Dr Williams is a very carrying doctor. He takes the time to address your concerns. He cares about your emotional wellbeing as well as your physical.
I recently needed to see the DR but my usual Dr wasn't available so I was given an appt with Dr Bradley. I had never seen him before and was very pleased with the care and concern he showed me. He explained everything clearly and told me the plan we would take to resolve my current issue. I would certainly recommend him to anyone needing a Dr who cares!
Always takes time to listen and explain. Love seeing him because he makes certain I understand whay is wrong and why he is giving me a specific drug
Dr. Bogner has been my primary care physician for the past couple of years, and I think that he is wonderful. I receive the very best care from him, and he always makes me feel as if I am the only patient that he has. He is always very caring of all of my health needs. I highly recommend Dr. Bogner for your health care.
I would recommend, and have done so, to all my family and friends. He is a real caring doctor that doesn't brush you off when you have concerns. He makes sure you understand what is wrong (or not wrong) and what the plan is to get well.
This guy is a great Doctor. He cares about his patients and knows medicine.
Dr. Bogner has been my "go to guy" for over 30 years. He is very attentive to my concerns and I could not trust any doctor more. His staff is pleasant to work with and addresses any concern punctualy. I feel like I'm treated like one of their family..
Always listens, never in a hurry and just really cares
Doctor Williams is a very knowledgeable physician who makes sure his patients have the best care available and that you fully understand your medical problems and the process involved in management of them! And he has an outstanding sense of humor!! Great Doctor!
After more than 20 years as a patient of Dr. Williams I find him to be truly orientated to the care of his patients. With his vast experience you can expect him to try and find an answer for any question or concern you might have. If the situation warrants it, he will refer his patients for further examinations or medical care. He also believes that the patient should have a say in his or hers medical are. He is extremely family orientated.
Have been going to Dr Ridley for several years. Am very satisfied with the way he treats me. His nurse and the whole staff are great too.
Dr Ridley is a very knowledgeable and caring Dr he is never in a hurry and always has time to explain things in terms you can understand. Dr Ridley is not only a great doctor has also a great person and makes going to the doctors even little fun
Dr Williams is an attentive physician, taking time to listen to his patient and answer all questions. His nursing staff is very helpful in preparation for the appointment. His office is courteous and thorough with assisting Amy patient needs.
Awesome Dr. Never had any kind of problem with him or his staff.
Dr. Kratt is the best Doctor I have had in the past 30 years. He listens to what I have to say and always explains the necessary treatment in language I can understand. He pays close attention to all my test results and is proactive in my health care. Jacinda, his nurse is the best! Always remembers my name and is courteous above and beyond.
Dr. Bogner has been our family physician since 1999 consistently providing quality care in every instance. In the fast pace of today's medical care he always takes the time needed to get what needs to be done right the first time. This type of quality health care is as good as it gets.
He is very nice and easy to talk with about problems.
wonderful doctor and friendly staff. they were able to see me right away after my accident and work to get my xrays and visit with the specialist all in the same visit. refreshing to have a place that cares so much!
I have been seeing Dr. Bogner for over 15 years. He has always been courteous and concerned with my well-being. I rarely have trouble getting in to see him. I would and have recommended him to friends looking for a health care provider.
I have gone to Dr. Bogner for years. He always takes time to listen to my concerns. Anytime I have needed a specialist, he has sent me to one. I feel confident in taking his suggestions and in taking the medications that he prescribes. He has a qualified and friendly staff working with him. His nurse is great about returning my calls. Also, it is a rarity to have to wait even up to three minutes before I can see him. I would refer friends and family members to him without hesitation.
Very professional, always takes the time to answer my questions. I am also very pleased with every staff member at Southland. They are always courteous, professional and devoted to providing the best possible patient experience.
Dr. Kratt is one of the most congenial and outgoing individuals I have had the opportunity to meet. He is very attentive to my needs and offers sound advise . It is almost enjoyable to have someone of this caliber tend to my needs when the occasion arises.
I have been a patient of Nancy's for the past few years and she ALWAYS goes above and beyond the expected. She is caring and compassionate. I always ask for her when I need an appt. She is excellent! I have recommended her to family and friends.
Dr. Bradley is wonderful, caring and kind. He's always been receptive to my concerns, and when visiting with him, makes you feel as if you're the only patient he has. He's the model of respect and is the standard of which, I measure other doctors by.
I've been going to Dr. Ridley for several years. He is great and caring doctor. I very highly recommend .
Dr. Ridley has been an extraordinary care giver for my family and me for many years. He listens to hear, not to respond. He asks clear and concise questions. And in turn, he gives clear and concise answers. If he does not know the answer, he WILL get back with you in a timely manner. We love him!!
I was very impressed with the caring and concerns about my well being. Very happy that I chose Dr. Williams and also the fact that it is locally operated. Ease of appointment was great and there was practically no waiting on seeing the doctor. I had my annual tests done and the office called with results the next day.
Dr. Bogner objectives have always put our best healthcare issues first.
Excellent care and service for over 20 years. I've changed jobs three times in those 20 years and always made sure that my health coverage would allow me to keep Dr. Bradley as my PCP.
Dr. Ridley is the finest doctor I know he continually goes above and beyond to provide the best most comprehensive care I know of. He and LJ his nurse care about their patients and are continually striving to provide the best care possible. Dr. Ridley provided an example of this quality care one Sunday morning at 7:30 AM when he review my blood work and became aware of an imbalance that existed in the report for that blood work. He called corrected my meds to fix the problem that Sunday Morning.
Excellent Doctor who has saved my life three times over.
I really don't know how i found DR. Bradley, but i was a very lucky person. Him and his team care and do everything possible to help. I really would not want to ever have to find another doctor.
Doug Bradley has been our family physician for many years and we depend on his knowledge, experience, and excellent advice. He always takes the time to explain what needs to be done to get our family members back to good health and is up to date on the latest medical issues. We would recommend him to anyone wanting a knowledgeable and personable doctor that cares about you as a person and not just a number.
This was my my first visit with Dr. Williams, I have had the same doctor for 22 years and just didn't feel like I was getting the attention i desired. When I met with Dr. Williams I was very impressed, he was very interested in my health issues and addressed them very professional. I am glad I chose him and would recommend him highly
Through the years I have had many Primary Care Physicians and, in my opinion, Dr. Kratt is the most thorough and caring physician I have ever had. He listens carefully and always takes the time to answer you questions and work for a solution to any problems you have. My husband has many heath problems and he has helped him with all of them. He sent my husband for tests that found that he needed 2 stints. We refer friends to him regularly.
Dr Logan Kratt is a great physical. His nurse Jasinda is wonderfull too. They work together as a team. I could go on and on how fabulous they are.
Doctor Bogner treats his patients like a person. He addresses more than the immediate issue. I have always been able to see him within one or two days. Even for routine visits. I am always surprised that he remembers small details about my health and overall well being. This is so rare in a doctor that you only see once or twice a year. I highly recommend Doctor Bogner.
Dr Williams is an excellent physician and has cared for our family for over 25 years. I would recommend him and his excellent practice to anyone.
I have been taking my son to Dr. Kratt for about 7 years. I really love Dr. Kratt's approach - he talks to my son directly, explaining his health issues to him in a way that he understands, he listens to our questions and concerns and responds in a way that makes it clear to both of us. We both feel very comfortable with him and feel that he is an excellent physician!
Dr Kratt is a very professional and knowledgeable physician. He listens to my concerns and always supplies a good sulution or option.
Very quick, efficient, and cared about what I had to say. Was my first visit but will continue to go to Dr. Bogner because of this visit. Scheduling was easy, and I got there early... and he received me early. Great nurse too (the one from Germany)!
Dr. Ridley has been my primary physician since the late 1970's. He has always been friendly and personable while remaining totally professional. I leave his feeling like he was really concerned about me and was able to give treat me for my ailment or refer me to a specialist who can. He does not seem to be bought by the pharmaceutical companies as he is always trying to either give me samples or prescribe the best medication for the least cost.
Dr. Bradley has been my family physician for many years. I trust him completely with my health care. He always explains everything thoroughly and asks about my family.
When I visit with Dr. Bogner, he shows concern for my health and the current state of my health. He is thorough, professional, patient with my questions and my issues. He and his staff respond promptly to my requests. He explains issues thoroughly. My health issues are usually revolved satisfactorily.
I have used him for many years & would not consider changing Drs. He is very caring & an excellent Dr!!!!!!
Dr Ridley is my favorite Dr- he actually listens,answers all my questions and is very professional and caring
Dr. Bognor is an excellent health care provider. You can usually get in to see him the same day you have a health issue. He is very patient oriented. If possible, he will stay late to see you. I've never had to wait while in his office for more than a few minutes. The thing I have always liked the best about Dr.Bogner is he can be trusted not to require unnecessary treatment or appointments.
Doug is a brilliant doctor, thorough and supported by a fine staff. He has been honest and supportive to our family for nearly 20 years through the children's early years into their adulthood. He has supported my husband and me into our medicare years with the same care and competence as always.
I had my first appointment with Dr. Williams after changing insurance. He was very thorough in his questioning and I felt like he really was interested in my medical history. I look forward to having him as my primary care physician.
Dr. Bogner always fits me in for a visit and I am always pleased with the care I receive!
I have been to Dr. Bogner for years. He is through, trustworthy, and knowledgeable. He is a man of character and I value his opinion.
Was greeted immediately at check-in. Check-in was quick and painless (fill out the online firms first!), was barely through giving my history to the nurse when the doctor came in. Exam was thorough, Dr. Bogner was friendly, listened well and didn't make me feel rushed. Calling in prescription to my pharmacy was convenient. Highly recommend.
Dr. Mohan took a legitamate interest in not only my health, but also my future goals. She provided excellent care and worked with me through difficult insurance issues and time crunches. It was clear that Dr. Mohan highly valued the quality of her patient's care.
She seems to listen and make good choices but the practice is overwhelmed. Her staff is incompetent and will cost you extra money by their mistakes.
She listens to me and appears to be engaged during my appointment. I can tell she cares about me getting better. She has even taking time to call me herself instead of the nurse calling me back. I am glad I found her.
Was charged $317 for first time visit after having to come back when at my first appointment Dr had gone home sick. Husband's first time visit with a Dr in the same practice was $206. Does not do well women care and was told I would have to go to OBGYN. Would not recommend!!!
Very nice and intelligent.
He did not do a very good job on explaining how to take my medicane.

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