I was a patient untill just today when i was told to go else where after having a bad pain day on Wednesday i called to see if my script got signed yet after 2 and a half days of waiting with nothing for my chronic pain and it was not and i got upset and had an outburst that i did call back and apologise for twice but i guess patient are not entitled to have bad days and lose our temper i guess he's just perfect.
I've been seeing Dr Howard for 3 yrs now for my wound care, I couldn't ask for a more caring, compassionate Dr ever. He really cares about his patients & goes above & beyond to see that there needs are met! Just love him!
Dr. Skurski is approachable and patient, was not rushed at all during our visit, and really showed care and concern about my emerging issues as well as my overall health. I am SO happy I switched to her as my PCP.
Dr. Howard helped me finally get the help I needed with my anxiety.
He is an excellent Dr.! I've been going to him for years. When I went in to say I wasn't feeling good, he jumped on the problem and had me having Ultra Sound test the next day. Had his nurse call me THAT afternoon, it was my Gall Bladder & it had to come out, it was falling apart and could hemorrhage in a short time. I can always count on him, he's pleasant, takes the time w/me, helps me to understand what I'm dealing with. I feel safe because he is also a Christian. I recommend him all the time
Very Good. Dr Tackett has been My Doctors for over many years!
If you feel like being misdiagnosed, taken advantage of and left out to dry. By all means visit this office. I feel as if their main goal is to get you in and get you out for as much as possible. Lakeland in general doesn't care about their, "Customers". Their staff and nurses are great, but as usual. The doctors are severely lacking.
Dr. Johnson takes time to listen to each patient. She takes all information a patient tells her and gives suggestions or tells patient what can be done. She will let the patient know if this course of action is a must or if the patient can wait a while before following thru with the recommended action-to see if condition improves on its own.
The best for me.
I am currently a patient of the office, and my son, who wasn't a patient at the time, was sick. I called the office requesting an appt, and normally they do not see new patients same day, but the front office spoke to Dr Howard and he stated to bring him in right away. They worked to get my son in on short notice, and even as a new patient. I love the office, and the staff and Drs are wonderful. Dr Fulbright was attentive and friendly, and Dr Howard was extremely accommodating. Thank you so much
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