Dr. Poletes is the absolute best! After my double mastectomy, Dr. Poletes did an absolute wonderful and professional removal of additional breast tissue, referred to as, "dogs ears"! I have shared my experience with everyone that I have come in contact with because of the excellency of his career. I even offered to have photos taken of before and after to share with other cancer patients and the public. My experience was through his private practice on Michigan.
I had a great experience with Dr Poletes. My breast reduction turned out excellent. My outcome couldn't have been better. Dr Poletes takes extreme pride in his work and is truly an artist. His entire staff was very nice and helpful.
I could not be happier and more content with the outcome of my cosmetic surgery, performed by Dr. Poletes. He is a great doctor, and an unbelievably skilled surgeon. He removed three moles from my face. One large one on my cheek, and two smaller ones. I had my stitches removed TWO days ago, and there is almost no sign of scarring. There is redness like a rash, but that's it. Unbelievable. Not sure if this result is typical, but I give all the credit to Dr. P! Cannot recommend him enough
I was referred to Dr. Wu by my primary care physician. There was a small growth on my face and it has bothered me the longest time. Before I walked in, I was expecting to get a consultation and then come back for the treatment. However, Dr. Wu solved the problem on the spot, on her own, with no help from anyone and it took her no more than 2 minutes. I was so impressed and would highly recommend Dr. Wu.
He was very informative on what to expect during and after my surgery. Procedure went well. all of my appointments were able to be scheduled quickly and sometimes last minute. I have complete trust in his abilities and would see him again.
He is quiet, and takes awhile to get him to personally open up. His bedside manner is very professional, however, he is also very compassionate if you communicate with him. He answered ALL my questions. He was not as forthcoming with information as I would have liked - as in I don't think he prepared me in terms of understanding the severity the course of my disease would take, however, he took loads of time with me to make sure I was getting the treatment I needed.
Wonderful doctor. I have been seeing him for over 10 years. Would recommend him to anyone and several of my family members are his patients as well.
He is a very good doctor
His diagnosis of brachioradial pruritus was correct. However, he said he couldn't do anything for me. I asked explicitly whether there are any creams that can relieve the itch and he said there were none, that I'd have to talk with a neurosurgeon or orthopedic surgeon. Why didn't he know that capsaicin is known to be effective? Why did he not know that there are other local anaesthetics that can be effective? Other medications are also proving effective.
You will mostly see student doctors here, so you can get a fast appt. One foreign doctor messed up my accutane prescription because he didn't understand pharmacy policy. The pharmacy said it was illegal to do it the way the was suggested so I was without accutane for two weeks in a 6-month treatment cycle. I wasn't offered an apology by anyone at the office, in fact I was talked down to by a *receptionist* as if the Doctor wouldn't have said that. The idea didn't come from me. Be cautious here.
Dr. Xu is a very quite man doesn't take much but as he gets to know you he is a excellent Doctor.. A no nonsense kind of man
Dr. English is very competent and professional. She is thorough, good at explaining things, and friendly. She is also a kind person. I would highly recommend her to family and friends.
I have been seeing Dr. Gregory Messenger for about 34 years now. He has helped me with just about everything a guy can go thru between the ages of 18 - 52. He is a great doctor. My dad, wife and kids have been to him as well. It is my opinion the Dr. Messenger is an EXCELLENT DERMATOLOGIST.
Apologetically I was just pulling in the drive at the scheduled appointment time. And I was pleased he was still avalable to see me. I was pleased with his information on treatment and support. A great Dr. Xu, and wonderfull beautiful staff. Nice visit, and great team work provided to me. :)
Perhaps one of the most dissatisfying medical experiences I've ever had. The consultation was not a consultation at all. He asked me what i wanted from him, offered no explanation nor remedy. I expected some kind of help, not a non response. i am a retried hospital administrator with over 30 yrs experience both in the military and civilian facilities. I started my career as a combat medic/OR Tech during Viet Nam and continued through Dessert Storm as a hospital commander. extremely upset

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