Dr. Debo is the most compassionate doctor I have ever known. He listens carefully, and provides a unique treatment plan based upon your specific symptoms and areas of disability. Dr. Debo is an advocate for each patient. He introduced me to the Graston Technique, and it has changed my life. I would highly recommend Dr. Debo. His office on the west side is in Novi.
Working the healthcare field as i did for many years I was able to see both good and not so good practitioners. I would have to say that Dr. Thomas Neuner is excellent, above good, for his kind and gentle caring of his patients. He goes beyond what is considered excellent treatment and concern for his patients. His office staff is of the same caliber, kind and caring and concerned!!
Not enough space to explain all so ill just say this ive suffered chronic pain and fatigue since 1989 after coming out of a voluntary drug rehab i couldnt find a dr. To help at all then by gods grace i met dr grias this dr has turned my life around since i started seeing her in 2010 she didnt judge my past she knew i needed help she wasnt afraid to take a chance with me has supported me even when i stumbled she is a very compassionate caring human being and physician. To me an angelof mercy
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