Do not use this office. I had a lacerated tendon. Said he would look at his book on tendons. And to come back in a week.
As I seen doctors in past, the worst service I ever never seen before, always late and rude service by office staff. Of course I did not meet Dr.katranji so far. If I meet him definitely I will let him know, other wise he can see this review
Had my ganglion cyst removed by Dr Huettner who works in Katranji Hand Center . The cyst was the same size and consistency 7 days after surgery as it was before. Even later, after swelling went away, nothing did change. Normally the recurrence rate is 7-15%. And it takes time for your body to develop the cyst. But mine came back in 7 days! I asked a second opinion and was told the cyst was not removed completely.
My wife and I have had several surgeries and physical therapy through Dr Katranji. Great experience and care, heart of gold. He is busy and on occasion there is a wait before appointments. I work at a local hospital and have seen him with patients at 3am.
He is is the best doctor I have ever had! Saved my hand, and made sure I felt fine. I wish I could.personally thank him!
Dr. Katranji is very upbeat and personable and diagnosed and treated my issue in one visit. Canceled my follow up because the treatment worked so well.
Never will I waste my time with this yahoo and his unprofessional staff. I called 28 times in 90 days to get my next treatment done to no avail. It got to a point where the young lady who was my contact cringed when I called because she had no answers. She actually changed her tone when she realized it was me calling. So unprofessional. He obviously does not care about patience care and the only thing left to care about is $ and that's obvious by the way he overbooks. 1 to 1.5 hour wait.
Dr. Katranji is the GREATEST doctor/surgeon in the world. He has a heart of gold and the best ever. 2 yrs ago he saved my 2 yr old daughters hand that had been ripped off and smashed in an accident. He did all this when he wasn't even on call at Sparrow. He is my families hero and he should be honored for being such a wonderful man and doctor. Please remember when you are waiting to see him he is worth the wait. He just might be saving someone's hand.
I was told in March that they were going to schedule me for a MRI and my follow-up appt. would be April 15. I had to cancel the appt. because I hadn't had the MRI yet. After 5 calls to the office about this, I still wasn't scheduled. On May 20th I had appt. with my PCP and I told him about this. My MRI is tomorrow, June 7th. I don't even know if the office is aware of this or if Dr. Huettner, the doctor I was seeing at Katranji Hand Center, even knows about their office not taking care of this.

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