Totally disappointed - waited for an hour and literally got 5-7 minutes of his time. He quickly said he feels I have Neuromas and gave me the option of ortho inserts, an injection (of what, he didn't say?) or talk to his partner about having surgery. I chose inserts. He told the nurse to get the script and he walked out in the hall. I asked while he was in the hall what causes this and he replied, " too tight of shoes, it's in the pamphlet I gave you." I would not recommend him to anyone.
Dr. Hance came in after hours to do a hip dislocation closed reduction in the OR for me. He was thorough, professional and good natured. My hip is doing great, in large part, because of the great care I received. Hope not to return but am thankful to Dr. Hance and his team.
This incorrect diagnosis kept me in pain for months until I finally got a second opinion from a different physican. He didn't seem to be listening to what I said, and despite asking several times, he never answered my questions. He did not review x-rays with me. I was so disappointed and still in so much pain. Physical therapy?! Thank goodness I was eventually referred to a physician who listened to me and then took the time to show me my x-rays, explain the situation, and the treatment options!
Did not listen to patient and ignored a serious issue. Luckily I had a bad feeling about it and got another opinion and was told he was wrong and got it taken care of before serious damage was done. This man should not be practicing.
Seemed extremely rushed and didn't really give me any time to ask questions about the diagnosis he provided me. I left his appt feeling pretty frustrated.
He listens, he's direct, explains what's going on medically, and takes the time to answer questions. I really appreciated that he understood my goals.
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