Hard to understand. I have anxiety and Asperger's syndrome. He prescribed me anti-anxiety medication that made me drowsy and too calm. After taking one pill, I threw the bottle out. Plus, there habit-forming, and I don't want to turn into an addict. Then just to cancel an appointment, I was put on hold for 20 minutes; no option to leave a message. Not worth it.
Absolutely the worst psychiatrist you could have, unless your only purpose is to be in and out in under 5 minutes with a prescription. Doesn't bother to remember anything about the patient and has no business treating mental health patients. I once expressed concerns over my medication and he responded with "depression is a part of life." It took almost a year for him to get a change. It was a year of misery. Wish I could rate zero stars.
My doctor for almost 30 years, Jeffrey S. Pevnick, M.D., is outstanding in his field. He knows when extensive talk therapy might help a patient. I have benefitted from following his advice during various crises--e.g., try AA or AlAnon, attend grief therapy sessions, see a female clinical social worker for help with relationships--all while depending on him to monitor my mental health and medication. He has always treated me with respect and compassion, and I count him as a blessing in my life.
Dr. Soorya was seeing my adolescent child. He was one of very few psychiatrists in the area that see adolescents & without 6 month wait list. As a Dr. he was fine, however many visits we waited 45 mins to 2 hrs and almost always more than 30 min. The office waiting area is very large, sterile feeling, outdated & feels like they are herding cattle in & out. They called me to r/s our appt for THIRD time in two months, hence child is 2 months overdue on seeing him after med change - unacceptable.
A shame that after almost 2 years of Dr Yanamadala being my daughter's phyquiatric we just realized it's been a waste of time and money. My daughter started with him at Centerpoint outpatient program (after her third suicidal admission to Mercy hospital). During the 10 minutes appointments he asked general questions and prescribed antidepressants. When opened his own practice he surprisly charged $400 for updating his system. My daughter has an eating disorder and is more depressed than before
If you want a doctor who will listen to what you actually think will work best, Dr. Yanamadala is for you. During our conversations, I can tell that he truly cares about his patients. He always checks up on how your life is going and is extremely understanding. If you think you'd like to try a different medication, he will absolutely listen because no body knows your body like you do.
Very polite, understanding and compassionate.
Dr. Yanamadala is very reassuring and understanding. He is compassionate, thorough and is up to date on a the most recent psychiatric innovations and medications.
I worked for Dr. Yanamadala in his former Granite City office. He is an awesome Dr and is very knowledgeable. If you have to wait a few minutes, it is well worth it.
When prescribing a medication that needs prior authorization he doesn't follow through with. Not very personable and when you talk it's as he is in his own little place. He even ask you what you want or think of medications instead of making them himself and like said VERY heavily relied on meds.
Dr. Rao was very unprofessional & only gave me 3-4 minutes per session. He would not fill out legal documentation for a medicine that made me sleep drive. I told him how important it was to fill out my legal documentation (not against him but to help my case) & he said he would have to discharge me. because he had too many patients. I would NOT recommend him to my friends as this has now started to consume my life trying to figure out how to get a better psychiatrist.
He will deny your medications at the pharmacy if you are unable to keep an appointment, which may force you go off of them them since he is seldom in the office. That is what he's doing to me know and I was a patient for years. He will stop seeing you as a patient if it is more than 6 months since your last appt. There are much better doctors out there. Save yourself the disappointment of seeing this uncaring doctor.
As a 13 year old child, this doctor placed me on 600 or 800mg of Seroquel along with several other meds for a condition that he misdiagnosed me with. I became very ill---shaking constantly, and he did not care. He had my meds written on a pad before we would even talk and seem bored/indifferent. Thank God my case worker got me to another psych who took me seriously and gave me the correct diagnosis/treatment. Please, do not put your child through what I went through.
This "doctor" is disgusting. He didn't introduce himself or even seem to know my name. We went into a loud smelly office and he just gave me a perscription for a refill. Not once did he ask me how the medications have been working. And what really shocked me, that in a office specializing in mental health, he proceeded to guess my weight right in front of me. "250 pounds? 260? 290?" I weigh 170. Unbelievable experience. DO NOT see this horrible doctor.
Please don't waist your time with this man!!! I've seen him a little over two years. He put me on Klonopin 2mgs per day, which eventually lead up to 3mgs daily. He didn't warn me at all the dangers of this short term pill and how you're only supposed to take it for a few weeks tops! To make a long story short, I finally became aware of how Klonopin can eventually become dangerous and you can't just stop cold turkey. Goggle the facts please!!! He stopped seeing me when I brought this up......
He/ his office never returns my calls to refill my medicine and when I finally get an appointment they say he changed his hours and he only does morning appointments. I couldn't get a refill of my antidepressants and anitanxiety medicine until I saw him and it had been 4 days since i last had my medicine because he wouldn't call me back so he cut me off leaving me with muscle spasm. dizziness, nausea, headaches, difficulty balancing, loss of coordination, flu-like symptoms, and trouble sleeping.
Very unprofessional and unethical. He demonstrates no compassion for patients and has inappropriate methods and advice.
I just needed help to get off of a medication that my PCP couldn't help me with, an antidepressant. Dr Yanamadala has been very helpful and his knowledge of the medication was extensive. I am coming off of the medication without any side effects. I would recommend Dr Yanamadala to anyone who needs a psychiatrist.
Dr. Pevnick relies heavily on medication as the primary treatment option. He asks the exact same questions every time I visit--not questions about my stability, but what I do for work, etc... My first two visits went well, and I was put on medication that began to help me. However, this week, I was prescribed a different medication I couldn't afford. Now two days have gone by, and after speaking by phone, he STILL hasn't updated my prescription at the pharmacy. I would label him as incompentent
She is knowledgeable, approachable, genuinely caring and I would absolutely recommend her, especially if you have any issues relating to addiction whether yourself or within your family.
Our elementary-age son has ADD and he was a patient of Dr. Yanamadala. He made some insensitive remarks toward our son and compared him to his more calm sibling right in front of him. My son always dreaded going to visit him because he didn't like him. When my wife cried during one appt. he said, in a rude manner, Why are you crying? My son started having some severe side effects with a med, so severe that one weekend he could barely function. We left three messages for a consult: no response.
He really cares about my son and his health. He asks a lot of questions of both my son and myself. This makes my son think about his own health and express his concerns to Dr Yanamadala. Whenever we need medicine refills the script is ready right away! He is personable and always cheerful.
Employees have been very rude, condescending, and impossible to talk to. Most of the patients are there because they are struggling with problems, this office staff needs to be reprimanded, at the very least, & fired....without recieving unemployment benefits. Employee's name, Dixie, in charge of prescription refills, does not need to be in this position...she needs to be Fired She is a reflection of the physicians reputation. Dr Partap needs to evaluate his employees. Fire this employee
I would never recommend this doctor to anyone. He does not care about you and it is evident from the moment you walk into the waiting room, very appropriately named because wait you DO!! At least 30-45 minute wait every visit, even when waiting for RX refills!! That is if you can get a refill. NO one answers their phones. I have tried for 4 days straight, at least 5 times a day with NO LUCK. But, they tell me to call in 3 days in advance for my RX refill. Really???
Very awkward experience due to assumptions made by this doctor about my family, based off minimal information. He thinks he has everyone figured out in one visit. He also shows up late for appointments.
Displays genuine concern and offers viable solutions to assist in recovery and healing. She is very compassionate and willing to take extra time to ensure understanding.
I like Dr. Malik. She takes time you need for your situation. I recommend her.
Someone in "perfect" emotional psychological health sent to this inefficient rude office in an attempt to rcv tx from S. Malik will leave w impoverished self-esteem and personal turmoil d/t constant lack of respect from oblivious staff and an inept MD. Waiting in office up to 4 hours for apt I still the norm! Apts Not entered into the calendar! left USA w no stateside coverage-Negligent! Cx's apts ALL THE TIME! No shows! Cxs Skype apts. Keeps prescribing! Last apt NOV, 4 mo of cx apts etc! NP!
He is rude, constantly cancelling appointments at the last minute. Does not return phone calls.
Dr. Daus is great. Very professional, very straight forward, tells you like it is. Runs on time. Good about returning phone calls.
I have never in my whole life had a mental health provider tell me or anyone i know that she has a lunch appointment and I would have to come back.Really? why did you not just finish the appointment Terrible first impression and should not be practicing medicine!!
Four appointments that have been rescheduled or I have shown up to the office for and the appointment was canceled. One of those appointments the Dr was in India and was going to Skype the appointment. It's normally a 2-3 hour wait. I would never recommend this Dr or office to anyone. Everyone in the waiting room is on a controlled substance which require an office visit to obtain. You lean this because you have 2-3 hours to talk to everyone that is going to this money machine. DO NOT GO HERE!!!
The office is dirty & smells. The receptionists aren't polite. The wait is never less than an hour. The Dr. forgot to call in my prescriptions until I called 2 weeks later. I have yet to have a separate medication submitted when I told them I was out. They almost never answer the phone. It's a recording that leaves you on hold until it hangs up on you. Very unpleasant to deal with. If you already have a diagnosis this office is ok only to get meds if/when they actually call them in..
AVOID this doctor. Besides the long waits for very brief visits, she frequently cancels & reschedules appointments the day before- I've had appointments pushed back for MONTHS. Also, more than once, I've run out of medication because the doctor forgot to sign the rx when she was in & is now out of the office, & no one there will do ANYTHING about it. Psychiatric patients with serious medical issues & mental illness can't afford to wait for the medical care that they so desperately need!
Avoid this one at all costs. Horrible experience with her. I feel she has a bad attitude-she cuts I off constNtly while trying to tell her something. If I wanna wait 45 min. To c her for 5 min. No matter how serious your complaint is well, u found the right one!!! I requested to c another Dr. I got blackballed literally. A highly respected Dr. & his physicians asst. Who were going to c me have now refused. I had delicately n tactfully tried to handle that situation. Didn't work.
WORST OFFICE AND MD EVER!! I've never waited less than 2 hours to see Dr Malik, LaVonda in the office is EXTREMELY RUDE to everyone she speaks to, DO NOT GO HERE!! SEE SOMEONE ELSE!!!
Kass answered all questions intelligently, thoroughly, and empathetically. He provided first-class advice and spot-on evaluation.
A proper evaluation wasn't done to diagnose issues. Instead general depression was diagnosed with a 2 week trial. All antidepressants take more time than that to work. The office is dirty & smells. It is always packed with what seems to be court ordered patients. The wait time is at least an hr. Seems full of dr paper pushers who want patients in & out. The staff is unfriendly- not even aware of what insurances they accept. There are much cleaner offices that care & schedule proper eval time.
I have been going to Dr. Malik for 3 years for treatment of depression, bi-polar and ADD. I am leaving Dr. Malik because she is constantly late for appointments, her staff is rude and inconsiderate and her treatment has been less than effective. I have seen her every month and I have never waited less than 2 hours to see her. I even tried scheduling early appointments with hopes that I wouldn't have to wait as long, to find out after an hour of waiting that Dr. Malik wasn't even there!
Highly dissatisfied with quality of care and only after one visit. I was seeking something to help me to sleep. I was prescribed a seizure medication.Doctor did not go into all of the side effects of medication; except that it caused dizziness. And since I an old woman she didn't really want to give me anything. She did not read all of my report that I filled out to see what kind of person I might be. Them medication I was prescribed has now given me some serious side effects.
She is hard to understand when speaking. Does not seem friendly what so ever. Takes her time getting to see you. Your waiting for over 45 minutes then your not even in the office with her for 5 minutes.
She was late, rude, took phone calls and tried to diagnose a family member who she had never met all in our first meeting. Would never ever ever ever recommend.
Excessive wait times as well as cancellations of appointments at the last minute. My time is just as valuable as the doctor's, so if you make an appointment at a time you should be able to meet your end of the obligation.
Dr. Kapal Datta is negligent. Every month (for 2 years now) I have to go without my medication 2-3 days while waiting on him to authorize my pharmacy. Now, he is holding my medical records hostage and I have been without my medicine for over a week. DR. KAPAL DATTA BELIEVES HE IS GOD AND IS RUINING MY MENTAL STATE. Beware. The staff at both locations (except for a few) should be fired and watch out if you are in contact with the office manager at Cedar Point.
The office staff at both offices are rude all the time. One of the ladies is provocative and almost seems to get off on being mean and rude to patients.

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