I am so glad that I saw Dr. Park . I did not expect to be seen so soon, after I handed in my referral letter unlike other doctors -it would take a couple of months. He is the doctor that listen to patient concerns and urgency about our health. He takes his time to explain all my concerns and worries. Not like other doctors just rushing for their time and push you out the door. Dr. Park is so easy to relay the message and he also make jokes to make you feel relaxed.
Dr. Qureshi was consulted regarding management of kidney functions during a recent hospital stay following placement of a stent to facilitate removal of several kidney stones. Since I only have one kidney, his involvement was vital. During 2 bedside visits on Easter weekend he clearly analyzed and explained the factors involved in diagnosing what was going on and laid out a concise treatment plan to return my kidney functions to acceptable norms, which produced excellent results in just 1 day.
I saw Dr. Bhatt yesterday with my husband present. He is one of the best doctors I have ever seen. He was very explanatory and took time to answer all my concerns. I would highly recommend him.
Highly recommend Dr. Duhn
He is the greatest Nephrologist I have EVER had!!! Whenever I hear of someone not satisfied with their doctor, I ALWAYS tell them to go see Dr. Bhatt.
Dr. Qurestion is willing to listen to me and answers my many questions. He is always patient , cheerful and shows empathy at every visit. My experiences have been very pleasant.
To provide outstanding care to all patients. We strive to make sure patients leave our office feeling well informed, care for and understood. Spanish

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