Did not give us the option to have an orthopedist work with us. Insisted on attempting to reset my child's broken arm herself. She did not do it correctly. My 11 year old son had to be sedated AGAIN and have a second procedure/surgery to fix what Dr. Cheng did not. This time we went to an orthopedic and it was done correctly. Wished it had been done correctly the first time so my child didn't have to suffer so much. Also, Fairview still charged us for this incorrectly done job.
Dr. Cheng made all the conversations one way as if she was scolding the patient. When the patient asked questions you could tell she became frustrated. Was not personable or friendly. Bad first and last experience with Fairview.
My wife was seen by Dr. Knudson in the ER at Methodist Hosp. He was very rude and unprofessional by making condescending comments and treating her like she had no intelligence. His body language was even rude. He treated her like the situation was not serious and didn't show the slightest bit of concern. He rushed her through the exam and then didn't even return to the room to talk with us about his findings. I will never go this hospital again because of how we were treated. Unacceptable!!
Dr Lien told me it was difficult to examine me because his back hurt. So therefore his exam was incomplete and he missed a severe sinus infection 4 days after I had back surgery. He was very unpleasant with me. I saw him in the ER at Mercy. I should have asked for a different physician. If he has back pain and can not perform his job he shouldn't be working. Dr. needs to learn how to be more pleasant when seeing patients. His back pain is not my issue, no way should I have even known about that
His commanding presence and full attention to my concerns and responses to his questions immediately left me feeling reassured that I was being well tended to. His very demeanor made me suspect he might have had some military background (my life was greatly influenced by the Air Force). Internet research dug up some VERY IMPRESSIVE background on Dr. Starr (as a Major in the U.S. Air Force he served as Medical Transport Physician. No wonder I felt so safe in his care.
Sorry to say if you have a rare disease walk out and readout to the same ER. He acted like he knew what was happening with me and my disease when I know he didn't. He refused to follow my numerologist care plan for an ER visit. Dr Dondelet would not admit he didn't know much about CADASIL. I was disrespected by him. When the charge nurse secretly told me I should go be seen at another facility, you something is up.
Most rude and disrespectful doctor I have had the misfortune to encounter. Did not answer questions and constantly got medication data wrong in discussions with my partner. Would give zero stars if I could.
Dr Egger was very professional, knowledgeable and communicated my findings to me, his diagnosis, and treatment. He answered all of my questions and made sure he did not leave until all of my questions were answered to my satisfaction. Unlike so many other ERs I have had to visit in the past, I felt like I received outstanding care from Dr Egger and I was equally impressed with Fairview Ridges Hospital.
Dr. Kinberly S. Glynn, the most awful doctor I have come across ever. She lacks the knowledge, caring and kindness that you need in a doctor. She stormed out of the room and offered me pain pills rather than asking if she could do anything for me. Illl give you pain pills for tendentious. I did not have tendentious, I had a fractured elbow. She even had me x-rayed and still offered me pain pills. I took nothing. Kimberly Glynn needs to change fields and should never be a doctor.
If this is the physician who was attending at the Buffalo Hospital ER on August 28, 2016, I was very pleased with his help. I had a pre existing year long condition which nothing was helping, that eventually caused another painful problem and his diligence and knowledge made a huge difference to my eventual healing. Thank you
I saw Dr. Holley at Allina Hospital in Buffalo MN for chest pain. He was very thorough and asked a lot of questions. He gave me a diagnosis I late researched and agree with. He was personable and made me feel comfortable even though I felt stupid for wasting his time. He did order a stress test for follow up and I had a "borderline abnormal" result. This has enabled me to seek help & be proactive in my heart health. If he was a family physician, he'd be mine. Thank you, Dr. Holley!

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