She is an amazing and understanding doctor. She has a peaceful demeanor and explains your issues in depth, including the benefits and risks of any procedure done. She performed a lumbar procedure on me in 2014, and the surgery was successful. I have not had the shooting leg pain in almost 3 years. I have to have another procedure done, this time on my cervical spine, and she's my surgeon for that as well. I completely trust her and I know I'm in good hands!
Friendly, answered all questions, spent a lot of time with me, doesn't press surgery on you and give you his honest opinion, great staff.
Waited almost an hour for him to come in the room and I was the only patient there. He didn't say more than five words and then he got up and left the room.
I find Dr. Sugandhi to be a caring and informative physician. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a Neurologist.
I feel she had no time for my mother. We had pacific issues and she blew us off and pretty much told us we did not know what we were talking about. Plus most of the questions we had she told us to speak with my mothers general doctor. I get it. Dr. Sridharan is just to busy or feels she just doesnt have the time for this patient. We will not go back to her. I will get my mom the help she needs no matter how thos doctor feels and I will never refer anyone to her.
I am 3 months post op for L4-L5 fusion and laminectomy and I'm feeling great! Dr. Lusis was very thorough in explaining the procedure and what to expect throughout the recovery process. He was also attentive to any questions or concerns that I had. Overall a very positive experience- I would highly recommend him!
I have been with Dr. Lee over 2 years and he has helped get my MS under control and he takes his time and listens instead of just judging you like most Dr
Saw this doctor today and he was wonderful. He reviewed my MRI with me and explained why I am having back pain and explained options. He spent over an hour with me. I would highly recommend him.
He's a wonderful, caring, compassionate doctor who explains everything in detail and shows you on your tests what's wrong and why it's a problem. I recommend him all the time! He also went to Harvard and did his 6 years at U of M. What else can you ask for?
Doesn't listen to his patients.
i have severe head trauama, Dr lee is a very smart and logical person, it took alot of tries to get my quality of life back with different things but he has very much helped me and i apologize to anyone that waited to long im sure i have put him in awkward position of taking to long because of my brain damage, to my knowledge he is a brain doctor he will only fill those meds not ur primary care meds which makes sense,
He's been my neurologist for over a year now and I've only seen him twice! The 1st app. w/ him he suggested an EEG, which I denied because I had done w/ my old doctor in PHX less than a year ago. My seizures increased so Lee, who I didn't even get a chance to talk to, relayed a message to a nurse over the phone, telling me to go to the Emergency Room if I had another seizure! They'd just send me back to my neurologist... Dr. Lee. Now I'm in the process of looking for a better neurologist. SMH
In November, 2016, Dr. Lusis performed my back surgery. I am still recuperating, but healing well. I highly recommend Dr. Lusis. I found him to be very kind and caring. He gave me his full attention, to make sure I understood the needed surgery, explained the procedure, shared test results, and showed me on x-rays and model, the reason for the pain. Highly recommend Dr. Lusis.
I am a retired PT/ATC with back issues and MS. I can't say enough good about Dr Lusis. I found him to be extremely attentive and caring. Willing to listen instead of hustling you off to the next patient. Treats conservatively and not pushing surgery. He gets an A+
Great about explaining surgery in office. Stop by before and after surgery. My leg pain is gone!
I would never recommend him!! I was prepped for surgery iv in ready to go and he cancelled surgery without notice and I received no apologies but did let them reschedule cause things happen and today I went for a checkup after surgery and because I was 4-8 minutes late for appointment they didn't know if he would see me because he's strict about his schedule.... really!!! Hypocrite!! I ended up walking out. if your time is important, you need to remember so is your patients!!!
He was very efficient and told my husband how it is and when I went back in he told me I would be having surgery but I didn't need it right now...I need to loose weight or the surgery would not work. Again telling it like it is.
Doctor was very caring, professional asked many questions about my condition and accident. Took the time to listen, do necessary testing and offered many suggestions both medical, life change and holistic. She treated me like a person and a patient.
Dr Lee and his staff were great. The group hospital Dr was going to release me when I questioned about the pain in my neck in shoulders. He had totally phased out that, yes I'd lost memory, but I'd also hit my head on the roof of my truck in a front in collision with another vehicle. Dr Lee's PA came in and got things rolling and then I saw Dr lee in the Hospital and his office. I couldn't have been more pleased. PT went great as well!
Gave the wrong orders for the MRI! CT Scan and XRays. Cost me over $1,000 out of pocket to be redone, met with him for 2 minutes, he never reviewed any of the imaging. Told me to lose weight and referred me to a pain clinic. I have returned back to my surgeon from a renowned Brain and Spine a institute in Minnesota and have Been tested and scheduled for RF RHizotomy on L1 amd L2. dr.cMeyers is incompetent and uncarring formerly obese practitioner. Absolute waste of 3 1,100 mile trips.
Dr. Brumblay is very thorough with his exams and I was in terrible pain in my back and leg before my surgery. I had no more pain in my back and it is such a relief. He is so good to explain and be there when I needed questions answered.
He was very quick, did not take time to actually listen to my history or symptoms. He made me feel rushed so I lied and told him everything was fine because he kept looking at his watch. I then had hallucinations and dissociation after he doubled my seizure medication and his response was to go to my psychiatrist because it was likely those meds doing it. I have been on those medications for years. I never had hallucinations or dissociation until dr lee doubled my dose. this was never resolved.
Dr Eden took time to explain to me thoroughly the procedure I needed to have done.She explained the test results in language I could understand, and the risks of having the surgery done and the risks of not having it done, She was very easy to talk to and listened to my concerns. She did not rush me. I would definitely recommend her to family and friends.
Dr. Lusis performed major back surgery on me on January 6, 2015. He thouroghly explained what he was going to do, the process he would use, and the recovery time. The day of surgery he was on time to start. the surgery took six hours. He came into my room after surgery that day to see how I was doing. He continued to stop in to see how I was doing. The one thing I really liked about him was that he explained what was going to happen and even had models to demonstrate the procedure.
I was diagnosed with MS 3 years ago and had two previous neurologists. Dr. Mahmood was the only one who really took the time to tell me what is going on with my disease. Refreshing
I would not recommend Dr. Mahmood at all. He has done nothing for me, is incredibly poor at communication as well as his entire office and staff. When I tried speaking about these issues he became defensive and very unprofessional. Horrible doctor.

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