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Just left Dr Steuer's office with no hope of a better quality of life based on the treatments offered by the Mid-South Pain Treatment Center. Yet, another doctor who has limited his practice to painful injections or physical therapy that cannot fix the pain caused by nerve damage. I see why millions of people have turned to the streets to treet their pain. It grieves me knowing that many will die before our Gov & Doctors relize their mistake and managing patients with medication once again.
Horrible experience soon as I walked into the door. Don't expect these doctors to have any care or sympathy for your pain. They won't give you any medicine for your pain, even if you were referred by doctor and have MRI to prove your problems. Don't waste your time going here. Also I sat in the room by myself for 3 hours waiting to speak to the pain doc. Horrible experience.
I have had very good experience with Mid-South. You are helping me manage my pain and working with my other doctors to improve my quality of life.
I have been a patient of Mid-South Pain Treatment Center and Mid-South International Pain Institute for several years. I have always been treated with courtesy. All members of your staff act in a professional manner. I appreciate all of you.
The staff is very professional, polite and courteous. Dr. Raby is very down to earth. She explains everything in detail and showed other concerns. Her nurse is superb and I can’t say enough great things about them. Great job!
All person are very nice and concerned. This office takes care of my health problems, check my vitals and weight every time I come for a visit.
I very much appreciate the care I receive here at Mid-South Pain Treatment Center. I have had to be using these doctors for many years. The doctors, nurses and staff have always been willing to listen to any problem I am having and be as helpful as they can be. I could hardly walk or more move around at all before I first came here. In fact they have taken such good care of me that even though I have moved out of the area I drive back 4 hours each way to see them once a month.
This clinic is very understanding of my pain management needs. Katherine seems like she really cares that you are properly taken care of. The staff is always nice. The pricing on the procedures are high comprised to the Tennessee doctor I?ve seen in the past. Have to pay meal more out of pocket, but the procedures work good. I am pleased with the service here.
My experience has been good thus far. The staff member and everyone is very nice. The only thing is the block, its fine for a couple of hours but afterward it hurts really badly. So I just wish that there?s another way instead of the blocks. Other than that Mid-South Pain Treatment is the best.
My morning appointment are great but don?t like the afternoon. I have to wait long but everything else is great. Just wish I could get rid of the pain in my legs and lower back.
I always love to come to my visits at any of Mid-South Pain Treatment Center. I always got the best care they can possible give me. The people that work in these facilities are always so nice and considerate to me. I am so thankful that my regular physician sent me here.
Since the office moved to its new location and I got Kristin Wilson back as a care provider. I feel as though I?m finally receiving options for my back pain. I?m more optimistic that one day I won?t have to take medicines to work, spend time with my granddaughter, etc. Ms. Wilson has given me a reason to continue on and be happier because she get things done! Also I love Amanda, the medical assistances and front office staff. Very patient, courteous and professional.
I have no complaints against this office. Everyone has been great and always smiling. Kristin Wilson is a great person. Keep on smiling and keep up with the great work you do.
My experience has been good. Haven?t had to wait a long time and the nurses are really nice and friendly. Most of them greet me with a smile and that says a lot.
I haven?t had any problems with the office. When I first gotten my nerve it seemed a bit crowed. I haven?t had any bad experiences with the clinic.
Everybody has done good job. Everyone has been real nice. Thank you all for treating me when I?m in pain but it?s not your fault that I have these pain. Y?all have been really nice to me. Thanks for everything.
I love it here. Everyone is so nice and helpful. I can?t ask for a better place to go.
Everyone has been so nice and pleasant. The first round of treatments ended my back pain. I am thankful every day for that. Looking forward to ending my hip pain this round. Thank you guys for being so nice to me!
Service is good. Reminder call is great. Don?t usually have to wait long. Doctor and nurse is compassionate/caring. Good job!
My experience have been very good. It has helped me to get relief from my pain. I would refer others to this clinic anytime. The staff has been very caring.
I like the way the staff seems to treat everyone here equally. The doctor and nurses seem to genuinely care about helping us manage our pain.
I have no bad experience with this office. The staff is nice.
Staff is pleasant to patient. Staff explains aspects of treatment thoroughly and give you a copy of treatment. Get out of office in a timely manner. Staff work with appointments that you might have to change.
I just want to say I thank God for Mid-South Pain Center. I have got more positive answer from everywhere. Everyone here show that they care for your health and well-being. I just want to thank my doctor.
Very good. Don?t like the paper work every time I come.
I have been very happy with my treatment here. Waiting time have been very short. The doctors are very knowledgeable and explain what is going on in other terms so non-doctors can understand it.
My experience was not with, Mr. Michael E. Steuer, personally, but in his clinic situated on; 2016 Greystone Dr. Jackson, TN 38305 Particulars: On 01/11/2016, Quida G. Wilkes, FNP-BC, practitioner for aboved named business, did without good cause discharge, Ocea Rice, from the above named practice based on the belief that I did not have the right to refuse a 'procedure' that is not only, not, FDA approved, but has known side-effects, including paralysis, and sudden death. I digress.
Everyone is very nice. Staff is very understanding. All are just wonderful.
Staffs here are very good. All of the people here are very nice and friendly, you ask a question they tell you to the best of their ability to answer. The nurses are very good, lot of the doctors is great and has a sense of humor.
Great experiences with this office. Appreciate the concern of the staff, nurses and doctors. High level of compassion and kindness.

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