Dr. Cirotski has been the Pediatrician to my two sons (now 11 and 16); we began seeing Dr. Cirotski after other doctors were unable to diagnose an issue for my older son - and Dr. Cirotski was able to diagnose and treat the issue. Dr. Cirotski is incredibly patient, thorough and takes his time with each of his patients; he's kind, intelligent, (a Pharmacist previous to becoming a Pediatrician), and has even personally called to follow up on a medical issue. I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Cirotski.
My children have been seeing Dr Espe for over 18 years, we have loved the kindness and professional care that Dr Espe has provided us throughout the years. We have never had a bad experience. We love Dr Espe!
Missed my daughters ear infection....for 4 months...she instead chose to be patronizing when in her office...saying thing like someone hasnt been reading her baby books...children get up to 7 colds a year. When i switched pediatricians...she had bad ear infection. Everytime i left her office crying...she made me feel horrible about her weight....my child not gonna eat when shes sick and pain from ear infection. In addition...she was very suggestive we were abusing my dtr.. .she is
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