Miss you dearly Nan!! You were always there for me when I was not right. Thank you for caring!
Please do not go see this doctor. She insisted I had acid reflex because I drank a cup of coffee. I told her my symptoms and explained this wasn't the case. She prescribed me antacids. I went immediately for a second opinion with another Doctor elsewhere. I have Bronchitis and pneumonia, not acid reflex.
Dr. Sward is a rockstar. He has my numbers in great shape. He listens incredibly well, explains in laymen's terms what he thinks. Thanks Dr. Sward for your medical help.
Dr. Sward works great with other medical staff and does a great job making sure I get the help that I need. Dr. Sward is a straight and honest person, he will tell you like he see things but also listens to the patient and their concerns also.
Dr. Peters-Sparling was not a good listener to my health concerns. I went to her for three years with the same continual ailments and symptoms being brought up. Eventually I had enough and decided to seek another opinion elsewhere. She was not familiar with my medical history and dismissed or ignored my complaints.
Treats me like I am his only patient. Listens well. Excellent manner. Thorough and obviously well trained.
I saw him at Urgent Care in Grand Rapids. With a smirk on his face, he asked why I thought I had strep. I explained my symptoms and that I've always gotten it until I was 13. He used his own swab method, told me I was wrong and sent me home with Tamaflu. He ignored my questions. My pain was so bad, I went to the ER the next day where I was diagnosed me with strep without a swab and was given antibiotics, pain meds and a steroid. Less than 24 hours later, I feel amazing.
I'm so thankful to her. She's attentive, cares genuinely, and takes my concerns seriously. I feel very safe and comfortable in her office. She saved my life.
She made me afraid to go to the doctors. I've seen her since 2007 and there were times where she should have ordered health tests and blood tests for me but didn't. I had serious untreated health problems because of her negligence and dismissiveness. Last time I went there she didn't look at or get my files and expected me to know my complete medical history. The office should have those files I don't expect her to remember me, but come on. This office doesn't let you switch doctors.
Can't get in when sick. Miss Treatment. Had to go to E.R. because he would not put me on any meds. that I needed, got so sick had to go to E.R. and the E.R. doctors wanted to know why my doctor was not doing anything for me. E.R. doctors were not happy since Dr. Sward is in the same hospital. The last time I went in to his office ,I was told that I only get 10 min. with Sward. He did not listen to what was wrong, wrote thing down wrong. The ins. co. still pay him the same amount/10 min as 30min.

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