Excellent care. Concerned with the total person. I travel 45 mind to see him.
Dr. Cavacece is an extraordinary doctor. He is a compassionate and patient listener, and will take whatever time is necessary to answer my questions or explain my treatment options. When I had surgery at St. Mary's, Dr. Cavacece came to the hospital three times in 3 days - before my surgery, while I was in recovery, and before I was released. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have him as my primary health care provider.
Dr. Cavacece is a very good doctor, but it is like pulling teeth to get long term prescriptions filled. Usually involves several calls to the pharmacy and Dr. Cavacece's office to get refills, and it is EXTREMELY frustrating! It may not be his fault, but for this reason alone, I cannot recommend.
Dr. Cavacece has been our doctor for many years, easy to talk to and very passionate for family! It will be a sad day for our family when he decides to fully retire.
He has a good blend of competency and compassion which often is all too rare in the medical profession. Excellent listening skills and worth the wait when going to his office which generally runs behind schedule.
I have been seeing this doctor for nearly thirty years. I had bad anxiety related nausea and could not get in to see him for three months, which is the usual wait time. I contacted him through email, and he prescribed a two day prescription for throwing up, which I told him I was not. I tried to get him to call in a correct RX, and he told me I would have to see him, but I could not get an appointment for three months, so he sarcastically told me to find a doctor that would help via email.
I love Dr. Ayashi. She was the first doctor to actually listen to me and try to understand what I had going on. I always recommend her.
Have always had a great experience with Dr. Ashmead. He will listen to my concerns and is not in a rush to have brief visits. I would highly recommend him to anyone.
Dr. Cavacece is very tentative to his patients and always take his time so you understand everything.

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