Very friendly, caring, thorough and considerate. Best Doctor I've every had.
Office staff is incredibly rude. Dr. Doesn't share test results just talks about them.
Caring and really concerned about your health, welcoming questions with helpful answers.
Dr. Wile is knowledgeable on a wide range of illnesses (as a GP should be). He also has a great sense of humor and is very empathetic. He is able to draw out the questions I had when I entered the office, but usually seem to forget. He has been a trusted doctor of mine for many years. I never, ever feel rushed when I am in to see Dr. Wile.
She made an uncomfortable experience comfortable by telling jokes and smiling the whole time. I really like her!
Dr. assured me the growth in my neck was no problem--it was aggressive cancer. I fell head first onto concrete hitting the left side of the top of my head. The ER physician said no damage. Shortly I began to experience increasing memory loss. Doctor stated that at my age I could not expect my brain to work the way it did when I was twenty. He would not refer me to a doctor who specializes in elder memory problems. I am currently seeking a different family physician.
Excellent physician.
Great, he listens to you, and doesn't shove you out in 30 sec, takes all the time he needs.
Appt was for upper respiratory issues caused by a medicine. After a 40+ minute wait, he shows up looking at the clock because the only thing on his mind is 5 PM is when he considers himself off work, even if it meant only spending 4 minutes with a patient. As such, everything was unprofessionally rushed through. Shortest answers given to any questions asked. When the clock struck 5, he said "see ya, and I don't want to catch your cold", even though I didn't have a cold.
Thought I was having indigestion for a few weeks. He did labs and an EKG. He picked up details that other people missed and had me evaluated by a cardiologist. A heart cath revealed multivessel heart disease. After working with cardiology, I am alive and well. That would not be the case were it not for Dr. Chapman. Owe him my life.
My diabetes was uncontrolled with a hga1c around 15 but he gave me hope. He changed a number of my prescriptions and we carefully evaluated my diet. We had regular appointments for a number of months and now my hga1c is 6. My life is so much better. He is positive and gives great explanations. The best physician ever.
I inherited him after my doctor retired, tried to work with him but he seems overly focused on himself and not the care and help that I needed. Little to no bedside manner. I told him I was having all these problems and he just washed his hands of me and told me I should go see someone else... I am looking for new doctor. Scheduling takes about 3 months, and have to sometimes drive to Three Rivers. I felt like I had to fit into his life and schedule.
Best doctor ever. I had not been feeling well and he did a workup which picked up an abnormal heart rhythm. He saved my life as the atrial fibrillation could have caused a stroke. There is no better doctor available.
Knowledgeable doctor who listens.
This is a horrible physician! I would not recommend him to anyone. I now suffer from panic attacks and heart palpitations every day because he took me off the medication I was stable on for 2 years. My heart almost stopped beating because of his incompetence. He does not listen to patients. His decisions are not well grounded. Avoid this doctor at all costs. He doesn’t have a clue what he is doing. He now works for Spectrum Health.
Made an appointment and waited six weeks to only meet with him for less than 10 minutes for him to tell me that I was not a good fit for him or the practice and dismissed me. Told me to seek care throw Bronson Health instead of Borgess Health. Kept my $20 copay and billed my insurance.
Very unlikely to ever refer. Very not personable. First visit "look I like talking to you but I have two kids in college and I have to keep moving down the line
I would recommend Dr. Mumford to anyone in need of a great GP. Very professional and up on the latest procedures and has an awesome bedside manner. She believes in whole Heath and Body healing. She's not an advocate of throwing pills at a problem. The dietb and exercise program she recommended for me, in addition to the referral to a specialist for my heart issues was golden. She stands highly recommended.
I was having trouble foot pain. I had been to two other Doctors with no relief from pain. Dr Goodwin took a few x-rayt. Pushed at my foot a few times. Came up with a treatment plan. My pain as been gone over a year now. I Have been able to get back to my busy life of Family, work and staying active. Thank you.
Dr. Martinek is the best ever. Kind, compassionate, really listens and takes excellent care of his patients
I have been seeing Dr. Makowski for the past 6 years and find him knowledgeable and concerned about my health. His early diagnosis has been most helpful controlling any problems which have arisen.
Dr. Chapman, is an outstanding Doctor. It took along time to find a Doctor like him. I am very thankful for him. He is friendly, concern about his patients. I would recommend him for anyone.
He saved my live. So very much in debt to him.
A warm provider. Very smart and great explanations.
No, would not recommend her, Doctor would not listen to my wife about her sensitivity to drugs. She put my wife on a drug that made her very ill. The reaction to the drug and it took her 3 days to get over it.
Personable, caring and competent.
Shoves her opinion about treatment options down your throat. Unable to accept patients making informed decisions that differ from what she would do as a patient. Obviously doesn't believe in a patient's right to self-determination.
He is an outstanding and compassionate physician. I am fortunate that he is my physician. Can hardly make a higher recommendation.
Doesn't kick the can down the road like a lot of the MD's like to do. Dr. Ku addresses the issue on the spot and won't prescribe a ton of unnecessary 'tests' that do nothing other than drive up medical costs and indemnify the practice.
Dr. Graham was wonderful. I had an issue with my feet and he ended up noticing other things that were also ailing me. Ye is easy to talk to and thorough.
Very attentive to my needs and thorough! Lots of questions and doesn't seem to assume how I'm feeling which is such a difference from other doctors I've had. So thankful to have him prescribing my mood medicines! (As is my fiancé) ;) I'd definitely recommend Dr. Helgerson :)
Helpful and accurate diagnosis.
Excellent caring doctor
Dr. Makowski is always well prepared for my appointment, very familiar with my history and likely concerns. His examinations are very thorough. He is a very good listener and never causes you to feel rushed. I recommend him highly.
tends to jump to conclusions instead of discussing issues thoroughly. medical notes of multiple office visits, which I later received copies of, were condescending, and diagnoses was incorrect.
He is kind, listens to what you are saying, spends an adequate amount of time with you, and willing answers your questions. Also, he takes the time to educate you about your illness or injury. Highly recommend. The office does a great job of scheduling you in if you have an urgent need to be seen. The staff is very friendly.
My husband and I have both have Dr Graham as our primary doctor for many years,. He is the best doctor we have ever had. He Is truly concerned about his patients. He takes time to listen. If he is busy, its worth the wait. That tells me he is a good doctor, taking time to listen to his patients, even is it takes a little more time.
Great doctor with a wide range of knowledge. He always has the answers to my problems. Thanks Dr. H!
My experience is he literally saved my life!!. I was extremely addicted to percocet and was scared to tell a doctor about it but finally got courage to do it. So I chose a new family doctor and it was Doctor ku I knew nothing about him but took a leap of faith and he was the most understanding, compassionate,knowledgeable Dr.about addiction I had ever met.he didn't judge me he helped me which is more then I can say about most doctors. Thank you Dr. Ku I'll never forget how you saved my life. Ben
shows no interest in patient, no follow up calls
Dr. Pete Newhouse has been my doctor for nearly 40 years. None better , I have been treated by him for everything including my heart problems.

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