The worst doctor ever. I would not call him a doctor at all. My husband and I visited Mr.Zink because my husband needed help, instead we were kicked out of the office. On the top of this horrible unprofessional behavior, Mr. Zink told us that NOBODY in his office would see my husband as a patient. We have to travel to Grand Rapids to see a real gastroenterologist, who actually cares about thier patients not their pockets.
When I had ulcerative colitis, Dr Zink put me in the hospital for 8 days with no plan other than IV steroids, which were not working. Eventually my colon perforated and I lost the whole thing, and went septic, with a major infection. Best thing I can say is I went to someone else to have all of my surgeries done.
Dr. Serdahely is an excellent doctor with a perfect bedside manner.
Very knowledgeable and easy to discuss medical issues with Dr. Zink. I was very impressed with the staff and the entire office.
If you have celiacs do NOT go see him, I seemed to know more than he does. Offered no treatment, no plan, what to do's, nothing except let's do this test $$$, this test $$$, and this test $$$, that were not necessary. Worst $334.00 for 1 visit I spent.
Dr. Fuentes is the right kind of doctor for me. She is professional, courteous and no nonsense. I wanted a doctor who would listen to me and give me options (not always force prescriptions on me) and she's been great about offering treatment options and getting me referred to specialists for sleep and OB/GYN when needed.
great experience with rountine colonoscopy, and followup in scheduling special CT scan in Grand Rapids (not available in Holland}
She is the worst Dr. there could be. Uncaring and just giving a shot in the dark diagnosis. Takes advantage of Spanish speaking people. She told my friend that she needed a heart transplant it turns out that was false. This caused my friend so much anxiety until my friend went to see a specialist whom gave her a very different report. This Dr. also gave my elderly friend some medicine where my friend could not wake up. I hope someone finally wakes up to what this Dr. is doing.
I feel Dr. Goodwin is a very good surgeon. But on top of that, he is very caring and explains everything very carefully.
The WORST doctor I have had. Total lack of compassion or reasurance. When I saw her she made me feel like I was faking all my symptoms. I have been going to urgent care when I have need of visiting a doctor for a year instead to go to her office to be humiliated. If there was a minus star I would give it to her.
Dr Fuentes has been very professional with me and my family. We appreciate how she transmit her medical knwdlege translating on a non medical language all of our concerns. Thank you Dr Fuentes
Dr Scott is a caring physician, taking time to assess health issue and explain it to me. I have been with Dr Scott for years and trust his input and judgement.
Concerned and caring about situation. Time was taken for what i needed to know and understand.
I went in on Thursday after going to the ER for Vertigo & ringing in the ear. Wed I went to the ENT and lost a significant amount of hearing in my right ear. I went in Thursday because my neck had become stiff and I had a horrible migrane all day. Dr Fuentes didn't even get to hear about my new symptoms because she said the ENT is already prescribing a treatment which is a steroid for a POSSIBLE inflammation of my inner ear...wasn't even confirmed by him. She wasn't even wiling to discuss.
My 88 year old father needed urgent surgery for a large colon tumor. Dr. Fletter was very thorough in his explanation of the condition and treatment needed. He patiently answered many questions, both from my sister and I who have health care experience, as well as from my elderly parents. At both the pre-op and post-op visits we did not feel at all rushed. As well as being a skilled surgeon, Dr. Fletter was very kind to my Dad and our family.
Dr Goodwin was wonderful! He has a wonderful personality and is a wonderful Dr. ,he answered all questions I had .
I have had ulcerative colitis for 50 years and recently moved to the Holland area from the east side of Michigan. I have relocated many times and have had to change doctors just as many times. Found Dr Zink and am very satisfied with him.
My 65 year old mother who doesn't struggle with lying arrived home after her appointment with Dr. Fletter today: her feelings were hurt and she was treated poorly by this guy who showed my mom an unstable rude bedside manor. Her and her husband felt dismissed and treated like it would be reported, well here I am sharing my mothers traumatic visit with this Doctors degenerate behavior. Towards my Mother who he assumed wouldn't share each rude detail of her disheartening visit with Dr. Bruce
Very kind and made me feel very comfortable even though it's not a fun procedure!
Would not provide a consult to explain new findings in endoscopy, would have to wait months for appt. as new patient.. They wanted me to talk to my PCP about it. How was I not already his patient? Did not respond to written statement pleas for short consult. Does procedure, no follow through.

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