Best doctor I've ever had. Really is in this profession for the right reasons . Don't know what I'll do without him as my doctor. Good luck dr. And all the best to ya, and thanks for being my doctor
Worst doctor I've ever been too. Had a terrible personality and didn't give me the time of day when I was looking for her help and knowledge. She make me out to feel like I was faking pain and nothing was wrong with me. She ran one test and sent me on my way with a pain killer and antibiotics not at all helpful. She recommend I go to a primary care doctor. You shouldn't have to go to two doctors.
Worst pediatrician we have seen. He is always careless and impatience. We have been waiting for more than 15 minutes today to hear he is talking to nurse about his travel. He is very un-professional. We decided to changed our pediatrician provider because of his bad attitudes to patient.
Friendly, to the point. I'd appreciate it if he asked more questions. He's very likeable and responsive to my needs.
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