As others have started this is not a kid friendly place. This is our third experiance here and our last. Appt. Time was 1 did not see the dr until 230 i asked twice how much longer lady said i dont know our 3 year old was hungry and tired then he came in and was rude. Later when i found a new dr for her to see i went back in to sign off on having her records sent to coleman. The staff asked why we were leaving and was hateful and rude at that time. If you have a toddler do not go here
We were referred to Dr. Jordan by our pediatrician for our 13 month old. He did not introduce himself and was not kid friendly. He aggressively examined our daughter's eyes while she resisted and eventually started crying. He held her down, put drops in her eyes while she screamed and then AFTERWARDS told us "that's going to burn for 10-15 seconds" He threw a tissue in my lap for her. He never even tried to talk to her. He was rude and acted annoyed that she wouldn't cooperate. NOT KID FRIENDLY!
I took my son in after being out of insurance for quite sometime. The doctor began to tell me that I was an awful parent for not bringing him back and paying out of pocket for his services. Saying he did not 'understand why I wouldn't ' insinuating that I was neglecting my child. I expressed my concern with the blurring eyedrops he was on and him going to school. The doctor said , verbatim, 'his education is not important right now, it's on elementary. ' staff was nice.
I am legally blind and my insurance covers a portion of my lenses and the doctor won't allow for part of the order to be claimed so that way I can see. I do not have an up to date pair of glasses and due to past customers not paying for their other boxes all at once and never coming back to pay. Every person I've ever had an encounter with has had poor customer service and overall the facility is a nice clean place, but even the Dr is extremely rude and does not know how to ineract w/ customers
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