I like Dr. Khawaja as he takes time to explain things to his patients. Not in a rush like others I've been to. Knowledgeable and shows me proof sources for his recommendations. With his help my diabetes is under control with zero meds.
Dr. Khawaja is more concerned about his personal liability then your health. He seems to have a holistic approach rather then medical. Never shown concern on how i feel verses his opinion. Never seemed to care what I had to say. His response was to deal with the side affects rather then medication to fix it Finally switched doctors.
Dr. Khawaja is very personable, takes time to connect with you, open to questions, explains very well, provides perspectives and insights.
Dr. Khawaja is very thoughtful and caring. He goes above and beyond to help.
Dr Naji as we call him, was my hubbie's doctor and I was so impressed I switched to him myself!

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Internal Medicine
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