I went to Dr. Jarvi"s Office to purchase a new frame for glasses prescribed by another optometrist. I gave the woman who waited on me the size of the bridge for my glasses. She told me that she had to place an extremely large heavy device on the bridge of my nose . This was not related to my vision. Now my nose and the bridge of my nose really hurt!! I now have a bright RED SWOLLEN spot on the right side of my nose extending from the bridge to the base of the right nostril!! Injured.
I was a returning patient after 3 years and got caught up in the Office Park Complex where Jarvi's office is located...no addresses on the bldgs, etc. Anyway I was late by 11 minutes. Appointment was for 2 PM and I arrived at 2:11. I then stood in line at the check in desk for another 6 minutes. When it was my turn I was told I was too late; office policy 10 minutes late appt. cancelled. Of course back & forth like this policy never mentioned, etc. I left. embarrassed. Will find another MD.
Very busy, but took the time to answer my questions. Technically excellent and great outcome.
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