Dr. Groseclose has over the years replaced both my hips and both my knees. I could not be happier with the results. He explains everything completely and in terminology you can understand. He's very attentive to his patients and very easy to talk to. My daughter has experiance with him when he fixed her up from a auto accident. Thank You Dr. Groseclose, our family is very lucky to have you as our Doctor.
He is an excellent surgeon and a caring person.
My first visit with Dr Kerr was wonderful. He and his nurse took a lot of time with me & answered all my questions. My rotator cuff surgery went real well My post- op appointment was very disappointing. I felt like I wasn't important any longer. I was in a sling & asked to undress myself which I couldn't. After Dr Kerr saw me, I was left in the exam room by myself for some length of time. I had to ask for help to dress. Upon returning home, I noticed 1 stitch was left in. Surgery done=don't care
Dr Groseclose did a wonderful job on my tibial plateau break repair. thank you Dr. PS -- great staff too.
Dr. Kerr has performed two surgeries for me on my knee and shoulder and is excellent. I recently became injured again but unfortunately no longer live in Michigan. Dr. Kerr still made himself available for a phone consult and has been very supportive. I believe that communication is important with injuries for pre and post surgery and Dr. Kerr has always made himself available.
Dr. Boyce is an excellent doctor and surgeon. He is very caring and listened very attentively to my needs. I highly recommend him, his staff and his surgical team! I've never had to wait more than a few minutes for my follow up office visits.
Terrible!. You get nurse practitioner. They misdiagnosed. Turned out my mother needed surgery, it was a cracked elbow and not a bruise . Nurse called out for the family of "a 80 year old woman. Then prescribed Oxycoton, herion, which had horrible side effects, called to get a change, no call back. Then the antibiotic had a bad effect, called to get advice, they did not call back. You get a recording impossible to get a live person. Avoid this DR and Great Lakes Ortho!
She was on call for my regular surgeon and was impatient and sarcastic with my post op questions and level 10 pain following return home which I ended up in ER for.
He repaired a left Tib/Fib plateau fracture on me in 1998, well working in Lansing, MI. This doctor sticks out in my mind because of not only the repair he did to my knee, but, his bedside manner was the best I have ever encountered. Dr. Groseclose checked in on me, after an 18 hour shift, when he should had been on his way home to get much needed rest. I truly think he cares about his patients, not just his career.
Fantastic surgeon who doesn’t push surgery. Very caring. Answers questions and explains. Issues
I had a total knee replacement in April of 2016. Now I am going to have to have the other one done...there was a small incision and I walked out the next day with little pain...granted there was some pain in the coming days, but I was back to work in 5 weeks. I would with out a doubt recommend Dr. McGraw to every one..
After waiting 45 minutes to see him, I was impressed. First of all, I could hear him in hall talking with his MA and he treated her with respect and that always impresses me. He was straight forward and resolution minded. I had taken my xrays and MRI, but he wanted to get xray with load bearing and that led him to order CT Scan. I could call once it's done to get the results and didn't have to go back in. I will go back as needed!
he did both my hip replacements & also knee arthroscopy ; all 100% excellent outcomes I'm still active & work out 3X/week , but now I swim laps at YMCA instead of running or treadmill for cardio Dr. Brent is right ; best way to minimize osteoarthritis (which I've go lots of it) is by " maintaining-strength-across-the-joint" over full-range-of-motion ; I do that with CYBEX , 3X/week too at YMCA
Dr McGraw did a total hip replacement on my left hip December 10, 2015 . He did a wonderful job , I left the hospital 31 hours after surgery feeling better than I thought I would , it has been 10 months since my surgery and with physical therapy I am almost back to normal . I would recommend dr McGraw to anyone for surgery .
Dr wiersema done a wonderful job on reconstruction of my ankle,wich will make it possible for me to walk on it again,he's the reason i still have a foot,very professional and a pleasant person
During my office visit the doctor was giving me information about my injury. I tried to give the doctor some important info and was stopped from doing so. Was fit with a boot that has caused me some very bad pain. By the time I returned home I was in so much pain I couldn't walk. So much worse now then before I was at the doctors office.
I had back pain for years to the point where I could not walk more then 60 ft.I was not one day without back pain for years.I asked Dr. Prusick if he could just relieve my pain 60% I would be happy.Hesaid he could do me better then that ,and he did.I am now pain free,most of the time.I only have pain when I overdue it.I am more then pleased with the surgery he did on my back .He is easy to talk to and explains thigs to you well.I am very pleased with his work.
He told why I had knee pain in a way that was easy to understand. He showed me the xrays
He is the best, very nice, my knee had hardly any pain and is doing great
Prior to my laminectomy fusion in December 2015, I was basically confined to my house and in severe pain for nearly an entire year. I was apprehensive to have this procedure performed, but was put at ease by Dr. Prusick and his diagnosis and recommendation. The surgery was a success, and I'm happy to say, as I'm leaving my last follow up appointment, that I'm PAIN FREE! What a change in a year! I would not hesitate to recommend D. Prusick and his staff to my family and friends.
Doctor played spinal fusion surgery down from beginning. First I was told recovery 1-2 months. Then 3-4 and everyone is different. Then 4-6, up to a year. He started physical therapy at a little over 2 months, which normally would have been aquatic but since my incision wasn't healed he had me start regular which turned out to be more painful since most doctors don't start that kind of PT until after 3 months. To make everything even more difficult getting pain medication was a nightmare.
Dr.Reineck did my shoulder after two other orthos recommended him. He is far ahead of the curve in major shoulder injuries and one of the easiest Doctors to talk with i have ever met. He listens and spends plenty of time explaining everything in terms you can understand. Hs called me and gave his personal cell number the morning after my surgery and stayed available anytime for the next 6 months of recovery. I cannot say enough good things about Dr.Jack Dave Wylie TC Mich
Dr. Wiersema was key to me walking again. I had a major bike accident where I shattered my pelvis, broke my collar bone, had 4 broken ribs & a brain bleed, I was a challenge for any experienced doctor. After several months of rehab (land therapy & pool therapy) and nearly 100 PT sessions, I am walking again and soon my goal is to bike ride again. It would not be happening without Dr. Wiersma's expertise.

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