She is awesome and the best doctor i have ever had!!! I thank her very much for helping me!!
Horrible experience. I don't want to recommend him.
After seeing my Rheumatologist for nearly 30 years, he closed his office and moved with his family to the east coast. My husband and I were sad as we thought we'd never find another Rheumatologist who could compare with our former one. We're happy to say we're extremely pleased with our new Rheumatologist, Dr. Vladimir Ognenovski, M.D., he's everything we hoped for!
I had a terrible experience with him. Informed him of my history of liver problems and put me on a medication without checking enzymes--I had another doctor check and they tripled in 22 days on med. Contacted him, switched to a different medication and now he states he shows me only on the first one. Was very lackluster when I was there, not interested in anything I had to say. Requested new physician as I do not have confidence in him.
Dr. Marks diagnosed me with ankylosing spondylitis at the age of 18 and treated me until I was 27 and graduated the University of Michigan Medical School. A true physician-scientist, Dr. Marks is competent, professional, and astute. He was one of my original clinical instructors, even though neither he nor I knew it at the time. I have my health and function thanks to him.
Dr. Knight is the perfect doctor! He went over and above in his attempt to help me and he did so in a timely fashion with kindness and compassion! I wish there were more doctors with Dr. Knight's qualities!
She is very knowledgeable and thorough. She does not rush through the appt. she takes the time to listen. Her care has helped me to feeling better than I have in a long time.
Would not recommend her to anyone!! Waited ten months for my appointment.. Spent 45 mins with her student, and 10 minutes with her.. Very unprofessional!!
Listens to what I say and includes me in my treatment plan. Wish all doctors were like her
Excellent physician that has helped me for close to 30 years with my RA
Didn't explain things. There was no discussion about the disease. Questions went unanswered. Dr. Khanna kept trying to explain away scleroderma symptoms as diabetes when he was the one who diagnosed me with scleroderma. Since he acted like I didn't have Systemic Scleroderma, obviously there was not any plausible treatment plan other than the clinical trial. We;d fill out paper work on my progress and no one took a second look! Sad!

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