicated case, having 12 previous knee surgeries, several(3) that cut my tibia and rearranged angles. It would be difficult to remake all the angles to neutral and get the prosthesis aligned. This is not your average surgeon! He cares for complicated deformities and fractures from kids to adults. I saw his incredible bronze sculpture of a local Internist at Woodwinds Hospital when checking in for knee #1.Artist in and out of the OR. Brilliant!
He was wonderful. Not only did he give me hope when no other doctor would, but he was kind and informative. He helped me get back on my feet and recover from a severe TBI
Dr. Dahl took the time to get to know our son and us as people. During our first visit, he introduced us to another family there for fibular hemimelia and stayed to talk. His knowledge and dedication is apparent!!!
Dr, Bohn has found her calling! I wish I had gotten in to seen her sooner and had the splints and gel early on in my recovery. These were what I needed all along, by the time she suggested treatments my bone was healed Were i to reinjure, she may save me a hitch to chicago for medical care
Very friendly and great with kids. Great at what he does.
Dr. Kim is an outstanding, intelligent and professional doctor. He is very caring. Our concerns were his concerns. He took his time to answer all of our questions. He is a very genuine and kind-hearted person. My son was a trauma patient and came in on an emergency basis. I thank God everyday for having such an intelligent pediatric neurosurgeon readily available. As scary as the situation was, I trusted in Dr. Kim 100%. I can tell he genuinely cares about his patients.
Dr. Lonstein performed a lumbar (L4-5) fusion and decompression for me twenty years ago. It was a difficult 6.5 hour surgery due to the extensive degeneration of my whole spine. I have experienced complete success and have not had any low back pain since the surgery. He changed my life and I cannot say enough good about him!
I had a very positive experience. With Dr Guillaume in 2013. I wish he was still at the spine center as I need to make another appointment. Kathy Grivette Ely, MN
Dr. Lonstein was my doctor from age 8-18, 1995-2005. He followed me every step of the way with my scoliosis. If he didn't like how my brace fit he made sure it was corrected. I had two surgeries which turned out great. Tough to go through but would not change a thing. I loved how passionate he was toward his patients. I will never forget him and how he helped me.
We found out on Monday my son had to have surgery on Wednesday of the same week because of a cut tendon in his hand. In the day of the consult Dr Lim took the time to explain all the options, "what if's" and answered all my questions clearly and detailed. On the day of the surgery he checks on with us, met with us after the surgery to explain all that had been done and even called us the next day. I'm very happy we ended up with Dr. Paul Lum!
Dr.Graupman wanted to operate on our child's asymptomatic Chiari. When we told him that we were not interested, he tried to coerce us by lying to us that the child's spinal cord was tethered and could not be "detethered" without doing the chiari surgery first. Eight other doctors from the highest ranking in NS hospitals advised us that our child's cord was NOT tethered and that G. had missed a brain tumor. Dr.G. is a deceitful individual, who will retaliate when exposed. Do not recommend.
Dr Graupman is the 4th pediatric neurosurgeon we have seen. We never want to see another! We trust him with our daughter who has Spina Bifida and have had wonderful experiences with his entire staff and hospital. Dr Graupman truly cares about his patients. He will tell it like it is and has a great sense of humor too. We will stick with him as long as possible.
Amazing neurosurgeon. He is very polite, is a concerned dr about his patients, explains things so you can understand whats going on, doesnt rush you and he is very professional. Definetly the best ive met and will stay with him as long as he is needed.
I would highly recommend Dr. Lacey for BA surgery.
I was 15 when I had extensive spine surgery performed by Dr. Lonstein. We were told he was the best, which may very well be true. However the only options he presented were essentially: have the surgery and live forever with rods spanning from T1-L3 to fix the problem, wear a brace for upwards of 20 hours a day to slow the problem, or do nothing and suffer the debilitation inevitably. Inow know that those are NOT the only options and regret every day having the surgery which I cannot undo.
This man saved my life. Just when I thought I'd be stuck in wheelchair forever, he looked at me and said how would you like to walk again because I believe walking is only the beginning of what I can do for you?. I hugged him and for the next 2 years he slowly became my real life hero. He was honest in telling me my journey would be long and painful but we'll worth it, and in the end it was all that plus the most rewarding experience I have ever had. 8 surgeries later, I now walk proudly.

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