Wanted to rush me, but then spent much time lecturing me.
Great doctors and staff! World class.
Iris is the best of the best. Her enthusiasm, professional manner, and medical expertise made my visits a pleasure. It is because of her that I sought treatment for a condition unrelated to arthritis. In the course of my visit I mentioned an overall decline in my general health. She ordered complete blood work, and through it we discovered that I was in kidney failure. My family doctor was informed, and I recovered when the cause was discovered and treated. She was truly a lifesaver.
Dr. Cagnoli is very caring and explains things well when I have questions.
Always professional, compassionate and outstanding care. Iris is my most trusted medical professional and helps me to see things through a different perspective. As complicated as things are she has never given up and is always up for the challenge. The staff is courteous and helpful.
When I first saw Dr. Sina, I was so miserable. My back, ribs, hip had been aching & bothering me for months to the point I thought I would never feel good again. Dr. Sina worked his magic & got me back to where I could function comfortably & enjoy life again. Unfortunately, I have moved to Ohio and cannot find a OMM doctor that can do the same for me as Dr. Sina. Have only found one here in my area and he is unable to bring me relief.
She is wonderful-always listens to me. Very knowledgeable and experienced.
Very informative and listens
Dr. Beals is knowledgeable and caring. She listens to her patients and spends time with them. Most of the time you will have to wait past your scheduled time to see Dr. Beals. I don't mind the wait time because I know Dr. Beals is spending the same quality time with another patient that she spends with me. She is worth the wait.
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