She is a very knowledgeable physician, I feel very confident with her and would highly recommend her to anyone.
He did not seem to possess any expertise, knowledge or could provide any recommendations for my ADD, anxiety and weak stream (he did extend my current medications for 90 days). It ABSOLUTELY felt like I met with a freshman college student pursuing a medical degree LOL. I am an educated, healthy 37 year old male that transferred to Dr. Scheeringa from Spectrum Health (Dr. Litt)
I accompany my elderly parents to their appointments and Dr Tay takes time to address all their concerns, which can range from legitimate health questions to very unexpected questions, with respect and patience. I truly appreciate this.
Dr. Vannoord is an excellent listener and communicator. She really works WITH her patients to ensure good outcomes.
I've been a patient of Dr Chamberlain since 2008. He has been the best primary care Dr I've ever had. I've moved out of the area two different times and still go to see him every three months. Currently I'm in WI and have made the trip from here for the past 3 years. He's provided excellent care to me and I hope he'll be my Dr for many more years.
Ive been a patient of Dr. Dillbeck's since 2007 and have since had four children, all of which she provided the obstetrics and can not say enough good things about her. She's thorough, honest and very considerate. She is also great at personally following up to ensure her patients are taken care of. Although I have not had any major medical issues, I can say for certainty that myself and my four children (whom all are patients of hers now) are always in the best hands.
Dr. Bishop is one amazing physician. He has demonstrated he cares for patients. He takes the time needed to learn about the patient's needs, cares, etc. He listens, which is not the norm for a doctor. He isn't one to push meds, which I appreciate. I trust him implicitly with my care. I highly recommend him.
Dr. Cesario is a PHYSICIAN that takes the time to listen to his patients. I have been with him for almost 10 yrs now as well as my son. It is hard to find a Physician that Listens to their patients and takes the time with them to hear them. I have the utmost confidence in Dr. Cesario as well as my son. I am so glad that I came to him
My family has been seeing Dr Daum for over 15 years. She is very caring, compassionate, listens to you. Takes her time. Wouldn't want to go to anyone else!
Dr. Chamberlain excels in many areas. I have moved out of the area but continue to make the trip in because I trust his experience, knowledge, and manner.
My fiancée and I have been seeing Dr. Byon for about 3 years now. We always loved him because he remembers us and our health problems.
After moving into a new community and needed to find a doctor closer to my home. I found Dr.Aziz. She is a wonderful,kind and caring physician. Doctor Aziz's bedside manor is far above and beyond.
Highly recommend. Very busy, but has always had time to discuss my health and well being.
Dr. Delapp not only does a great job of treating, but he actually takes time to listen to your concerns and explains all the details of what he recommends. A patient who is educated and is provided all the tools necessary will make the best decisions towards their health. I feel that Dr. Delapp gives all of this and more.
I've been seeing Dr. Colgrove for decades and he is the absolute best, hands down!
I was referred to Dr. Avery for a hysterectomy and was well pleased with her knowledge, manner, and professionalism. She told me everything I needed to expect and I was well cared for before, during, and after my surgery.
Attentive and personable! Support staff is excellent too. Highly recommended.
A good MD. Listens well. Does not interrupt me. Answers my questions fully, and makes answers easy to understand. Makes me feel safe navigating medical machine.
Appeared rushed, knowledgeable, but disinterested at the time of my visit. I think she was behind schedule.
Dr. Byon is not a very compassionate doctor. He laughs at me when I bring up my health concerns and does not take me seriously. He has shown no interest in helping me with my health issues. He is always in a rush to leave and not answer any of my questions. Horrible doctor.
I hated going to any Doctors because they didn't listen to my concerns, but Dr, Ahrens is key on listing to concerns and to form a plan with me not for me. He takes the time to help.
If it wasn't for Dr. Delapp and listening to me as a patient... I would not of found out I have Thyroid Cancer. He found it when no one else would listen. My blood tests came back fine but when he felt my neck he sent me in for an ultra sound. The ultra sound confirmed I had nodules on my thyroid and I had to have a biopsy. Once I had my thyroid removed it had spread to my lymph nodes already so If he wouldn't of found it when he did, who knows where it would have spread =(
This review is on behalf of my mother who has had the best of care from Dr Aziz. My mother is in advanced old age. The attention and skill in medicine that Dr Aziz provides is exceptional and superior professional care. Mom is so glad she found her. She never feels rushed through an appointment. Dr Aziz listens carefully, knows her patient and is an astute observer of subtle changes. She diagnosed a stroke missed in the ER and took immediate action. Best of all, she cares. Highly recommend her.
He practically makes you feel like a drug addict when just trying to get the meds you need!! I have been on anxiety pills for over 20 years if he took the time to look at my chart he would see I have only refilled my prescription of 30 pills 2 times in a year!!! Never have I felt so insulted! I am beyond disgusted!!
Daughter and I have been seeing Dr Daum for 5 years now. Dr Daum is a very good listener, is not rushed, and takes the time to get to really know you. She explains things very well. I trust Dr Daum's judgement. Would highly recommend her to friends and family.
Have been seeing her for a couple years now and the last few appointments I have felt like she doesn't listen to me as much or at all. I have a problem with my ankle and she wrote it off as a sprain even though I didn't injure it. I asked for a referral and thankfully the podiatrist was able to quickly figure it out and it wasn't a sprain.
Odd demeanor; indifferent, needs to listen to his patients. No genuine concern shown and in fact, tried to get out of there before the actual 2 medical issues I came in there for were addressed. I left feeling frustrated and frankly a little mad. I would not recommend this physician as there are other wonderful physicians at Mercy Health even in the same office as well.
I was not aware Dr. Uchebike specialized in Pediatrics, for myself a 22 yr old male he is my primary care doc. I have been a patient of his for a year or so now and have been suffering from multiple issues over this year period including knee issues resulting in an arthoscopy and fairly severe lumbar radiculopathy as well as constant lower back and hip pain. Dr. Nwankwo is extremely accesible, professional, compassionate, respectful. I trust him with my healthcare and he does an excellent job.
Love Dr. Krieger!!
I went into DR. Merritts office as a new patient, complaining of EXTREME back pain. She basically refused to offer me any sort of treatment . She did not refer me to a specialist, or offer any sort of medical assistance. She told me to take Vitamin D and get more exercise. She told a patient complaining of constamt everyday level 8/9/10 back pain, pain so severe it has caused him to collapse to the floor when attempting to stand up; to get more excercise. She is not a good doctor.
Dr Mueller is approachable, caring, open minded, competent and so much more! Best doctor ever and I've seen many in my 50 years!
Very impressed with Dr. Mona Merritt she was knowledgeable, polite and showed an interest in my health.
Absolutely love her!! I had fibroid tumors, she saved my life. Very professional, extremely knowledgeable, she takes time with her patiences, and she's completely accessible when you're having problems.
Dr. Mueller is incredible. She is trustworthy, smart, kind, caring, and all around the best doctor I've ever had. I'm so thankful she is my care provider and I can't imagine going anywhere else!
I never felt like she really cared to listen. I went in for a pap and she told me I didn't need one because it hadn't been a year. Which it was only a few days shy of a year. So that was a wasted spot which I was still billed for. I also went in for neck pain which her answer was to try over the counter ibuprophen and now months later I've got an appointment with a different dr and worse pain. Whenever I would ask about anything she'd blow me off w/ u work in med field
I saw Tami for a physical this morning, and I can honestly say that it was the best healthcare experience I've had in years. I felt really listened to and encouraged. I experience a lot of anxiety surrounding healthcare, so her kind personality and great bedside manner made such a huge difference to me. Thank you for making my visit comfortable!
We have been going to Dr. Ritsema for 16 years and have been very impressed with him and his care for my family.
Did not read my records. Suggested I reschedule because the support staff "didn't leave enough time for appointment" - however I waited for her for 40 minutes. Felt disrespected and blamed for them being unprepared. There is an underlying apathy that was directed towards my care. I was treated like I was ridiculous for checking the time and for my confusion at their unpreparedness and lack of professionalism. I will not return and will seek more professional, courteous medical attention.
I have recommended Uche to most of my friends - and each one of them has also loved him. He never makes you feel rushed, always listens to all of your concerns and thoroughly explains everything. Hands down my favorite doctor. Thank you Uche!
I have recommended Uche to most of my friends - and each one of them has also loved him. He never makes you feel rushed, always listens to all of your concerns and thoroughly explains everything. Hands down my favorite doctor. Thank you Uche!
During my appointment/procedures in the office, she would explain exactly what she was going to be doing, what it might feel like, what she was going to be doing (and when) and was very knowledgeable about what she was doing. When I needed to be referred to a specialist, she was very timely in doing so. Being a women herself, she knows a lot about what stages of life women are going though and is very comforting to talk with about it.
To say I am impressed with Dr. Ritsema is an understatement. If you want a doctor that is called by God and has your best interest at heart, he is the doctor for you. My sister-in-law recommended Dr. Ritsema for me because she knew that I was discouraged by my previous doctor that just wanted to push me from doctor to doctor. I couldn't afford to go to 5 specialists. I have already been diagnosed and just need to be maintained. I wanted one doctor to manage my care and that is exactly I now have
Dr.McBride is a caring doctor. He is a doctor that listens to all you have to talk to him about. I think he is a wonderful doctor.
He always assures me I'm doing a good job. He's relatable and he cares about his patients!
Took care of me fast..
Fantastic! Kind, open and honest. I will no longer search for another.
Very honest diagnosis and practical recommendations
Dr. Durfee is absolutely wonderful. Both my kids have seen him since they were born, and I have no complaints. He's very friendly, answers all my questions without making me feel rushed, and he takes the time to explain things. His nurses are also great, and I never have to wait long to be seen. Overall, I could not be happier with Dr. Durfee and his staff. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
Had Dr. Frunza. Was not happy. It was a fast appointment. I asked for follow up. Nothing. I sent a direct, to the Office Manager's email a request to follow up nothing. Dr. Frunza said my blood test may suggest a thyroid issue. I may want to have it checked out. No follow up no sense of urgency. A few months later I felt like I was overly tired.That doctor referred me to a Endocrinologist. BING! I have Graves disease. I could have been sparred months of suffering. Doctors need to care!
She has a pleasant disposition and is very knowledgeable.
I went to Dr. Jary for about 15 years before moving to Florida. After 8 years down there, I moved back and he is my Primary Physician again. He ALWAYS is pleasant and does not rush you through your appointment. Now my son and husband go to him as well. I highly recommend him.
Dr. Foster is a fantastic physician. My elderly father has been a patient of his for 5 years. I have been going with my dad to his appointments for the last year and at each appointment Dr. Foster has been caring, patient, and compassionate. The office staff is fantastic as well (Marcia his nurse is amazing).
Does not listen to the patient. He is only interested in pushing his own agenda. He makes judgements about the person instead of treating and properly diagnosing the problem.
I had a welcoming and efficient experience with Dr. Jary this morning. I came in as a new patient and was greeted warmly by all staff. Dr. Jary himself took the time to meet me personally to review my medical history and learn more about me as a person, which I throughly appreciated. I did not feel rushed. Also, they did not keep me waiting a long time in the room during the visit and I was able to complete everything in under an hour. Overall, positive first impression and will be back.
Worst staff ever, from the receptionist with an attitude, to the nurses with no brains. Dr. Finkbeiner talks a big game but seldom follows through.
Dr Hoffius has been my GP physician for 30 years. He is an excellent doctor. His office staff members are friendly and courteous. They care about their patience. When necessary, his recommendations for specialists are excellent. Dr Hoffius takes the time to listen to your concerns and carefully explains his conclusions and recommendations. I can't image better medical care.
Dr. Harro was amazing! We are new to the area so this was our first time visiting him and my 22 month old had a bad cold, possible sinus infection and pink eye. She is not the most outgoing child and is very wary of people and situations that she doesn't know. He was so patient and even gave her babydoll a check up and didn't force anything with her until she was more comfortable. AND I love that he didn't feel the need to prescribe medication went it wasn't necessary. His nurse was awesome too!
I love Dr Finkbeiner! He's the best doctor I have ever had! He listen's, allow's input (because it is about our health right?), he is very knowledgeable, and know's when to refer a patient to a specialist. When I got cancer, he even made the call to me himself and hand picked the doctor he wanted me to see. He's a pretty popular doctor.
Dr. Harro is a wonderful Dr. I have been a patient of his for years. He is a compassionate ,thorough Dr. I have never felt like he did not have time to explain or listen to my concerns.
Caring, compassionate, trustworthy, and has a good sense of humor.
He has been my family's doctor for a long time. He's fantastic, calming, and easy to talk to. He knows what he's doing and he won't steer you in the wrong direction to make a quick buck. He's there to help the patient.
Allows patient's ample time to discuss problems/concerns, very thorough in answering any questions.
He is very easy to talk to and listens well, very trustworthy.
He's genuine, kind, a great listener and gives excellent care; everything I wish every doctor could be! He's been my PCP for 5 years, and I hope for many more.
He is caring, he listens, is respectful and responsive.
Dr Foster is an outstanding Physician. He takes the time to listen and understand concerns and then treats them accordingly. I would highly reccomend him to anyone seeking a partnership relationship with their Doctor.
I think Lindsey is fantastic. No wait for appts. with her!!! Also Thorough,

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