I have been seeing Dr. Katz for over 10 years. He did my cataract surgery, and I see great. He is also treating my glaucoma - has been stable for years. He is extremely nice and attentive, as are his staff. Could not recommend him more highly
Dr. Katz has been treating my glaucoma for over ten years. I was originally referred from my optometrist when I noticed I could not see to the side out of my right eye. Dr. Katz has successfully treated my glaucoma over the last decade and has prevented any further visual loss. I could not recommend him more highly. He's the best!
Dr. Prabhu was a little unethical. After a EGD scope, he diagnosed me with gastritis. But when seeing him for a follow up, he told me there was nothing wrong with me. I didn't even receive some test results until 6 months later. He examined my abdomen while I was sitting in a chair instead of an exam table, which made me uncomfortable. His staff is the worst, so rude, especially Mary. I have been yelled at and berated by them. They even gave me expired medication. Plan on waiting for hours.
I had cataract surgery in my right eye done at the university - was poorly done, had complications and ended up with poor vision. I was very scared to get my left eye done, but it got to the point where I could not drive anymore, so I went to see Dr. Katz. He put me at ease, explained exactly what was going to be done, and the surgery went great. I can now see again (at least out of the eye that Dr. Katz did). I am so happy with him.
Dr. Marilyn Belamaric is a true professional -- a physician of the first order. Regardless of your station in life, Dr. Belamaric gives you first rate professional attention and care. I willingly put myself in her care when it comes to my eyes. I have been a patient of Dr. Belamaric's for well over twenty years. Plus, she is a very cultured individual -- one has only to look at the art work she has chosen for her offices as well as her choice of fashionable clothing. I recommend her highly.
Dr. Hakim provid service above and beyond any doctor I've seen in my 40 years (no pun intended). There was a terrible storm on the day of my exam and surgery. They waited and performed the surgery to correct my astigmatism that evening and I will going back for a second type. Super satisfied. Superior doctor. Stellar services.
I was a patient for years. Dr. Mekasha has always been kind, compassionate, and attentive. His staff is excellent, only ever had 1 of his assistants i seen that was rude, and i didnt see her again after that one time leading me to believe she wasnt employed with him long. I have a severely disabled 2 year old i have to care for and Dr Mekasha was very understanding of my situation. They always worked with me on scheduling my injections.
I went to Dr Mekasha after a hospital stay where he was my anesthesiologist; he told me to come to him so he could help manage my pain. He was helpful. Went to him for a couple of visits and my insurance changed. They didn't accept my new insurance and wouldn't let me pay out of pocket. I went back a few months ago and he was so rude. He came in and said "what drugs do you want?" I was so bothered. I wanted a doctor, not a dealer! He drug tested me the next visit and I got a bill for $200. Run!
Great physician. Very knowledgable and gave me options for treating my conditions!
Kind and professional. Answered all of our questions. Would highly recommend Dr. Tukel.
This was my first visit to Dr. Katz. I was a little put off by the long long for checkin until I realized that all of the patients there were not just for Dr. Katz. After check in, I was called back quickly. The nurse was extremely nice, and Dr. Katz did a thorough exam, realized I had had lasik surgery even though I forgot to tell them (as it was done about 20 years ago). Very happy with my visit.
Came in just for a routine yearly exam. Staff could not have been friendlier. Minimal wait to see the Dr. Eye exam was thorough. Got new prescription for glasses which work great. Dr. Katz found a small freckle in the back of the eye that he recommended yearly observation. Great office
I had been followed for over 20 years at U of M with glaucoma. My glaucoma was progressing, and I eventually underwent surgery at U of M, although it was not effective as my pressure remained in the high 20's despite surgery. A physician friend suggested that I see Dr. Katz, who I did. He performed surgery which was very successful, and my pressure has been around 12 ever since. Highly recommended!
I wouldn't give him the satisfaction of giving him any scores but I have to for survey. I stayed with him for a year and a half because of my insurance and where I live I had to travel 150 miles round trip every single month. Now he is not taking any state funded insurances, that tells me he's in it for the money. I agree with every one that has said he is rude, has no empathy, talks down at you and don't dare open your mouth to have a discussion with him. Worst experience I have ever had!
Liked him, until they changed all staff & rules! I went weeks without my prescription, and because of that norcos was not showing in my drug test. So I look it up & it takes 2-3 days for them to be completely out of your system so of course they weren't showing up! I was told I couldn't come back there. Really!? I suffer with pain take me off all meds if you think I'm not taking them which I do WHEN I HAVE THEM, they help me MOVE! Give me pain block shots! Nope, they don't care! Just terrible!
He needs to find something else to do. He should not be around people in extreme pain. He has no sympathy. He speaks in a way that makes you feel degraded. Don't try to ask him a question I am changing DR's & hopefully never see him again. DO NOT USE THIS DR.!!!!!
He is a very friendly and talented physician. He did cataract surgery on both of my eyes - I was extremely nervous, but he walked me through the whole thing. I could not be more pleased with the surgery itself as well as the results. I can see so well now. I had no idea how bad my vision had really gotten. I highly recommend him.
Staff in office were very friendly and efficient. Dr. Katz came highly recommended and was very competent. Diagnosed my problem first visit, prescribed medicine which cleared things up in a week. Very pleased with my visits.
I have been seeing Dr. Katz for over 5 years. He has always taken excellent care of myself and my family. Couldn't recommend a doctor more highly than him. He is great. Nice, caring, and always listens to me.
The first time I saw him he was nice but told me my insurance didn't pay well so he could not see me again.I got new insurance went back and he was short with me. Was only in the room for a few minutes opened my chart and said why are you on this medicine in a extremely rude tone. Odd since I had explained it to him all the first time. I tried to explain how I had changed insurance and he walked out of the room. I grow sick of doctors who give you 3 minutes of time when they are getting paid .
Doesn't care about his patients. I had 7 injections all together and I am still in severe pain. Never takes the time to talk to you. Seems to me hes in it for the money and not helping the patient. My last injection was on Dec.11th. It took a month to get a follow up appt. They canceled 3 times. Called to get my script renewed and when I got to the office their were over 100 people waiting to pick up scripts. I wouldn't recommend him to anyone. He gets a big fat 0 rating from me!!
This dr does not care if you have your pain meds or not. His patients that are in pain have to drive to his office to pick up their script between certain times on certain days only. He will not call it in. Ridiculous. The pharmacy even called him to try to get the meds and he NEVER returned the call.
Very kind and considerate physician. I came in to the office not knowing much about my condition, and Dr. Tukel quickly comforted me and presented my options. I have been seeing this physician for many years now, and would recommend him to my family and friends. He embodies what all physicians should stride for. Thanks for everything!
Very kind and atantive staff. His plan for me included injections with medication to help when needed. I have several cervical problems. With his care I am able to avoid another surgery at this time and still live my life.
Worst experience ever. This Doctor and his staff are rude and unprofessional. Do not use this person

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