I asked him if I would ever see progress. Been seeing him for years and no changes made. He dismissed me after I questioned why my insurance had to pay when he wasn't doing anything. Took over a month to schedule a referral. I felt like he was taking advantage of me and my insurance.
When I had a CT scan done Dr Rebecca Rose told me that my results were normal. However I got a copy of the test and it showed I had lesions on my liver. I asked her why she didn't disclose this to me? Dr Rose said she "didn't feel that finding was medically relevant". Wth?! My father died of liver cancer, I'm on high-risk biologics for autoimmune disorders that's known to cause lymphomas..how can she say that? Medically incompetent she is, I'd say! Might want to stay away from this doctor!
Our father was experiencing stroke like symptoms and was checked into Watagua Medical Center for observation because the ER could not find anything wrong with him. He was assigned to Dr. Hubert who spent time with him and was determined to identify what was wrong. She was able to identify a subdural hematoma and helped us get him transferred to Carolina's Medical Center in Charlotte for surgery. She was very professional and compassionate. We would highly recommend her care.
He was very knowledgeable and had excellent bed side manner
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