Dr Sikkema is a great doctor. She is never in rush and has time to answer all our questions. We appreciate that she doesn’t type anything on the computer during the conversation. She always smiley and super polite. Definitely recommend her.
Dr. Nagler has been my children's doctor for over 5-years. Very friendly and informative. She is very good and we can always get in quickly when the children are sick.
Dr Sikkema seems adequate to do her job as a doctor in the respect that she is knowledgeable about medicine and diagnosis. She needs improvement with communication between herself and her residents and between her residents and patients. She seems overly confused when things get lost in translation. She has a lack of experience with allowing her emotions and attitude show to her patients and speaking abruptly. This behavior reflects from her onto the staff and creates a negative environment
I did not like how she reacted when I told her that I hadn't gotten my son a flu shot. She made me feel like it was my fault that my son was sick and I really didn't appreciate it. She did end up saying it was my choice, but her initial reaction really upset me. I understand that there is an anti-antibiotic issue right now but I am always told that what my son has is viral and I always have to go back and pay another co-pay and then they prescribe an antibiotic!
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