Disclaimer: I see her at the Neighborhood HealthSource Central Clinic, which I don't believe is her primary clinic. Overall I like Dr. Benzie, but I do feel like she is constantly rushed and doesn't have a lot of time to spend with me. At my last appointment, I waited for over an hour and she told me she was so busy that she could only address one of the two issues I had come in to discuss. I don't think it's her fault that she's overworked, but wow was that a bad experience.
Dr. Grande truly cares about me and my family. He is able to translate technical terms into meaningful information. His knowledge and skill in treating my ruptured aneurysm were amazing. I am very lucky to have walked away from a potentially devastating situation with few residual deficits. He talks with me about my life, "What are you doing to stay busy?" in order to glean clinical information about how I am doing. He offers practical advice and answers questions clearly. He's the best!
Super nice, easy to talk to, listens to what you have to say and more importantly knows what he is talking about. High recommend.
Excellent Dr! Explains things very clearly and truly cares about his patients!!
I went to him with random pain and came away with constant pain. He says one thing and does another. He overstepped what I agreed to in the consent form. Even though he apologized when I confronted him the fact is that I live in constant pain now. DO NOT GO TO HIM
Dr. Kidd is a great doctor! She is a great listener and I feel comfortable in her care.
Very comprehensive with the information she provided. She was also spent a lot of time following-up with me after my visit to monitor my progress. She was very accessible during this time and checked in with me several times to see that things were going well. She was great!
There were no seats in the main waiting room - very busy. We were taken to an exam room relatively quickly, where we waited nearly 1.5 hours (90 minutes). Doctor came in for less than 10 minutes to perform cursory exam. He said to wait for his nurse. We waited another 25 minutes and no one came so we just left.
Waiting over an hour each appointment time. She is not direct, scattered and contradicts herself. She isn't forthcoming with information and is very vague and political when asked the tough questions. Do yourself a favor and book with a different doctor.
She has told me things that were not factual and she failed to talk to me about the problem in my dentate nucleus after an MRI found a tumor. I was not informed that it was the dentate nucleus that was susceptible to stressors. The tumor was an incidental finding. I was refused a pneumonia vaccine when I am within a half year of turning 65. She owuld not refill a med said I needed another appt. When she saw me again she refilled it without discussion.
The best doctor you could ask for. Expert in Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and related conditions. She'll run behind but it's because she's providing the absolute best care possible to all her patients. Don't be surprised if you send her a question and receive a reply on a weekend evening -- she is so dedicated to her patients and seems to work round the clock.
If there was a "no star" response, she would get that rating. Kathryn Curdue does not listen, she is condescending, she does not understand mental illness. At one point I suggested my daughter stay in the hospital longer, because at home she does not function well. Kathryn Curdue answered, "I understand that. I have kids her age, too, and they don't do anything either." I was shocked. She increased my daughter's medication 8x the dose while she was hospitalized without consulting with her psych.
Have had long term relationship with this doctor after having issues with a previous UM Physician. Highly recommend Dr. Datta.
I came into the clinic to get a lab kit and asked at the front desk if I could see a doctor asap and the gal at the front desk went back and checked if someone could fit me in their busy schedule. I had never seen Dr. Yawn before. He was very nice and friendly. He addressed my issue with great respect. He has a great sense of humor and I felt very comfortable with him. His nurse Ann was very sweet and the rest of the staff there is the best around!
He refused to perform surgery on my child because condition was mild. Instead he suggested to let him go through all his life with a curved penis????I though that's a parent call. Very disappointed, I guess my son case was not going to make him famous and he is not part a prestigious family....
Dr Sparks is very thorough. She listens carefully and is very compassionate. Very knowledgeable about my health issues.
I couldn't ask for a better, caring, understanding doctor. She listens to your needs in detail.
Dr. Sniffen provides excellent care to her patients, especially her ethnically-Karen patients. She gives them adequate time to express their concerns and truly cares about their well being. I collaborate with her for joint patients/clients and am always appreciative of her thoroughness and professionalism.
Great dr. Comprehensive yet to the point.
I have been seen by Dr. Medina for several medical issues and each time he has been listened, answered my questions and even followed up post visit to check on me. He always describes what is wrong, provides personalized care and takes a true interest in his patients and their well being. I highly recommend Dr. Medina.
Dr Ofstedal has been my primary care physician for 15 years. I have stayed with him due to the following qualities, in order of importance to me: 1. Expertise and breadth of medical knowledge 2. Compassion & kindness 3. Great communicator 4, Respectful
Dr. Morris not only completely misdiagnosed my problem, but in telling me it would heal on its own but would take up to 6 mo I did not seek another opinion until the 6 mo post injury were up & I was no better. Those 6 mo created significantly more damage preventing the possibility of full recovery. Now I face surgery that will make it better than it is now but will not come close to returning me to 100% and more problems that will require full knee replacement later!
Great experience. Friendly, kind, patience, and listened carefully. Recommending her to friends and family!
Dr Walsh is extremely personable, empathetic and a very good listener. This is almost as important to me as professional skills. It just so happens that she is very knowledgeable, up to date on current medical information, and has always been very clear and concise in her explanations. As a woman, having insight from another woman is priceless.
I've never been this disappointed with lack of communication from a doctor. Nobody seemed to know what was going here and it seemed like She did not care or bother to work up a diagnosis....Asking me to keep coming back for more and more tests for which was clearly the common flu.
He was very personable, very helpful, took his time with me and answered all my questions, followed up with me later as well. He answers questions very fast via My Chart correspondences! I find Dr. Srajeldin to be very kind and helpful and feel like he really cares!
I see Dr. Torralba for my primary family physician. I have gone to her with a wide range of problems and have always found Dr. Torralba very thorough and conscientious. She listens carefully to concerns and responds appropriately. She never discounts any feelings or worries. I like her staff and trust all of them.
Dr Vercellotti was not willing to discuss options with me, and made treatments more difficult than they had to be. I switched to a different doctor in the same clinic after butting heads with this physician.
Considerate, competent, takes time to explain,
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Bone Marrow Biopsy
Kidney Stone Removal, Closed
Cystourethroscopy And Transurethral Resection Of Bladder Neck
Laparoscopic Surgical Procedure
Renal Transplant And Nephrectomy
Bladder Surgery
Lymph Node Biopsy Or Excision
Pap Smear
Prostate Removal
Turp (Transurethral Resection Of Prostate) Or Laser Destruction Of Prostate
Urinary Stone Removal (Litholapaxy)
Abscess Or Fluid Incision And Drainage
Excision, Shaving, Or Destruction Of Skin And Subcutaneous Tissue (Incl. Mohs Micrographic Surgery), Tissue Transfer
Kidney Surgery
Orchiopexy For Undescended Testicle
Pelvic Exenteration (For: Gynecologic, Urinary, Or Colorectal Malignancy)
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Vaginal Surgery
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Anemia And Iron Deficiency Screening
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Brain Tumor Surgery
Cardiac Mri (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) Of Heart Or Chest
Carotid Ultrasound
Cerebrospinal Fluid (Csf) Shunt - Insertion, Repair Or Removal
Cholesterol Screening
Complex Penile Surgery
Craniectomy, Craniotomy, Surgery Of Skull Base, Neuroendoscopy
Destruction Or Excision Of Lesion Of Cervix (Incl. Leep)
Destruction Or Excision Of Vaginal Lesions
Dural Repair Or Other Spinal Cord Repair
Electrocardiogram (Ekg)
Epidural Block, Facet Blocks
Herniated Disc Surgery
Incontinence Sling Procedure
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Kidney And Ureter Removal
Kidney Stone Removal
Lamina Procedures (Incl. Laminectomy, Laminoplasty, Laminotomy)
Mole Removal
Neonatal Care
Pelvic Exams
Percutaneous Destruction Of Kidney Lesion
Physical Examination
Pregnancy Test
Rh Incompatibility Screening
Skin Biopsy
Spinal Fusion
Spinal Nerve Block
Spinal Reconstructive Surgery For Deformities
Stereotactic Radiosurgery
Thyroid Screening
Vaginal Delivery And Vbac
Wart Removal
Well Baby Care
Wellness Examination
Adhd Testing
Adolescent Counseling
Adrenalectomy With Robotic Assistance
Allergy Treatment
Aneurysm Clipping
Aneurysm Embolization
Aneurysm Surgery
Angioplasty With Stent Placement
Appendectomy, Laparoscopic
Appendectomy, Open
Arterial Blood Gas Test (Abg)
Arteriovenous Graft Placement Surgery
Arteriovenous Shunt Creation
Barium Enema
Behavior Modification
Blood Sugar Monitoring
Bone Density Scan
Breast Exam
Bursa Injection
Cardiac Event Monitor
Cardiac Imaging
Carotid Artery Stent Placement
Carotid Surgery
Cervical Herniated Disc Surgery
Cervical Spine Reconstruction
Cervical Spine Surgery
Chest X-Ray
Cholesterol Management
Circumcision, Infant
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (Cbt)
Complete Nephrectomy With Robotic Assistance
Complex Spinal Instrumentation Procedure
Complex Spine Surgery
Contact Lens Exams
Coumadin® Management
Counseling Services
Couples Therapy
Cyberknife®, Cranial (Stereotactic Radiosurgery, Cranial) Incl. Gamma Knife And Linac Photon Beam
Cyst Aspiration
Depo-Provera® Birth Control Shot
Dermatology Procedure
Diabetic Eye Exam
Diabetic Foot Care
Dialysis Access Procedures
Diet Counseling
Disc Replacement
Distal Pancreatectomy
Electroconvulsive Therapy (Ect)
Embolectomy, Thrombectomy, Or Vessel Exploration
Embolization Of Arteriovenous Malformation
Employment Physical Examination
Endometrial Ablation
Excision Of Benign Skin Lesion
Excision Of Skin Lesion
Executive Physical Examination
Exercise Counseling
Eye Examination
Family Counseling
Family Planning Services
Family Psychotherapy
Foreign Body Removal
Gait Analysis
Gallbladder Removal (Cholecystectomy), Laparoscopic
Gamma Knife Radiosurgery
Gamma Knife Radiosurgery For Avm
Glaucoma Treatment
Gonorrhea Screening
Grief Therapy
Gynecologic Cancer Screening
Gynecological Examination
Hormone Replacement Therapy
Hospice Care Services
Hpc Transplantation (Stem Cell Transplant)
Hysterectomy - Laparoscopic
Hysterectomy - Open
In-Office Skin Procedure
Infant Care
Ingrown Toenail Surgery
Ingrown Toenail Treatment
Inguinal Hernia Repair, Open
Insulin Pump Therapy
Insurance Physical Examination
Intracranial Vessel Angioplasty And Stenting
Intrauterine Device (Iud) Placement
Intrauterine Device (Iud) Removal
Islet Cells Transplantation
Joint Fusion
Kidney Removal
Kidney Stones Treatment
Kidney Transplant
Laceration Repair
Laparoscopic Destruction Of Kidney Lesion
Laparoscopic Live Donor Nephrectomy
Laparoscopic Nephrectomy
Laparoscopic Splenectomy
Laparoscopic Vaginal Hysterectomy With Robotic Assistance
Lesion Removal
Local Anesthesia
Low Back Procedure
Mammography Services
Manual Removal Of Placenta
Marital Counseling
Marital Therapy
Menopause Evaluation And Treatment
Myomectomy - Open And-Or Laparoscopic
Nasal Packing For Epitaxis
Natural Childbirth
Neck Pain Procedure
Neonatal Resuscitation
Nerve Block, Somatic
Nerve Blocks
Nerve Destruction By Neurolytic Agent
Newborn Circumcision
Normal Vaginal Delivery
Open Incisional And-Or Ventral Hernia Repair
Pain Management
Pancreas Transplant
Pancreatectomy (Incl. Pancreas Transplant And Whipple Procedure)
Partial Nephrectomy With Robotic Assistance
Pediatric Counseling
Peritoneal Dialysis
Peritoneal Dialysis Catheter Placement
Permanent Nail Removal
Post-Operative Care
Pre-Operative Care
Pregnancy Ultrasound
Premature Infant Care
Prenatal Care And Counseling
Primary Care For Adolescents
Psychiatric Evaluation
Psychiatric Medication Therapy
Psychological Testing
Psychotherapy And Psychophysiological Therapy (Incl. Biofeedback)
Psychotherapy Services
Punctal Plug Insertion
Radio Surgery
Radiofrequency Ablation
Range Of Motion Testing
Removal Of Reproductive Organs (Hysterectomy, Oophorectomy, Salpingectomy, Salpingo-Oophorectomy, Resection Of Peritoneal Malignancy)
Repair Vaginal And-Or Cervical Lacerations
Routine Gynecological Care
Sacroiliac Joint Injection
Sex Therapy
Sexually Transmitted Infections Screening
Skin Lesion Biopsy
Skin Lesion Removal
Skin Procedures
Skin Screenings
Soft Contact Lenses
Spinal Compression Fracture Repair
Spine Surgery
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Stress Test
Suture Soft Tissue Wound
Suture Uncomplicated Lacerations
Tendon And Bursa Injection
Toenail Removal
Tubal Ligation
Ultrasound Guided Procedures
Ultrasound-Guided Biopsy
Ultrasound-Guided Injection
Umbilical Or Ventral Hernia Repair, Laparoscopic
Ureteroneocystostomy With Robotic Assistance
Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (Vbac)
Vaginal Repair
Varicocelectomy Or Hydrocelectomy
Vascular Transcatheter Embolization
Ventilator Management
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