I've been going to Dr. Terrell for several years now. He rocks! He's prompt, he comes in the exam room like he's happy to see me, takes time to talk through things, answers every question, sometimes brings up things I should have thought of. He has a REMARKABLE knowledge of prescription meds and all the possible effects! He is never in a hurry. He helps find less expensive alternatives. Gee, I feel like he's a good friend. It is so nice to have a Doctor I can talk to and trust 100%
I feel as though I am well taken care of by this doctor and his office staff. Even though he has a busy practice he takes the time to listen and to have a personal touch.
I have been to appointments with two family members who unfortunately were seen by Dr. V while our primary physician was on leave. I don't have confidence in his medical practices. And he talks way too much, and to only one person in the room - to the point of just being very awkward.
Dr. Terrell likes to hit on his female patients. I felt comfortable with him, I told him things I was going through and I feel like he used that to his advantage. I know of two other female patients he was inappropriate with
I am not certain how much of my bad experience is due to Dr. Vahabzadeh himself and how much is his office staff. I have no confidence in them providing good care. Just managing a few prescriptions seems to be beyond their capabilities. It took months for them to get the dosage and quantity correct. The pharmacist indicated that it wasn't unusual for Dr. Vahabzadeh And his office to get prescriptions wrong. I had more issues today.
They are all about getting their money. Had a staff member actually tell me that my simple prescription refill could not be done the same day unless I had a paid appointment with the doctor. They have a 72 hour wait for over the phone refills. Glad my medical issue was not severe. I have been a patient there for about 4 years. Not anymore.
Routine preventative physical was charged fees that did not expect. He has an assistant who's job is to code EVERY single aspect she possibly can during a conversation to MAXIMIZE billing. For example, I mentioned an infection and it was coded. He didn't look at the infection. He didn't treat the infection. He just listened to me tell him I had an infection that was being treated.
Millham was not prepared or knowledgeable enough to preform duties promised and expected. Had to refer me to another facility which costed hundreds of dollars out of pocket. Nurse was confused and all were unable to communicate with reception. 3 visits later, I had to seek out another doctor all together. Very disappointed in this facility and doctor.
I have hypothyroidism (frequent visits), and have been around 2 or 3 years now. He has been very easy to talk with and patient. During one appointment he was explain something that I couldn't frasp, so he found more information, pulled it up on the computer to insure I understood what the issue was, how he was treating it and I felt great about it! I feel like with 5 more years of experience he will be a PERFECT family doctor!
Dr. Terrell is very knowledgeable and compassionate. He lets me explain my condition before offering any actions be taken. I am very happy with my care and him as my physician.
I fingered her trail for a problem and pain in my feet he didn't even look at my feet just talk to me for about 5 minutes and prescribed some medicine and made an appointment with the podiatrist wasn't even worth the pain or going to the doctor I could have done that on my own

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