Dr. Tsang was the most calm and very patient doctor I have ever encountered. He was so professional and very knowledgeable. He has reached my expectation. The staff was so accommodating and friendly. I will definitely recommend this clinic to our family and friends. Thank you so much to all of you! God bless you all
I have nothing but positive things to say about Dr. Tsang and this office. Some people complain there is too many people or too long waiting time. Dr. Tsang was recommended by many of my friends and of course everyone wants to see him. He is really great with patients and answers all my questions. His staff is very professional, friendly and always available for support. I have already recommended Dr. Tsang to friends and family.
I have been seeing Dr. Tsang for about a year now. I was living in South Haven fro 15 years. Dr. Tsang Looked at all of my medications from South Haven, helping me get off the Fentanyl patch (which I was on for ten years.) After Dr. Tsang took me off the patch, I have been able to focus on daily activities. The Dr. along with his staff have helped and supported me. They understood my situation and helped me through a bad time. I would like to thank Ms. April for all of her help and patience.
Absolutely the worst "Doctor" I've ever seen in almost 60 years. Unable to see the actual doctor after requesting for 6 months. Requests for steroid shots or other treatment falls on deaf ears. They treat people like drug addicts, period. Repeated visits every 2 weeks and constant urinalysis' at every visit. Horrible bedside manner by the Nurse Practitioner. They talk down to everyone. I've never seen anything like it. Requested to be released.
I've never had an aweful experience in this office. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. No i may not always see Dr.Tsang but I don't have to. April is by far my favorite. If there is a problem she handles it. You can imagine the different types of people they see so yes they do have a certain attitude to weed out drug seekers. If your not one them then you have NOTHING to worry about. Dr.Tsang is the 1st doctor to actually manage my pain but not just with meds. I'm very grateful
Haven't known what it felt like to be out of pain, until I met Dr. Tsang I've been his patient 5 years and counting. Good bedside manners. Five stars for Dr. Tsang and his staff
Wonderful medical team. I am safe under their care. Trust him.
This man cares,is more through and compassionate than most of the medical personnel I have met in my 28 years here on the coast. I was rather stunned when I looked at his 3 star ratings. I came to the conclusion a lot of these ratings are coming from dismissed patients,who lost his services when they were dropped because of failed urine tests,inability to con him or the staff or simple doctor shoppers. I He's a rare breed, he cares and not for the money. I know after being a patient for 9 years
This doctors office is money hungry. They charge for every little thing. Including charging handicapped patients for the ability to park in the handicap parking spot in front of the Pascagoula office. They do not listen to the patient or the spouse.The staff is rude and they even instructed my spouse all they are concerned with is writing his prescription. We are currently trying to find another doctor to transfer too because of the unethical treatment in this clinic.
I like those staffs in the clinic. They are cheerful and friendly. They make me feel comfortable! I am a good patient and follow guideline from the doctor. I do not go shopping or take medication that is not prescripted. They told me I am the best patient!
Considering, compressionated, knowledgeable. He is friendly, profressional yet caring. I am able to get help after many yrs with my family doctor. He told me he cannot do more for me. He refer me to Painstop spine clinic. Painstop offer lots of option to me to reduce my pain. Now it is much more managable! I am able to get up from my bed and walk! I feel I am gaining my life back!
Great friendly staffs.

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