Dr. Rhem was incredible. Extremely honest about the risks and potential outcomes of my procedure and took the time to make me feel comfortable. As PRK is an elective procedure to improve vision, I was initially nervous about doing it. I am very thankful that I did. I experienced discomfort fairly standerd to the procedure (which I was warned about), but the results are phenomenal and I always felt supported by Dr. Rhem and his staff.
Unbelievably slow and late getting patients in. Been there three times and for the last time. Wait is a least an hour. Doctor Gago not in office until an hour after appointment time. While waiting other patients chatting about their experiences all being the same time after time. Awful experience. No respect for patient or staff's time.
I have been a patient of Dr. Gordon since July 2015. Her office has never cancelled an appt, as a matter of fact they have been able to squeeze me in asap when an eye issue has come up. The entire staff at TLC in Jackson are very curteous, friendly, professional, and helpful. I would highly recommend Dr. Gordon & her staff !!!
I would give less than a one if I could. Had 2 appointments for injections and had a terrible reaction both times.
Dr. A is a sight saver! He helps me manage a difficult case of uveitis and has provided me with the tools to seek additional information regarding why I might have this, as in an autoimmune cause. His whole staff at TLC are amazing. They genuinely care and bend over backwards to save your vision. After hours. Holidays. Days your doctor isn't in. They always help you advocate, even if it's just to be sure. Even if it's trace cells. They don't ever make you feel like you should wait to be treated.
Dr. Simpson has the best bedside manner and allows you to vent your true frustration with your eye conditions while simultaneously offering cutting edge care and no nonsense explanations, in laymen's terms or medical terms, whichever you need. He is very thorough in how he delivers the bad news and celebrates the victories in the good news. I have several eye diseases. I'm having surgery with Dr. Simpson tomorrow morning, I wouldn't feel more confident with another surgeon. He's a godsend!
I have been seeing Dr. Rhem for about 4 years, and he recently performed cataract surgery on both eyes. He is friendly, competent, encourages questions and explains things well. Highly recommended.
Dr. Gordon's office has been nagging me every 3 months for 2 years by phone and mail to make an appointment. I finally made an appointment in February 2016, and she's cancelled on me 4 times since my original appointment. There's no doubt in my mind that she'll cancel a fifth time which will definitely be the last time. The terrible treatment I've received plus the long wait times in the office is enough for me to look for a new doctor.
Very reassuring, knowledgeable and communicated well what my problem was and treatment plan. Very caring and empathetic.
He repaired my retinal tear five years ago and has given me yearly checkups ever since.
He was wonderful from day one! Very thorough. I do believe without his expertise that I would be without my ability to see right now.
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Eye Surgery
Cataract Removal Surgery
Foreign Body Removal From Eye
Excision Or Destruction Of Lesion Of Cornea
Removal Of Foreign Body From External Eye
Cornea Surgery
Glaucoma Surgery
Excision Of Chalazion
Pterygium Surgery
Eyelid Surgery
Anterior Vitrectomy
Repair Of Retinal Detachment Or Retinal Tear
Vitrectomy (Incl. Macular Hole Repair)
Destruction Of Lesion Of Retina And Choroid
Eye Examination
Glaucoma Treatment
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Repair Of Eye Laceration
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Intraocular Lens Implant Surgery
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Photorefractive Keratectomy (Prk)
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Retinal Laser Surgery
Retinal Surgery
Yag Laser Capsulotomy
Astigmatic Keratotomy
Astigmatism Correction Surgery
B-Scan Ultrasound
Clear Lens Extraction
Clear Lens Surgery With Multifocal Implants
Cornea Transplant
Dilation Of Outflow Canal
Drainage Of Conjunctival Cyst
Excision Or Destruction Of Lesion Of Sclera
Foreign Body Removal
Implantable Contact Lens
Laser Cataract Surgery
Laser Surgery
Ocular Surface Reconstruction
Paracentesis Of Anterior Eye
Ptosis (Eyelids) Surgery
Reconstructive Eyelid Surgery
Relaxing Incisions, Corneal
Removal Of Intraocular Foreign Body
Repair Of Brow Ptosis And Blepharoptosis
Repair Of Lid Retraction
Repair Of Retinal Detachment
Scleral Reinforcement Surgery
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