Very intelligent, friendly and understanding.
Awful. Pure ego and cultural ineptitude control his decisions about how HE will prescribe medications. No input from your therapist, no input from patients, it is Hussain and ONLY Hussain that will choose what you will take based on very little to no information. He is like visiting a personified beta version of WebMD with a bow tie. Be very careful and research any medications that he prescribes you before taking them. The office staff is rude, more than 7 min. late results in them canceling.
He is very compassionate and caring. I've been seeing him for two years. I would recommend him to anyone.
I've been seeing Dr. Hussain for over a year and really hate him as a doctor. The only reason I don't switch doctors is because my schedule is so busy I don't have time to establish myself with someone new. Dr. H. is so rude and condecending. He pressures you to accept treatment you don't want. He has blatantly insulted me to my face more than once. When it happened I was so in shock I did not know what to say or do so I just took it. Just thinking about having to see him gives me anxiety.
Does not care about patients and does not listen to anything that you feel might be relevant information for him to have. Going into his office is anxiety producing and he creates a hostile environment. Very rude and dismissive. Avoid this doctor.
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