Potluri is the worst. His bedside manner is nonexistent. Before my surgery a tool he reserved was in use by another doctor and my surgery was delayed. He threw a fit like a child and tried to bully me to reschedule. When I refused he insisted I file a complaint with the hospital about the delay & I should call the Govorner to take it as high as possible. He as no empathy and is very rude. If you are referred to him I would recommend asking for a different Dr.
Excellent experience, everything went as promised, thanks Dr!
Found this doctor to be dismissive of concerns. Was unwilling to give any practical medical guidance beyond his very specific specialty i.e. wouldn't know anything about that, go see someone else for that. Found his physical examination overly aggressive. Mildly upsetting experience. Would not recommend. Overall practice, office staff etc. very professional and friendly.
Was able to see Dr. Potluck approximately 10 minutes before surgery and had never met him before. Received surgery. Never saw him again and was discharged 2 days later from hospital and his office will call you. No pain meds prescribed and told to take Tylenol for pain and bladder spasms. Called office and told they would me with appointment and pain and spasms normal and MD does not see patient in hospital after .
Dr. Blix found my bladder cancer in 2009, due to gross hematuria that was mistakenly identified by another physician as post-menopausal bleeding. Dr. Blix removed tumor and treated me dilligently for nearly six years. in 2015 the pathology showed cancer turned even more aggressive, so I was referred out Chicago, where an aggressive clinical trial and treatment could be perfored. Dr. Blix is highly recommended by me, and the level of care I received from him was second to none.
Twice Dr. Bour has surgically removed my rather large - and simultaneously - concurrent small kidney stones. The procedures lasted for hours and were a great success. My recovery was quick and without incident. Dr. Bour is insightful when I describe problems that I may be having. I do not communicate well verbally, but he always seems to get what I am trying to convey.
unprofessional !!!!!!!!!!!! . . . .
He is very kind and aweome and I love him too much. His deal very nice with me
I am 15 weeks pregnant and had a kidney stone removed by Dr. Issackson, the stent was put in wrong and he blamed the nurse, he finally came and checked on me when I was in the hospital and ripped the stent out and put a new one in without any anesthetic or warning. He then told me to schedule a recheck with my PCP not him, and I haven't seen him since. A week later I ended up in ER because I couldn't urinate due to swelling I now have a cath in me and am seeing a new urologist.
Dr. Blix was attentive, explained everything thoroughly.
It took three months to get into him for the biopsy and involved two cancellations on his part. It then took 3 more months to have the surgery. He did the surgery with the DaVinci and, I found out later, left about 30% of the Prostate (Gleason 4,3). When PSA didn't drop as expected, he said there must be a little tissue left and sent me for radiation. I am six years out and have been undergoing hormone therapy and now must have chemo. That little bit of tissue may well end up taking my life
Dr. Gauthier is wonderful. He takes all the time needed to explain your diagnosis, treatment options, answer your questions and most importantly, easing your fear and anxiety. He has such an incredible bedside manor. He is one of the best surgeons and I highly recommend him.
Dr. Blix was not very good at communicating about the problem.

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