Dr. Slattery was friendly, professional, knowledgeable and prompt. I would recommend him.
I had a perforated eardrum due to an accident for 4 years. Eventually, I had severe hearing loss. I went to Dr. Drescher for my fourth ear surgery, and he finally did the surgery right. I owe my hearing to Dr. Drescher.
I went to see Dr. Schneider about one year ago for nasal congestion. Dr. Schneider diagnosed the problem, made excellent recommendations, was congenial and totally professional - even more Important - I've been without any sinus trouble since that visit. Highly recommend Dr. Schneider.
He was very kind and professional. He diagnosed my BPPV and treated it with great success. BPPV can be quite reoccurring and I remained symton free for almost 2 years before needing the Epley's procedure repeated.
I went to him for non-allergic rhinitis specific to fragrance. He questioned me about a migraine problem that I noted on my intake questionnaire. I told him that I visited several specialists and no one had a solution for it, so I wear hats. He frowned, scolded me, and told me to stop "doctor hopping" before someone recommended some "crazy surgery" and to find a support group and "get over it." Maybe he misjudged my character, or was having a really bad day. Regardless, I wouldn't recommend him.
I have had facial pain, thick mucus, coughing, headaches and on antibiotics for years. While on my visit my nasal passage was closed. He used a spray to open it to insert a scope. He looked at my ct and told me there was nothing wrong and nothing he could do. He called me a liar and suggested I see a dentist/facial pain specialist. He didn't suggest allergy testing.I went to a dentist/facial pain Dr. who did a ct. He told me to see an ENT!! I referred myself for allergy testing/now on shots.
He arrived late to the appointment, even though I was the first of the day. During the appointment he rushed through, disregarded my concerns over current medications, prescribed a medication made with the same things that caused side effects and concerns previously, and checked his watch twice during the appointment. I was in and out with him in less than 5 minutes. Left the appointment totally disappointed and back to square one in my ENT search.
I have been to see Dr. Drescher many times and found him helpful. However, first time I am having problems that are difficult he is difficult and does not know what is going on, has no suggestions and checks out. I was very disappointed. Taking my business elsewhere. I am a very objective person when it comes to what I expect from a provider. If you have a glaring problem you may be ok but if you have a problem that requires thinking outside the box good luck.

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