His expertise and experience are remarkable. He is involved with researchers around the world and knows everything that is happening in his field. (That also means he's often unavailable, as he's at meetings all around the world.) He seems very shy, and has an accent, so he can be difficult to understand -- but that's a small problem and his skill and knowledge are worth the extra effort to listen.
The problem with Dr. Freeman is that he refused to communicate with me beyond a few words, he refused to communicate effectively with my cardiologist, he repeatedly misunderstood the procedures that my cardiologist provided, and he was rude to my primary care doctor who came to see me in the hospital. He told my primary care doctor that I was hospitalized because he overdosed me on pain meds and marinol, but I have been taking them for years. He came across as very arrogant.
He literally gave me back my normal life, after 30 years of debilitating cardiac arrhythmia. He is so professional, yet caring... an expert at what he does.
This was my first visit to Dr Faddis's office. The receptionist was not the most welcoming but I found the nurses to be professional and friendly. Dr Faddis was very professional and I was impressed with his communication of information about my condition. I felt comfortable with the conversation and he was friendly. I trusted him. I'd recommend him as a cardiologist.
I sent her and Stacey lab work. She took the time to analyze it. Her staff's fast response time and compassionate care will never be forgotten. They provided me a referral in the event I need it
Dr. Singh is "Top Notch" in every way. He is very personable and considerate to take time to hear your story. My husband and I feel so very blessed to have had him available 3 times when being transferred from our local hospital to Barnes-Jewish. He is a great example of what physicians and surgeons should be. Thank you Dr. Singh. Sharon and Danny Freeman
For 10+ years I had no accurate diagnosis for my neurological problems even after muscle biopsies and multiple visits to other neurologist. After two visits (including testing), Dr. Sommerville was able to diagnose my neurological condition quickly and treat it easily. He's easy to talk to, open to questions and very professional.
Very caring and is straight to the wife and the patient. Also offers help and support. My husband was diagnosed with als and he took him on without hesitation and helped my husband.
Received a call this am from Drs office to cancel my daughters same day appt. Oh because she refuses to see pediatric patients. Except she was referred to me by one of her pediatric patients. I asked if I could talk to her & was told she wasn't coming today because she was her only appt. SO let me get this straight- You couldn't have figured out a week ago when you made the appt that she wasn't going to help her. They wasted a week when I could have been calling & getting her in to see someone.
Dr. Shenoy was the chosen Dr. to perform the Kidney transplant surgery for my wife Annie. His professionalism, detailed medical explanation about the surgery and process, passionate about his profession, his team were second to none. He answered all of our questions and concerns. We were put at ease after our visit with Dr. Shoney. Thank you again for your services. Kind regards, Bob (Annie's husband)
She was very knowledgeable about the questions I had for her.
Seen in Mercy E.R.. VERY thorough and professional. Took time to ask questions and explain my condition.
Great doctor ! Was a pleasure to meet him, great compassion and even better sense of humor. I did not have to wait to see him and his staff and residents were all friendly.
I don' trust Dr. Amanda Cashen she suggested a clinical trial for my husband who has Lymphomia the trial made him much sicker than when he started. I don't trust anyone over at Siteman Cancer center they seem to be out for a buck not to cure. My advise is to steer clear.
I do not trust Dr Cashen . My mother in law , who has been treated for lymphoma in the past, had been calling her for months to be seen by Dr Cashen for lymphoma type symptoms. She kept sending my mother in law to infectious disease . After 2 months of antibiotics , that did nothing, my mother in law went to the cancer center at Barnes and the family insisted she be seen. 2 days later she was told she had lymphoma all over her body and w/o treatment has 3 weeks to live .
He sucks. He left me hanging and thought I had something completely different than what I was diagnosed with. I was told they were gonna do everything they could to find out what was wrong with me. And after the one test he was wrong about what he thought I had he sends me back to my regular gastrologist and just acts like my bloating is absolutely no big deal. I'd nvr go back to see him again. EspeciAlly after being treated like that to only get rediagnosed after more test with what I came for.
Dr. Al-Lozi has been monitoring and researching my familial Limb-Girdle Muscular Dystrophy for 13 years. In that time, he has been one of the most caring, compassionate and driven doctors I've ever known. He has spent a great deal of time trying to determine the exact cause of my family's MD. He and his associates are what I consider to be the best any day, anywhere, any time. It's true, you may have to wait a few months to see Dr. Al-Lozi; this only proves the desire & demand for his care.
I would not recommend any family and friends because I had a bad experience with his office. Attitude and unprofessional knowing nothing. Sorry!!!
I was referred to this doctor because he specializes in Marfans. I dont have Marfans, but I have a different (severe) CTD, causing many chronic cardiovascular complications as well as most of body Dr. Braverman not only told me that I should thank my lucky stars that I don't have Marfans, and that some people actually have real problems. I can't even say that he downplayed my health, he ignored it all. Treated me like medical attention seeker. Insisted meds and care be DC by all. Disappointed!
He was like a life saver/miracle when I had surgery a year ago.. Now I can taste, smell, do not have to use my asthmatic inhalers daily and I only take 1 Prilosec daily. It was like I have a new life not to feel so sickly. This was the 3rd time having surgery for my Barrett's Esophagus and my hiatal hernia
I had an excellent experience with my visit, he is of course a busy physician, because he is experienced and thorough. As busy as he was he took his time explaining the procedure, that I had to undergo. Had a positive outcome from the procedure and I am extremely thankful for the care I have received from him. When you have very few good physicians and they are taking care of several patients amidst procedures and surgeries, hope the patients understand the wait time. Best experience!!
Splenectonomy - spleen was size of loaf of bread and attached to internal organs - not any easy surgery
Dr. Brunt was very professional, kind and knowledgeable. He treated me for achalasia. I had laparoscopic Heller Myotomy. Dr Brunt came highly recommended. In fact my Dr said not to let anyone but him preform that surgery. I am glad I did because I feel great. I do not have any of the symptoms I had prior to surgery. I am very grateful!!!
1)Tremendous results. I had Dr. Awad perform an umbilical hernia surgery and it could not have gone better.I waited a year to report so I could be sure, again perfect results 2) He is s great listener and a great guy.
I have been of patient of Dr. Baranski for almost 10 years. Best Doctor in the business in my opinion plus best Doctor I have ever had treat me.

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