Dr. Soo is an excellent and highly skilled neurosurgeon. He saved my life. Pre-op my neck was unstable and my spinal cord was at risk. I am now 18 months out from a C2-T2 posterior decompression and fusion. My fusion has successfully healed. Although my neck motion is very limited, I have a great quality of life. I am thankful that Dr. Soo is my doctor and I recommend him to anyone with this type of problem. He is the best.
How does one write in a paragraph format how one dr. changed one persons life and that life being mine. I had 7 spine surgeries to date and was going downhill quickly. The depression was all consuming. Dr. Soo said a key comment that made me know I was a person and not a patient to him. While suffering with back pain and lying in a room depressed watching life go by it's a like slow death. He said I no longer needed to live like that. He said surgery is a scientific art. He was right.
My journey to no more pain... I had terrible pains in my legs for a while and last year (2016) was the worst year yet. Someone told me about how amazing Dr. Soo was. She was right. On January 20, 2017 I had a Lumbar Laminectomy and fusions L2-S1. The surgery lasted eight hours and when I woke up I had no pain in my legs anymore - amazing!!! About 2-3 weeks after surgery I developed Drop foot - after tests Dr. Soo hopes the drop foot will resolve itself, but I have no pain thanks to my hero.
I was paralyzed from my neck to my waist! I was informed my a medical professional that I had herniated disk(s), C3 & C4 vertebrate's broken into my spinal cord and other stuff! (I couldn't listen to any more) options given were: 50/50 of a successful surgery or a permanent vegetable. My FAITH IN GOD WAS SURELY TESTED! I had a successful surgery, Glory to God! I thank God for Dr. Soo! He is amazing! Very humble and I wish there were more Doctors like him! This is a MIRACLE & MORE 2 COME!
I had spine surgery 6 years ago with Dr. Bono. It was a nightmare. I am in constant pain, day and night. I have lost my job and my quality of life. His only answer is lose weight. I have been passed from doctor to doctor and no one wants to deal with me. I am totally miserable. I can not barely walk or take care of my self. I am a spinal cripple. Thank you Dr. Bono
Dr. Barrett has been a great help to me over the years with my back issues. I trust my doctor's opinion and always take his suggestions on-board when deciding what I feel is right for me. Dr. Barrett always has time to talk about my issues in depth and I can't speak highly enough of the support that he has given me. I have had nothing but positive experiences with Dr. Barrett and his office staff. I would recommend him to anyone with back problems.
My experience with Dr. Bono was excellent from the time that I first met him. He informed of what was wrong with my back and quickly said that he could repair it. I was in severe pain for months and on numerous pain meds that never relieved my pain. He performed a Laminectomy on L1-L4. The surgery changed my life, prior to surgery I could barely walk and was on a lot of pain meds that didn't help. I would recommend him to anyone.
Dr. soo is an amazing surgeon. I had multiple major back issues and Dr. soo was able to fix my back with minimally invasive surgery. I was in tremendous amount of pain from my lower back. groin, buttocks, down both legs, and now I am pain free. Great person, great dr., great surgeon. Would recommend him to all!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I traveled from SC for the skills offered by Dr. Soo. I spent a year in pain before seeing Dr. Soo. I knew within hours of my surgery that he successfully resolved my problem. I was in less pain 4 hours after surgery then before surgery. I had lumbar fusion, removal of spondylitis, and removal of a ganglion cycst. About 9 weeks later I was marching in the Women's March On Washington and stood for 13 hours. Went back to work following Tuesday. Best surgeon in America!
Dr Richards saved my life in a 2 day very difficult brain aneurysm coiling totalling 13 hours. I returned to him for which resulted in attatching 2 plates to my spine in corrected years of pain. I highly recommend him, his skills, follow up, knowledge and caring are above reproach.
My first visit with Dr. Soo was after sixteen months of sheer agony with my lumbar spine. Since that time Dr. Soo has performed three procedures on me, I am forever grateful for his expertise. He is a very well educated man with many credentials, and he is a very warm and caring man. Dr. Soo has given me my quality of life back. and my trust in him is unlimited.
I suffer from chronic pain due to a disc disease. Dr. Soo gives it to you straight. I appreciate his no-nonsense approach. He saved my life. I was in so much pain, I couldn't function. Other doctors refused to help because I was so young. Dr. Soo set up a comprehensive plan for me. He set up a pain management doctor. He advised me to lose weight and connected me with a nutritionist. He has performed all of my back surgeries. I wouldn't trust anyone else.
I had surgery on March 1, 2017. Dr. Soo was so awesome ! He explained the surgery to me in a way that I completely understood what to expect . He never candy coated but he made me feel confident and at ease with my decision . Dr. Soo's bedside manner is what made decide to go with him. He made me laugh and most comfortable before , during & after my surgery . I will highly recommend him to anyone in need of his specialty . What a great guy!
Dr. Soo was magnificent. From the first time I met him, I was confident that he would be the one to help me. I had leg pain from a back injury that was debilitating. He explained all my options and didn't push anything. I decided to have surgery. He was totally professional along with a hint of down home goodness. The surgery went as hoped. After I woke up, the pain was gone. He has the gifted hands of a world class surgeon. He even called me at home a few days after I was discharged to see how
Great doctor. I have had prior surgeries and he was able to repair most recent disc failure caused by prior fusion. Very easy to talk to, explains issues you face and has primary focus on your recover. Best part is that he spends whatever time you need to be clear on upcoming or past treatments.
Dr.Teck-Mun Soo, MD is an excellent Neurosurgeon. But additionally as a person as well. His no nonsense and direct approach was refreshing. He and his staff explained everything that they would do and what all my options were. All of my questions where answered no matter how pedestrian they might have been. Due to my severe cervical radiculopathy, Dr. Soo made room for me in his busy schedule to perform my needed ACDF surgery. I felt that in every step of the procedure I was in the best of hands
This man is the single man who saved her life. When everyone said to give up hope, he told us not to so we didn't. My mother is still alive today because of him!
I was miserable for two years. I could not sleep unless I was lying flat for over an hour. I took vacations 3 times and they were the worst times of my life. Especially sitting on a plane. Eventually my friends had to push me in a wheelchair. I couldnt stand or sit for long periods of time. I was really frustrated with everything including my job and family. I was always in a bad mood. Thanks to Dr. Soo, I am a new man. 100% better after surgery. Happy all over again and enjoying Life
I had a Tri-level decompression and fusion on the C5, C6 and C7 disc in my neck. Dr Soo did the procedure with ease and I had hardly any pain following the surgery. He is passionate and professional. As a result of my surgery and the success of it, I proclaim Dr Tek-Mun Soo Day each February 15th. I could hardly stand straight before my surgery, now I can! Thank You!
Dr. Teck-Mun. Soo performed an SI Joint Fusion on my Right SI Joint March 1, 2017. Dr. Soo was the the Doctor that correctly diagnosed my injury when previous first Opinion was that Stenosis in my lower lumbar region was the case of my pain. Dr. Soo and His Team performed this Surgery and I am now home and recovering. I highly recommend Dr. Soo for Neurological evaluation and any necessary surgery you may need
Dr. Soo is wonderful doctor who takes as much time as you need to explain your condition. He will not rush into performing surgery.
Dr. BONO has excellent bedside manner. Highly recommend him. He's highly skilled in a very new procedure called Mobi-c artificial disc replacement surgery. So blessed to have him repair my neck on 2 levels. He gave me back my life!
Dr. Teck-Mun M. Soo is a gifted neurosurgeon at Providence Hospital. I would highly recommend him for any spinal surgery. His 30 years of excellent experience has provided me with remarkable results. I went to three other neurosurgeons only to be disappointed. After four years of suffering a friend of mine recommended Dr. Soo. My first appointment I saw a confident Dr. who knew what to do. My results have been excellent better than I had hoped for.
Dr. Soo fused my husband's lower spine, L5/S1. Most physicians would not even attempt this surgery due to the degree of difficulty involved. My husband has osteoporosis which makes his bones soft. The procedure, methods and devices that Dr. Soo himself developed made it possible for this surgery to be successfully done on my husband. He is now six months post-op and essentially pain-free. This surgery has given him a new lease on life and restored his confidence that, at 73 there is a lot more l
I John Cunningham, have searched for the top neurosurgeon and by the grace of God was lead to Dr. Teck Soo. He did spinal surgery and after 2 yrs. of not being able to walk without losing my balance, Dr. Soo performed a miracle with the hands God gave to him. Please contact him with your special needs. He is truly a genuine helper to mankind!
OMG! When I say this man is a God Send. I mean it 100%. I was in a car accident in 2016 which resulted in me needing back surgery. Before surgery, I couldn't walk upright & I had severe nerve pain shooting down my left leg. I was sent to get an epidural from another doctor 1st & that didn't work then I was referred to Teck -Mun Soo. He fixed my up. I am in my 4th month recovering & I'm doing well. He has the best bed side manner. He's very personable. I'd recommend him to EVERYONE!!!!!
Dr Soo is an amazing neurosurgeon. Thanks to him my husband is Not in a wheel chair. This is a physician who is an expert in his field & will move mountains to help you. After meeting with several neurosurgeons Dr Soo knew what type of surgery my husband needed & was willing to sacrifice his family time to make sure he got the care he needed. He did an anterior & posteior fushion with a corpectomy. My husband was able to walk the day after surgery. I would recommend him to everyone.
Dr. SOO is simply the "BEST" Neurosurgeon in History! I love his personality and his funny and excellent bedside manners and his personal time and consultation that he provides at every appt. He also have a great team of staff members. He performed my back surgery 11//23/14 and it was a great success. I healed quickly, and did not have to go to PT and I returned to work within 5-6 weeks after surgery. I have been doing well since the surgery. Thank you Dr. Soo for a job well done!
I was going to numerous Dr.'s over the past year with none of them figuring out my problem. Dr. Soo diagnosed it immediately and went to work to correct my constant pain and partial paralysis.
Simply the BEST. Dr. Soo has performed 3 fusion surgeries on my back in 2006,2010 and most recent in 2017 due to two car accidents and a fall. I was very impressed with the results all three times. The confidence he displays while he explains the procedure made feel at ease and ready to have surgery, Dr. Soo would say"Can you live with it?"( meaning the pain.) "Let me know when you are ready" We have a great time at appointments . He is a great listener, funny guy ,and the Best!
Dr. Bono was great. He answered all of my questions prior to my surgery. Very personable and professional. Unfortunately his office staff is another story. CONSTANT follow up for a work note and paperwork requested by my disability company. Messages were not returned, and they had no sense of urgency. I work for a company in which we've won 8 JD Power awards for outstanding customer service. Employees are terminated if emails and VM's are not returned within 24 hours. No excuses accepted.
Dr. Bono is a fantastic doctor with great bed side manners, compassionate and understanding, along with being very thorough regarding the surgery I needed. Dr. Bono gave me my life back, I'm forever grateful to him.
I was fed up with pain limiting my life and knew I had to make a change. Thank heaven I made that appointment. Once there he explained what needed to be done. He didn’t sugar coat my condition but he assured me he could make it better. I agreed and he performed an 8 hr surgery on my back. After 5 months, while still healing, I feel 99% better. He and his staff do all they can to make you comfortable before and especially after surgery. He is a very honest, caring and highly skilled surgeon.
I love that he is straight forward when he talks to you about your treatment options. I love his humor, I would highly recommend him to anyone.
I was bleesd to have Dr. Soo to be my surgent. Dr. Soo, is best in my book. Thank you so much for taking me as your patiente. Much respect for Dr.
if you need a doctor you can trust i highly suggest dr.soo
After having been denied surgery by several surgeons, my husband was referred to Dr. Soo. He evaluated his condition, agreed to perform surgery and explained the procedure and what could be expected. The surgery and recovery have been as explained, and the results are life changing. Dr Soo is caring, compassionate, communicates well, and has a great sense of humor. He is invested in his patients and in the staff he is training. For complex surgeries especially, he is the best in the area!
The office is very busy so getting ahold of Dr. Soo is a task. Overall I think he is a great doctor and is very good at what he does! God forbid I have any other back issues later on in life but if I do I will definitely be seeing Dr. Soo again!
Dr. Soo did an excellent job on correcting the poor work that some of the supposedly big names in SE Michigan neurosurgery had done to me. My experience with some of these "superstars" was that good or bad, after the cutting was done you were just a file. Even minor concerns such as a pinched spinal cord after a fusion were dismissed and I was treated like a whiner or drug seeker. Dr. Soo was extremely thorough, careful and very good at discussing/deciding treatment. Can't say enough good things
He's a angel sent from heaven the best surgeon ever. So patient and will make the room light up with his presents listens well and explains well and most of all he fix you very well. I came through emergency and had already had back surgery with another doctor but, the surgery didn't go so well Dr. Bono took my case and today I have no more problem. My angel
Lumbar tumor. Surgery. Dr. Soo saw my problem identified and gave a quick and direct solution. Asking: Can I live with the problem? My answer was no so surgery was the way to go. The office worked with me for surgery plans and my work medical paperwork so that I felt comfortable. Worked out well.
You don't get no better doctor than dr. Soo you took me in for an emergency surgery didn't even know him then I had more complications he was on vacation he answered the phone to get the question answer in the middle of the night this guy rocks thanks dr. Soo
Recommend by my own doctor who had Dr Bono take care of his brother for a similar problem I had. Very very pleased with outcome. Releaved years of back pain, now I can move about without severe pain. I am very pleased.
He is very knowledgeable, caring and takes time to explain things to you in a way you can understand them.
Overall experience was positive. Bedside manner was straightforward and pulls no punches, but a great sense of humor. Listen to his instructions prior to and after surgery and follow them to the letter. I had a fusion and laminectomy and was instructed to walk as much as possible after the surgery. I was walking right after surgery 3 times a day, every day and pushed myself and the results have been outstanding.
Even though Dr. Soo has a very busy office it is well worth the time. He is straight forward and not quick to do surgery if its not absolutely necessary which I can appreciate. He has a good sense of humor, is knowledgeable and confident in his abilities which puts you at ease. I would recommend him to anyone who has a spinal injury, a problem with a previous spinal surgery or someone who just needs advice on a spinal issue to determine whether surgery is even necessary.
I had never understood the chronic pain until experiencing it 24/7 in my cervical spine. Dr. Teck Soo through his gifted hands alleviated my pain almost immediately after he performed surgery to remove bone spurs due to arthritis. By day two post surgery, my range of motion returned which had been almost nonexistent without pain prior to Dr. Soo's incredible knowledge. He had seen the spurs on my MRI. He explained and used the posterior approach to correct my problem. He is HIGHLY recommended!
Dr. Soo is the best! He reads the MRI better than the Radiologist that sends the report. He is funny and yet caring. After a very major surgery he even called me at home to see how I was doing. My only criticism is that you always wait an hour or two before you get to see him.
Dr. Soo is a straightforward, brilliant, and pleasing neurosurgeon! I was diagnosed with Cervical Stenosis with Myelopathy. I am over 80 years old, and I was afraid of the risks involved with surgery. I had tried every form of conservative treatment for over a year with no relief. Dr. Soo studied my case and warned me about the risk of delaying surgery. He performed a Posterior Cervical Decompression and Fusion (C3 to T1). 4 months later, the surgery eliminated my pain and any risk of paralysis.
I have been seeing Dr. Teck Soo for many years. I find Dr. Soo to be a very knowledgeable, professional, caring and kind doctor. Dr. Soo has performed 8 spinal surgeries on me and all successfully. I would recommend Dr. Soo to anyone with back problems. He diagnosed me when no one else could after a year of seeing specialist after specialist. I trust Dr. Soo's opinion above any other doctor's opinion. Thank you Dr. Soo for making my quality of life the very best! I recommend you to everyone.
Dr. Soo is a skilled, straight-forward, knowledgeable surgeon who demonstrates common sense & expert practices. His training of Neurological students brings extra knowledge, insight & perspectives to any medical condition. My rating comes as a result of ER/mandatory surgery where I had less than 24 hours to evaluate his skills in spite of my active working presence within health care.
My husband has undergone 6 back surgeries, each difficult, complex and out of the box. After the first two surgeries by another neurosurgeon failed, Dr. Soo has used his considerable experise to put my husband back together. He understands quality of life, he is compassionate and kind...has called us out of the blue to check on my husband, seen us in his office at 8 o'clock at night on an emergency basis and scheduled emergency surgery in less than 24 hours. He is simply the best.
First - He immediately spotted the problem another doctor had missed. He was straightforward and explained my problem to me clearly. They scheduled my surgery quickly and he did a great job. I had a Cervical Laminectomy on C3 through C7 and Fusion from C2 to T1. I had no complications at all during surgery or following it. The surgery was 9 months ago and I'm feeling very good.
Dr Soo is an excellent doctor. I would give him 10 stars!! He explains things before and after. He did a surgery on my neck and 2 back operations. He is very thorough.I am 70 years old and I can walk again. After surgery he called me at home and asked how I was doing. He cares about people. His office is also very good.If you want the very best, Dr. Soo is the one.You cannot do any better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Doctor, I am very blessed to have you.
He is very conciderate and knowledgeable about what was wrong with me!!! I have seen other doctors and they didn't know what to do or what was wrong! The first time I saw Dr. Richards he knew what was wrong! A very good doctor!!!
My Health Specialist recommended Dr. Soo a number of years ago but it's not easy to jump into neck surgery. So I tried every type of relief. Dr. Soo suggested that he perform a laminectomy on my cervical spine. I was pain free in a couple of days and my muscle tension released in a couple of weeks. I played golf 6 weeks later, resumed wake boarding, water skiing and pickle ball. I am 64 years old and will now be able to stay healthy through sports thanks to Dr. Soo.
Dr. Soo is the only spine surgeon to whom I will refer my family and friends. Both my husband and I have experienced his expertise. A few years ago, Dr. Soo diagnosed me with a life-threatening bacterial infection in my back when others dismissed the problem. He literally saved my life. My husband has had three surgeries-lumbar fusions-which have succeeded in a more pain-free quality of life. Obviously, I cannot say enough about the quality of care from Dr. Soo.
Hey Dr. Soo it's Michael Hazime, I told you I was gonna leave you a review did I not? I stick to my word lol. Anyways, Dr.Soo is a great doctor to go too. He will take care of you, he has a great sense of humor and I would recommend any of my family or friends who have a problem with their back to go straight to Dr. Soo. He is the definition of a caring and friendly Doctor that knows exactly what he's doing. My back feels great now, I highly recommend Dr. Soo. Awesome guy, awesome Doctor.
he is a grate doctor he has a grate team.
Dr Soo has operated on two areas of my spine in the past two years. The results have so far been excellent. He is very skilled. He and his staff give good explanations of what to expect with each procedure and how the recovery is to be handled. Individual time is devoted to each patient. Questions asked are answered as truthfully as possible.
Dr.peter Bono did my neck and back surgery and I haven't felt this good in 25 years. Thanks Dr.Bono you are a true angel.
Dr. Soo is a very honest and straight forward surgeon. He will tell you what is wrong and what needs to be done to fix it. I had my SI Joint fused in 2012 and L2-L4 fused Sept 2016. I visited him again yesterday for back pain in a different area than the previous surgeries. He shared his interpretation of my MRI, explained there was no imminent danger and that I should wait until or if things get more painful. I left feeling assured that I was not causing any additional damage to my back!
Great Doctor. He corrected a dangerous spinal condition and I can give him the highest possible ratings as a Surgeon, for his bedside manner, follow up, professionalism, billing and administrative staff, and in every import metric that I could imagine. Excellent.
Dr Richards was friendly and very easy to understand. All information was explained to me so it was easily understood. He took the time to show me my x rays and MRI and point out where the problem was and what the problem was. Then with models of the spine he showed me what he was going to do. All staff I came in contact with were very helpful and friendly.
I went to Dr. Soo 5/19/16 in excruciating pain. Could barely walk, loss of reflex in right ankle,extreme weakness in right leg. Dr. Soo looked at my MRI and immediately scheduled me for surgery 6/3. This man is a miracle worker! I am now walking pain free with the small exception of the area where my new hardware went in. That's nothing! Still have several months of restrictions ahead of me - no bending, lifting over 5 pounds or twisting - small price to pay for no pain. Love this man!
Dr. Soo is wonderful! He truly believes surgery is the last resort and is completely honest with you , explaining your test results and options. I'm an Occupational Therapist and I know he cleans up many of the surgeries other spine specialists have performed with bad results. I was scheduled for a 5 level fusion and saw Dr. Soo for another opinion. Thank God I did. He told me I didn't need surgery and here I sm a year later doing fine! He has a great sense of humor and is very compassionate!
I went to Dr. Soo with 2 herniated discs in my neck. I had been in constant pain for almost a year. Dr. Soo recommended a disc replacement procedure. It was incredible how well it worked. I had the 2 discs replaced on Wednesday and went back to work full time on Monday. I have been pain free for over a year now. My only regret is that I didn't go to Dr. Soo sooner.
I am 1 month into a 6 month recovery and I have none of the debilitating pain which compelled me to get the surgery. I have relief from fractures, a significant vertebrae slippage, and a disc that was basically missing. This was my first back surgery, and I am fortunate to have gotten it done by Teck Mun Soo. I experienced a minimally invasive procedure where he accomplished much. He engaged me to instill confidence & made me know my challenging condition would get its special attention.
bad bad doctor
I had my L4 L5 laminectomy Fusion done 32 days ago. I have been walking for weeks without pain. I can walk for a full hour at the gym and will work up to walking five miles here shortly. I feel real good. I have not been able to hold myself together in 3 to 4 years. Standing walking Etc was very painful. Although I must take it easy and not lift or bend much, I am much happier that I can just simply walk without pain. I'm looking forward to my life returning back to normal over the months ahead.
Dr. Soo time with me when others wouldn't. The explanation of the procedure was easy to understand and I knew it was time to have the surgery. I can now walk without pain my toes Face Forward and my digestion has improved as well!
I would absolutely recommend Dr. Bono to anyone experiencing neck / spinal issues. He did an amazing job with the surgery, helped through recovery and created a great experience. I have sent several friends his way, and they all report positive experiences. :)
Outstanding surgeon. I first met Dr. Soo when he operated on my younger son, who was in a car accident. Not knowing anything about Dr. Soo, I kept asking my son Are you sure he's a good doctor?. I now know he had the very best. Surgery was a complete success. Dr. Soo is an exceptional, gifted and confident neurosurgeon. He is very compassionate and cares about his patients. He will take the time to explain everything to you and answer your questions. I would highly recommend him to anyone.
Dr. Soo performed lower back surgery on my wife in November of 2016 in which he successfully completed three fusions on discs that were severely herniated and/or degenerated which had resulted in extreme pain and loss of strength in her legs. Because the surgery was done with minimally invasive methods, she healed quickly and was immediately almost pain free. She was able to resume playing golf in six months. I strongly recommend Dr. Soo.
Within a year span, my father had over 20 ER visits due to his excruciating neck/back pain. He was sleeping an hour or two a night and was living a life of misery. We saw over 5 Neurosurgeons and not one of them could narrow down the issue. Finally, after visiting Dr Soo, within minutes he identified the problem from the MRI. His procedure was March 8th and today he is 100% PAIN FREE! My father describes him as one of Gods servants on earth. Overall phenomenal experience! Thank you Dr Soo!
Master Dr.Teck Mun Soo is the best. ( see other notes)
I have read many reviews about dr. Bono about not him not caring about what happens to you after surgery but I totally disagree. He did my surgery February of 2015 he did three of them total. The man came in at 7 a.m. on a Sunday morning and I will never forget that. He has seen me continually until this month and I've got another appointment for with him in 6 months. He has always shown great concern he's always been very professional yet very friendly at the same time. I gave dr. Bono 5 Stars
My experience with Dr. Soo was enjoyable. He has a great personality and treated me as a human and not a paycheck. His staff was VERY helpful in any questions or concerns I had. I was put at ease with the whole experience. Oh, did I mention he put a rod in my neck WITHOUT a scar. Very good work Doc! I was recommended to him and will recommend any one else that needs his specialties to him!
This guy just fused my L4-L5 vertebre. I am a 24 year old man who was having alot of pain everyday at all times. I now have my life back and I have to credit Dr Soo completely. My surgery went without issue. I had two prior surgery's and by far this one was the easiest recovery. I would reccommend Dr Soo to my family and friends.
I experienced HORRIBLE AND PAINFUL sciatica on entire left side for well over one year and tried acupuncture and then went to a chiropractor before I considered surgery. Dr Soo was HIGHLY RECOMMENDED and I am thankful I found him. My case was complicated! He is brilliant and passionate and the sciatica is 100% gone and my back feels great after only a few months. I LOVE THIS DOCTOR. Thank you Dr. Soo. He also has an interesting sense of humor which I enjoyed.
Cervical Fusion - Stenosis of the Neck
Dr. Soo is very knowledgeable and experienced. I had surgery in September 2015 on L2 through L5 and I am doing fine.
Following twenty years as a licensed physical therapist, I herniated a total of nine discs, most of which resulted in impingement to my spinal cord. I now credit my ability to ambulate, the control of my bile and bladder, my Independence in all activities of daily living as well as some of my ability to be an individual that can be productively contributing to society to the work I know THE CREATOR has done through the hands of Dr. Soo. He is a healer, a source of inspiration and a GOOD man
on March 1st, I had L3 to L5 fusion with Dr Teck Soo. The nagging pain i had for years in my right side and leg is completed gone. The incisions were so small and healed quickly. I do not know how he did it. My surgery was complicated because he discovered during surgery that I had back conjoined nerve root. It took an extra hour. I thank God for finding him. Another surgeon might not be able to fix this problem and caused permenant damage. I am still recovering but happy with the result
Very precise with information and exhibited a positive attitude.
Dr. Soo is amazing! He performed back surgery on me 5 years ago and I am doing wonderfully! I recommended him to my sister and he performed surgery on her neck c3 to t1. She is doing great also. Dr. Soo knows what he is doing and is extremely skilled at what he does!
Dr. Soo has an easy going bedside manner making a serious surgical procedure less stressful, and is an excellent surgeon (very proficient at his craft)
Dr. Soo is very intelligent and smart, he's caring and very sympathetic to his patients needs. The average doctors are so much in a rush, trying to get to the next patient, but Dr. Soo took his time, and made sure that I knew the procedure that he was performing on me, and made sure that I was comfortable with the operation. Dr. Soo and his staff was very professional and caring!!! I've already started recommending people with similar illness that I had to Dr. Soo!!!
Dr. Teck Soo is a brilliant genius who has returned life to me. I was in constant pain, could not walk, stand up straight, lean backwards or roll over in bed without suffering tremendously. The pain in my legs was unbearable. He reviewed my MRI and x-Rays and very confidently told me he could fix me. He gained my trust immediately with his knowledge and charming, caring personality. After percutaneous laminectomy & fusion, I am indeed free of all the symptoms. Make your appointment today.
I would definitely recommended Dr. Soo to anyone. He is very professional and has a great personality. He done brain surgery to me and I am doing well now. Thank you, Dr. Soo -- you are the best.
Very disappointed. Dr Bono did my surgery in 2013 after surgery I kept telling him that something was still wrong but he kept telling that my back was healed. I went to my doctor who had a MRI done which my Back Dr should have gotten done the MRI showed that my back was not healed so yes that meant back surgery 4. My question is do he really cares what happens to his patients. Now there nothing else that he can do for me so he has stopped giving me my meds to. So no that's not the kind of Dr
I love Dr Soo, incredible personality, sense of humor, gorgeous hair! Tech Soo operated on my Cervical spine C3-C7 & then my L3 & L4. I did well for 1 year. Turns out my L5 also needed surgery too. I have since found out I have Deg.Disc Disease, Rupured Disc, Artheritis & bone spurs thru out my entire Spine,Sublux of L5 leaks out. Oh, almost forgot I also have Sciatica! I am 57 years old & I must use a cane because the pain gets so serious I crumble to the floor & I'm flat on my back again
I cannot say enough about Dr Soo. He saved my life! I have had headaches for most of my life and Dr. Soo convinced me to take a chance with shunt surgery. After 2 surgeries I can honestly say my head pain is gone and Dr. Soo found a tumor that other professionals missed for decades. Does he have a large personality? You bet. But he was kind and caring and truly good to me and my family throughout the whole process. I would definitely recommend Dr. Soo. Linda
Dr. Soo has been a blessing to me. After receiving disappointing treatment for my back injury from other doctors, God brought Dr. Soo into my life in 2001 when problems resurfaced. I found Dr. Soo to be a very kind, compassionate, jovial, and skilled physician who, knowing my activity level and lifestyle (work, school, etc.) and my desire to avoid further surgery, chose other treatments before surgery. Surgery became necessary (Fusion revision with hardware) his follow up has been wonderful!
Explains everything thoroughly. Believes that surgery is the last option. My decision to move forward with surgery and completely satisfied. He answers all questions and ensures that patient is knowledgeable every step of the way. Highly recommend Dr. Bono.
Dr. Richards and practice was recommended to me by other medical professionals for treatment of constant sciatica from a herniated disc. My first visit was great, he spent at least 30 mins with me since I had a ton of questions on my MRI and treatment options. I had tried six weeks of conservative care prior to my appointment with dr. Richards. I selected to have dr. Richards perform the microdiscectomy first possible date. I am writing the day after surgery- I feel awesome! Thank you dr. R!
Doctor Peter Bono was recommended by another surgeon , I had some back problems for quite some time, Dr Bono kept track of the problem and when we both thought it was time to do the surgery because the pain had stopped me from doing my everyday chores and general living. I traveled over 3 hours each way to his office in Novi because I knew he was the one I wanted to work with. Doctor Bono took care of all the problems while doing the operation. A caring and expert man see him first and last!
I have had two corrective back surgeries performed by Dr. Soo. Both went well and healed without incident. Without question. I feel complete trust and confidence in Dr. Soo's competence to properly diagnose the problem and perform the proper procedure and, therefore, highly recommend his services to anyone suffering with serious back problems.
My Mom had back problems for more than 40 years. Every doctor and surgeon she saw told her there was nothing they could do to help her. Dr. Soo saw hope from the initial visit. He was willing to take the time to truly understand her condition and find an appropriate solution to bring her relief. I am very happy to say that our experience with Dr. Soo and his team was remarkable. His operation greatly reduced her back pain where nobody else was willing to make an effort with her difficult case.
He was great. Explained what my issues were and how he could fix them. I took his recommendation and I'm so happy I did . It's been 6 months since my surgery and I'm pain free. I was just released to resume normal activities. Golf course here I come. I would recommend Dr Soo and his partners to anyone looking for relief from pain. They really care about you and your recovery.
Dr. Teck Soo performed a cervical spinal fusion on me in September 2015. Before the surgery, I was experiencing severe neck pain with numbness in my shoulder, arm and hands; threatening quadriplegia. It is now January 2016, and post surgery results are no numbness, very little discomfort in neck and shoulder. Excellent improvement!
Dr. Soo has an amazing ability to make you feel comfortable around him and he REALLY listens and REALLY cares about helping people with their spinal conditions. Not only is he brilliant, he has a tremendous personality and he talks to you like a normal person. He has done (3) separate spinal surgeries in my family - including my recent minimally invasive lumbar fusion. I had 6 opinions and went with him because I felt VERY at ease with him. He is very successful for a reason. *****experience! A+
I had emergency surgery Christmas day 2015 due to a herniated disc. Dr Soo performed a Discectomy. The surgery was a complete success. I could barely walk prior to the operation and today I can walk pain free. I would give Sr Soo my highest recommendation and I am a tough grader.
He instilled confidence that I could be repaired, then he came through with royal colors. I wish I would have met him 3 miserable years ago. He told me I would enjoy walking again and so far so good. None of the old pain. I highly recommend Dr. Bono to anyone, but I do hope I don't have to visit him again, ever.
Infusion Surgery Dr. Teck Soo is an exceptional surgeon. I was in excruciating pain every day especially down my arm. After healing from the surgery the pain down my arm was gone. It?s getting stronger every day. I thank you and truly appreciate you Dr. Teck Soo for making me better.
One of the BEST spine surgeons in the US
this was very hard for to go ahead with this surgery for me put after meeting Dr. Soo my truth in him change for the better and he was right great job a little cut on the side of my nick and he was done recovery was not to hard but I was okay walking good what a awesome doctor thank you so much.
Spinal surgery. Confident. Did not waste time. Diagnosis accurate. Surgery complete and sucessful.
Dr Richards was awesome. I was immediately comfortable with him, he explained more to me about the issues for my back pain and my test results than any other provider. He made me feel like I was the only patient he had at that time, spending a great deal of time with me and answering all my questions. I did not hesitate to schedule my surgery with this gifted surgeon. However his staff leaves a lot to be desired. They made me feel like I was imposing and they never return calls.

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